So things went down at Division in last week's Nikita. Many things were broken, feelings were hurt, and a regular cast member died, although we pretty much saw that one coming. It was pretty entertaining, though it wasn't all that epic, either. Now what?

Nikita goes running through the halls of Division to find out that Ryan has woken up from his coma - which is good, because he's got a lot of work to do. He's dumbfounded as everyone else takes him to survey the damage in Operations. Michael tells him that there are only fourteen people left in Division, and there were nine casualties, including Sean. Nikita adds that Owen has the black box. Birkhoff chimes in that Alex is missing. From the look on Ryan's face, he would like to go back to sleep.

Alex, meanwhile, is wandering the streets again in the usual questionable neighborhood, picking up some drugs from the usual unscrupulous guy. She wanders into the wrong room and we're supposed to be worried about her, though it's hard to when we know that even an out of sorts Alex is probably a better fighter than a couple of drug dealers. Back at Division, Nikita, being the savior of everyone, declares that she is going to relocate her former protege and have "a long overdue conversation." This despite knowing that she was in Amanda's reprogramming chair last week, so who knows if she's about to go off the deep end, too?

Sonya and Birkhoff have a heart-to-heart moment as they try to get the office back up and running. "This place doesn't do second chances, no matter what the brochures say," Birkhoff grouses, but Sonya points out that they believed in Nikita, to which her boyfriend responds, "Niki's good at inspiring stupid people to do really stupid things." Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

When Nikita arrives in the questionable neighborhood, she finds out that Alex made short work of the drug dealers, taking what she needed from them before disappearing. We then see Alex arriving at a laundromat that's obviously a front for something else, walking into the back room and confronting the bad guy she finds there. There's another one-sided fight and then she's gone as quickly as she came. It's clear that she's in a vigilante mood.

Flash back to six years ago, when Nikita is demanding that Michael put her back on an operation after the death of her fiancee Daniel. "Killing yourself will not bring him back, it just makes you both dead," Michael insists, telling her that he doesn't want to lose her. This would be sweet if she didn't then punch him in the face. What we deduce from this is that Nikita knows what Alex is going through, and she'd go and save her from herself - if dirty cops weren't getting in the way.

Michael and Ryan discuss how exposed Division is with the black box missing, and to make matters worse, that's when Ryan gets a call directly from President Spencer. She tells him that Evan Danforth's autopsy results have come out and that he died of natural causes. Michael whispers behind him that Amanda did it, earning another "really?" look from Ryan. The President wants to talk about Division's future in a week. That might be an awkward conversation to have. Understandably panicking, Ryan decides that a good idea might be to "destroy the facility. Permanently, today. We blow it all to hell." Everyone else wonders if he suffered some brain damage along with that gunshot wound.