Nikita's final season has been slow to start, but 'Pay-Off' promises to do just that, in an at least titular continuation from last week's episode 'Set-Up.' It starts slow with the return of a villain who didn't need to come back and some references to old episodes we didn't need, but the final act turns up the heat just in time.

We're in Pakistan, where one poor soldier gets abducted and left in the back of a van so that yet another clone can take his place. Of course, nobody notices the van. Meanwhile, Air Nikita finally goes to ground nearby, with Ryan in full nervous panic mode. He has reason for that - the plane is promptly invaded by armed smugglers. You'd think that for all the technology on the plane, they'd put better locks on the doors. The smugglers demand ten million dollars, which Alex and Sam have to go fetch from a safe deposit box in Switzerland, while still not getting along. Business as usual, then.

Minions report Alex and Sam's whereabouts to Amanda, who's been benched by her business partner due to her "obsession" with Nikita. He thinks that he can persuade Team Nikita to give up their crusade by offering them faked deaths and subsequent new identities. "It's in my own self-interest," he tells her. "Trying to kill you was a mistake, but unlike Percy and Amanda, I learn from my mistakes." That last sentence comes while Amanda is in the room. Burn. But Nikita is only interested in The Shop's unconditional surrender.

Meanwhile, Michael isn't happy to spot Ramon (Simon Kassianides from Quantum of Solace), who hasn't been seen since Season 2's "Knightfall," turn up on surveillance footage from an army depot. Ramon's also pulled a Logan Cale from Dark Angel and he's no longer paralyzed, courtesy of The Shop. The team decides to find out what he's up to as Alex takes care of business, moaning about how she's now relegated to the role of "the banker." Hey, if this were Monopoly, she wouldn't be complaining.

Sam sort of, kind of tries to talk to her about her issues regarding Sean's (Dillon Casey) death during the Division mutiny. He points out that he gets it because of the death of his former fiancee Emily (Bianca Lawson). And then he saves her life for a second time this season.

Cue the movement of a Really Big Missile, courtesy of the soldier clone. Ryan quickly deduces that the RBM is intended for a United States aircraft carrier. So Team Nikita has their Mission of the Week. Michael and Nikita track the RBM into the woods, but one small sound - that appears to come out of nowhere - alerts Ramon, setting off a gun battle between him and Michael. After they discuss deals made with the devil, Michael discovers from Ramon that Nikita's current predicament is the result of her trying to get his hand back, and then kills Ramon.

He reunites with Nikita, who has recovered the RBM, and they discover that The Shop has found a way to use that one to gain access to all of Pakistan's missiles. Looking for a way to fix that problem, the team gets a call from Alex, who tells Nikita that the man who tried to kill her revealed that he works for MDK - a private military company. MDK's Chief Financial Officer is Amanda's business partner. Suddenly, Ryan's giant conspiracy wall makes sense!

Suspecting that Sam's motivations are still not entirely pure, Alex convinces him to head for Paris without her, just so she can see where he actually goes.