This week on “American Idol” the eight remaining singers perform the songs of not just Motown but of the Motor City Detroit. Joining Jimmy Iovine to mentor the singers is the Grammy Award winning legend Smokey Robinson who gave the Idols a master class in Motown and then joined Jimmy in the studio.

Along with the eight solo performances, the Idols will join together for some group acts.

Candice got the night started with the Marvin Gaye hit “I Heard it Through the Gapevine” in a performance the judges called 'really good', 'great', 'in control', and 'fantastic.'

Kree and Janelle joined forces to sing “Like a Prayer” by Madonna in a performance that had the judges a little divided, both praising Kree but feeling that Janelle had lost some of her nerve. Keith said the song allowed the girls to show off who they were.

Looking to redeem himself after last week, Lazaro chose the Stevie Wonder song “For Once in My Life”. While the judges agreed that the performance was much better than last week, the judges noted there were still a few pitch issues which led to the song feeling a bit disconnected.

Taking up her guitar this week, Janelle sang “Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes in a performance the judges called her finest and remarking that Janelle always shined brightest when she played the guitar. Janelle revealed that it was the first time she had played her guitar with a big band.

Devin chose to perform mentor Smokey Robinson's song, “Tracks of My Tears” with his own spin. The judges said that Devin did an 'amazing job', was 'flawless', and that this was his best performance. Smokey himself said that Devin did an awesome job.

Amber, Angie, and Candice sang “I'm Gonna Make You Love Me” by The Supremes. Mariah loved the performance, calling it amazing.

Burnell sang the Stevie Wonder song “My Cherie Amour” in a performance that the judges said reminded them of why they had fallen in love with his voice, made some smart choices, and was original.

Angie sang The Miracles hit “Shop Around” in a performance that brought reviews from the judges that were not up to her usual stellar remarks. Noting pitch issues; the judges said that they wanted to see Angie behind the piano. Nicki said that Angie is trying to show a side they didn't ask to see.

Amber also sang Stevie Wonder's “Lately”  that had the judges on their feet and had them calling the performance a tour de force. Randy called it by far the best vocal of the night.

Burnell, Devin, and Lazaro sang the Four Tops hit “Can't Help Myself.”

Their rendition didn't please Nicki -- in fact she compared it to Hollywood Week and told the boys to get off the stage. Lazaro obviously forgot some of the words and Devin & Burnell tried to cover for him.

"I don't know what that was but I'm going to act like I didn't see it or hear it. Okay?" she scolded the trio. "I'm going to thank God you three already had your solo performances. Lazaro, you fell as flat at as pancake. Don't ever do that. I don't know what was happening.

"All three of you go. get off the stage!"

The night ended with Kree taking on the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin with “Don't Play that Song”. Noting that she is here to stay, the judges said that Kree never wavers and shows who she is. Keith loved how Kree puts a little blues in her country.

 Check out the guys' performance and Nicki's reaction below...