What can happen in 5 seconds? You can drive the length of a football field in your car while texting (which is the same as driving blindfolded), and Nick Jonas can turn into a nerd. You learn something every day!

In an anti-texting-while-driving PSA, Nick explains the dangers of looking down to punch in a text to your friend while behind the wheel. The "X The Txt" campaign is sponsored by car insurance company Allstate, and has previously featured Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas.

Other texting-while driving stats: It's like driving after having 4 bottles of beer. It makes you 23 times more likely to crash. Car crashes kill an average of 11 teens each day. Distracted driving injures 330,000 people every year. For more info on the "X The Txt" campaign, go to http://www.allstateteendriver.com/.

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