Nikita this week isn't without its quirks. Like running a new episode the day after Thanksgiving and scheduling it to start a minute earlier than usual. With Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer as the lead-in. Talk about a tonal shift! And now we're playing "guess who's not a clone," though that's just one of our problems.

Our titular heroine stumbles into a Bronx animal hospital, passes out, and wakes up aboard the Flying Fortress in front of a very nonplussed Michael. Nikita's informed that the team is "halfway to DC," as FBI Guy from last week is blaming her on national television. Ryan knows everything is ultimately Amanda's fault, and suggests that several high-ranking officials have been switched out for evil doubles. Convinced by his argument, Nikita calls the FBI and publicly outs FBI Guy as a double, referring to him as her new "point of attack." Ouch.

Meanwhile, Alex is still being held at gunpoint by Sam/Owen, who's been hunting her so that he, too, can find Amanda. But before he can get anything from her, a horde of nameless bad guys show up, forcing them to work together. Sonya comes to their rescue, shutting down the power grid so that they have cover. And Sam surprises Alex by shooting her in order to take out a thug that would've killed her. He follows her back to her place, where he tries to convince her that he doesn't have to be her enemy, which only sort of works. This might be because Sam's in debt to some dangerous people.

Amanda gives a pep talk to FBI Guy - who then goes home and has his wife killed and himself wounded - while Ryan correctly deduces that Amanda isn't working alone, and Nikita once again laments how many people around her have been hurt. As usual, her angst turns to anger, and she suggests that she kill FBI Guy, if only to force the taking of a postmortem DNA sample that will out him as a double.

This means that she has to work with Michael, which isn't awkward at all. She decides that as they're preparing for the operation is a good time to have a discussion about their issues. Nikita wants to leave again; Michael thinks she should stay. And then Nikita shoots him with her sniper rifle - so that Birkhoff can make it look like she assassinated FBI Guy. This footage is soon all over the news, faster than a Dave Grohl death hoax. Amanda figures the plan out in all of two seconds, and threatens to kill the real FBI Guy, who she's got caged up downstairs.