There are just two more episodes of Nikita left, so there's no time to waste. Unless you're us, and this week's episode was preempted a day for The CW's coverage of the Hollywood Christmas Parade. But never fear, because we're still recapping it anyway. Especially because  that long-teased death has finally happened.

Our heroes are now unwillingly residing in nice houses on a military base in Virginia, while not-dead Amanda visits her apparent boss (Vincent Ventresca, The Invisible Man) in the middle of his tennis game, and is warned that she cannot incite any "grudge matches" with her longtime rival, and Alex has tracked Sam to France. She's telling him that she duped him just as he's jumped by thugs working for the loan shark that he still owes money to. Oh, and Ryan is still paranoid. Maybe because there are still clones.

While various nameless high-ranking officials watch on monitors, the whole of Team Nikita is debriefed not just on recent events, but everything going back to their days with Division. (Birkhoff has clearly had too much coffee.) The guys in suits are understandably not thrilled with what they hear, and afterward, a Senator insists that he needs Nikita to sell the story to the public, no matter how much she wants to move on.

When Nikita eventually agrees to go along with this idea, she finds out that Ryan has requested a meeting with Amanda's old business partner Mr. Jones, and asking him about that leads her to discover that he's still obsessing, possibly moreso than before. The next day, as she formally testifies, Alex rescues Sam and then makes out with him, while Amanda is doing more creepy scientific stuff, because she's really become the ultimate mad scientist.

Ryan eventually gets that meeting with Jones, and essentially tells him that he's figured out the entire master plan, which is a bit like telling the killer in a movie that you're going to turn them in to the cops. It's no surprise at all that Ryan promptly takes a needle to the neck, or that the show follows this up with a sappy moment between Nikita and Michael (who finally gets a last name, Bishop) and an obviously post-sex Alex and Sam, because we need a parade to be rained on later. Cut back to Amanda with Ryan on her table, although we probably shouldn't snicker when she uses the phrase "a beautiful mind."

Our favorite perfectly coiffed former CIA analyst isn't going down without a fight, though, and he puts up a hell of one before deciding he'd rather jump out a window to his death before ending up in Amanda's clutches. It's a shame that Noah Bean gets his best scene in the entire series as he's being killed off. Ryan sticks around long enough for Nikita to emote in the local ER, and then flatlines, never to return.

Alex is notified of Ryan's death and seeks comfort in Sam, while a now messed-up Amanda has to answer to her boss for his demise, and Nikita tells her new friend the Senator that Amanda is still alive and that bad things are still very much in the works. The Senator tells her to keep quiet for the time being, lest she start a national panic, and so Nikita quietly gets her medal - which she leaves with Ryan's body - while looking really unhappy about it. As Birkhoff awesomely breaks Michael's TV, and Sam turns up to say hello, Nikita and Alex decide they're going to handle business by themselves, although that's not really likely since it would mean everyone else has nothing to do but shop for another TV. And we go on...