Nicole Kidman’s new movie premiered at Sundance and Kidman took the stage for a Q&A with her costars in and the director of Stoker. Kidman plays a widow whose daughter (Mia Wasikowska) forms an unsettling bond with her visiting uncle (Matthew Goode).

“For me it was just a privilege,” Kidman told the crowd at Sundance. “I sat down with director Park [Chan-wook] and obviously I knew Oldboy and I knew Thirst. I was just very honored that he wanted me to do the film with him because it’s wonderful when you come in and the director has such a strong vision. You go, ‘I can relax’ because I’m going to be able to show up, I’ve got to do all my character work but ultimately he knows exactly what he wants, he’s very, very good at communicating it.”

Park is an acclaimed filmmaker in Korea and he does not speak English. His answers to audience questions were translated for him. Kidman said the language barrier posed no problem to her.

“Obviously we had a translator and that was probably my biggest fear. Was I going to be able to understand the nuances because a lot of directing is nuances. Within the first day, that was gone because he’s able to communicate very clearly and he has such a vivid, strong imagination and obviously he’s so well educated and his film knowledge is extraordinary. He just makes you feel like he’s got you by the hand and it’s all going to be fine. That’s a wonderful feeling as an actor because you are able to then help color in his palette.”

Stoker is coming out in March from Fox Searchlight.