This week's Nikita opens with a reminder that Michael is missing a hand. Apparently, Nikita is still thinking about that, because she's still sleeping alone. And Birkhoff's still thinking about it, because he's searching for Heidecker (guest star John Billingsley, Star Trek: Enterprise, Suits). The nerd recruits how the man saw Division's agents as "lab rats" and he's found the next one: an evil diplomat named Kosta, who lost his leg when the CIA tried to kill him and somehow has it back thanks to Division's mad scientist.

Nikita wants to bring Heidecker back to Division in order to give Michael a new hand, but Ryan (back from his meeting with the President) and Michael would rather discuss the latter's new permanent role as head of Operations. It's the same thing he did in season one, except without his boss wanting him dead. So Nikita decides rather than tell either of them, she's going to take some time off and go to Bosnia by herself. Apparently Owen's still recuperating from the week before and Alex and Sean are off on some "meet the family thing." Birkhoff wonders aloud if she's suffered some kind of brain damage.

Cut to Kosovo, where Nikita pays a visit to Kosta's current mistress, and points a gun at her. She explains that she needs something from Kosta and doesn't want to kill him, but his mistress retorts, "He is a pig. You have a gun, why not shoot him?" Nikita offers to help her if the mistress helps out her quest. And so, we watch the mistress drug Kosta with a sedative and go off to start her life anew, while Nikita pokes the prone form of the bad guy to see what his new leg is made of. Turns out, it's live tissue and carbon-fiber bone. Nikita gives Kosta another drug so that he'll be in enough pain to call for Heidecker.

Back at Division, Michael asks Birkhoff where his fiance is, and Alex returns to point out that her sister cancelled her family get-together. This puts the nerd in hot water, as both can see everything he's been working on for Nikita. Michael is shocked, although the wheels are already turning in his head.