This week's Nikita could be classified as a 'very special episode,' with all the connotations that entails. It begins as someone's breaking into an Army research lab, and it's not Nikita. She's busy admiring the engagement ring that Michael gave to her last week, and talking to Alex about whether or not she'll ever become a mother.

Her fiancee, on the other hand, is finding out from Ryan that the "psycho" in charge of training recruits before him, Wade (Chance Kelly), was the guy breaking into the Army research lab.

When Michael and Nikita track down Wade's former residence in Boston, they discover Liza (Annalise Basso), the girl he kidnapped, trained and brainwashed to work for him. Liza is the team's best shot at finding Wade and the explosives stolen from the Army lab before something horrible happens, but she doesn't want to help. After two years with Wade, that's her new normal.

While Nikita tries to get through to her, Michael is still at Wade's house and ends up having a not-so-friendly phone call with Wade, who refers to Liza as Sarah and insists that she be returned to him. Snark between the two ex-training agents ensues and ends with Wade shooting up his own kitchen in an attempt to kill Michael.

Meanwhile, Ryan sends Alex to Liza's parents' house to see what she can find out, while forbidding her to tell them what's really happening. This nearly backfires when Liza's mother tells Alex that she looks just like Alexandra Udinov.

Just when Nikita thinks she's gotten through to Liza by revealing her own past struggles within Division, Wade opens fire on the complex from outside (and if you've ever wanted to see the outside of Division, it's got a barn and a tractor!). Nikita makes the rookie mistake of leaving Liza alone with a nameless other agent, and Liza beats him up, steals his gun and rejoins Wade, who re-renames her Jessica.

Back at Division, a frustrated Ryan recognizes something Liza/Sarah/Jessica said as a snippet from the Pakistani national anthem, and from there it's a hop, skip and a jump for our heroes to deduce that Wade is planning on killing the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States at his own consulate during a televised youth summit. Seems that the Ambassador was a target of one of Wade's trainees a long time ago, except the mission failed, and now Wade wants to restore his perfect record.