Nicki Minaj's recent makeover in which she's ditched the crazy wigs and gone for a more natural look is paying off.

The singer recently did a shoot for adult beverage Myxfusions Moscato looking all sorts of sexy in pink and blue bikinis.

Nicki flaunts her ample curves in several of the images, which she posted to her Instagram page over the last two days. She stands in front of a geen screen with a few men dressed as sailors holding bottles of the drink, while she wears platform shoes and shows off plenty of oiled-up skin.

She described her blue outfit in the images, revealing that her top is by Stella McCartney, the skirt by Pily Q, shoes by Versace and her square bracelets by Celine for one.

The 31-year-old released her new single, "Yass Bish," last weekend. Check it out below...