After some serious things went down in last week's Nikita - namely, Michael lost a hand, continuing Shane West's tradition of not being able to get through a TV show with all of his character's body parts - there's a lot to deal with.

It's been three weeks since the last episode, and a still understandably cranky Michael gets a new robo-hand, courtesy of Birkhoff, who makes a Six Million Dollar Man joke that no one gets. Nikita tries to convince Michael to "work through" things, adding that she wants him to come home. Michael brushes this off, and he's entitled to be a little distant, considering that he lost a hand.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, lots of cops are shooting at a pair of drug henchmen, except for their boss Garza, who's out playing golf. The perks of being the boss. Garza tells his underlings that he's going to send help - which draws the attention of Sonya, and by extension, Ryan. Why does Division care what a drug dealer is up to? Garza's "help" is a rogue Division cleaner named Liam (guest star Pedro Pascal).

Ryan is in the middle of sending Nikita and Owen after Liam when Michael finally makes his triumphant return to Division proper. Nikita wants Michael to come along as support, since Alex is "benched" - which is to say she's in the midst of rehab. Birkhoff wants to know what pushed Alex into using drugs again, saying that "just because you cure the symptom, doesn't mean the disease goes away," but she's not forthcoming.

During prep, Nikita confides in Owen, saying that she's worried about Michael, since he internalizes everything. She's afraid he's a ticking time bomb. Cut to Michael ominously handling a firearm.