When last we left Nikita, Ari Tasarov's son Stefan was a big talking point - so it should surprise no one that this week, Stefan (now grown and played by Dylan Minnette from NBC's underappreciated Awake) is in some serious trouble.

Ari (who looks a lot better than we left him) is still answering Nikita's questions about his ex-girlfriend Amanda. Apparently Amanda felt insulted when Nikita had a gun pointed at her and decided to let her live. Ari asks Nikita if she regrets not pulling the trigger, and she doesn't answer him.

Elsewhere, Stefan is leaving school, cracking jokes about his parentage to his unamused German bodyguard Krieg (guest star Andrew Divoff), just before Amanda's minions close in on them both. Krieg manages to disable the attackers and even pops one of the tires on Amanda's vehicle before driving off with a shocked Stefan in the backseat of his car. The two of them end up in the middle of the woods, while Ari tells Michael and Nikita that Krieg won't know they're working with him. "He's going to kill anyone that comes his way," he says ominously.

Nikita and Alex head to Geneva, discussing who the "real Amanda" might be, while back at Division, Owen gets annoyed with Michael for not sending him on the mission. When Michael refuses to reconsider, Owen pulls the "you're not my boss" card, only to find out that Ryan's not there, either. The head of ops eventually tries to placate Owen by saying that when things are over he'll try to schedule some time for him to speak with Ari. But Owen doesn't look happy with that. Instead, he walks into Ari's holding chamber, throws a chair, and starts demanding answers about who he used to be. "If I don't get answers, I'm going to make what Nikita did to you a love tap," he threatens. Ari is not impressed by the sound and fury, but reiterates that Owen was once a soldier.

The ladies arrive at the hotel where they believe Krieg and Stefan are holed up, but get an understandably cold welcome from the bodyguard, who's already wondering where his money is. It doesn't help that rather than talk things out, Nikita takes the first chance she gets to disarm Krieg and leave him on the hood of someone's car while she and Alex escape with Stefan. One would think there was a better way to resolve that. Now he definitely isn't going to play nice.

While Amanda and her next associate, Anatoly, poke around the subsequent crime scene, they take Stefan back to their temporary base of operations, and prepare to start their exfiltration. It takes Amanda no time at all to pull out her "call the cops" routine again, which makes it ridiculously easy for her to pinpoint where Nikita and Alex are holed up. She and her minions descend on the warehouse and start shooting everything in sight. The one poor guy left outside gets knocked unconscious by Krieg, who assumes everyone is the enemy. After Amanda's minions kidnap Stefan, Krieg calmly walks in and subdues Nikita, who just seconds earlier knocked Amanda unconscious. How convenient.

Owen is in the process of manhandling Ari, who tells him anything he wants to hear in order to buy time for Michael to show up and separate the two. Owen gets a few good punches in before Michael lands one of his own and drops Owen to the floor.