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-Megan Fox can make even reading a newspaper sexy, but what's with the reading glasses-- isn't she, like, 22? - On 205th

-Enzyte founder gets 25 years in prison for scamming customers. Now he'll have plenty of time to get that annoying song they whistle on their commercials out of his head. - The Consumerist

-Forget the issues, play "Kung Fu Election" to figure out who you're voting for in the upcoming election. - Atom

-Shauna Sand (ew, gross) thinks stripper heels and skimpy bikinis are appropriate attire for family time at the beach - The Superficial

-Summer 2008's most WTF movie moments-- yes, Truman Capote-the-Hutt is here -

-Tom Brady purchases land in Brentwood. Hey, isn't that where another NFL star has cut and run before? - Socialite Life

-Babylon A.D. trailer debuts.
"I'm Vin Diesel, don't $#%@ with me."

-Ali Larter rocks this bikini, she's our Hero - I Don't Like You In That Way

-Shirts with flames on them and Livestrong bracelets: the 9 worst fashion trends for douchebags -

-A recent study gives a breakdown the types of people who drive Hummers. It's all in this simple to read chart -

-Minnie Driver is further proof that pregnant women, no matter how "sexy" their husbands tell them they are, should not, repeat NOT wear bikinis - I Don't Like You In That Way

-Rihanna probably paid a lot for these boots. And whoever sold them to her is most likely laughing all the way to the bank - The YBF

-Hilary Duff pulls a Megan Fox and makes grocery shopping extremely sexy - The Grumpiest

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