Nicole Eggert is gearing up for her spot on season seven of Celebrity Fit Club, which will air in 2010, with a funny video of her return to Baywatch as a lifeguard on website Funny or

In the video, Nicole pokes fun at her weight by answering the call of two swimmers feigning helplessness in hopes that a hot lifeguard will come and rescue them. But when Nicole shows up - out of breath and out of shape - the two swimmers no longer need help.

Also joining Nicole on the upcoming season of "Celebrity Fit Club" are Whitney Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown; former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach; High School Musical star KayCee Stroh; and Britney Spears' ex Kevin Federline, who joined the show with his ex Shar Jackson after rumors of a heart problem surfaced.

Nicole Eggert is Back In Baywatch!

Image © Glenn Harris / Photorazzi