That's what separates Nicolas from others in his position. Some actors with a supporting role in a big project like White House Down might just do their part, seeing it as merely a stepping stone for the bigger opportunity to come their way. Yet Nicolas is an actor, writer and general film fan, who genuinely loves the entire process of movie-making, whether it's the production design or even the score. "I became friends with Harold Kloser, who's the composer of the film," he said. "I'm a big soundtrack buff so I said 'Listen, Harold, I would really love the privilege of watching you score the orchestra.' That was a real highlight of the year for me, to watch them score the movie live. I still can't even believe it."

It all sounds fantastic. But there's one elephant in the proverbial room. What about the constant comparisons between this movie and the similarly-set Olympus Has Fallen? Nicolas helped us out there, telling us that "They're very different movies. This is more a buddy-cop movie. It is a throwback to some classic movies, when they were just fun. There's so much fun in this movie. And the action is top-notch."

It's also just one part of what this talented Canadian can do. At the same time that he's acting, Nicolas and his writing partner are continuing to work on that side of the camera as well. Through White House Down, he's become friends with Kloser as well as producers Brad Fischer and James Vanderbilt, and hopes to collaborate with them again on future projects. "There's so many people I want to work with and there's so many jobs I'd love to have," he said, explaining that he aspires to team with people "that will pull performances out of you that make you better at what you do. I just want to learn. That only happens when you work with people you admire."

Asked to pick something else on his resume that stands out, the self-described "comedy buff" picks something you wouldn't expect from a guy who's just held his own with Channing Tatum. "A really fun movie that's kind of gotten cult status is The Wild Hunt, which is a movie about live-action role-playing, and I have a fun little role in that," he explained. "I'm from Quebec, and in Quebec live action role-playing is next level. There's a festival every summer, it's a big festival where 2,500 people descend upon this sort of premade village and they reenact battles. The level of detail in this festival is insane. And we shot there during the festival and it was one of the most amazing things I've  ever seen in my life. At night it's literally like you're a time-traveler. It's a really, really amazing, really fun movie to watch." If you're so inclined, you can find The Wild Hunt on Amazon Instant Video.

The fact that he highlights a movie in which he's got a small part, rather than one where he's front and center, says a lot about the type of guy Nicolas Wright is. White House Down is a potentially huge opportunity for him. Millions of people are about to see him in a blockbuster movie. Yet he isn't concerned with if this is going to make him famous. He wants people to know "How excited I am about this film. I think it's going to be an amazing movie. I'm just enjoying this ride. It's been a tremendous experience."

And the next time he ends up in a tour group, Nicolas quipped that he's definitely better prepared: "The first question I ask is where are the exits, absolutely."

You can keep up with Nicolas on Twitter (@NicNook). White House Down opens next Friday, June 28.

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