Leona Lewis To Release Her Highly-Anticipated New Album 'Echo' Nov. 17

8/25/2009 12:51pm EDT
Leona Lewis new album Echo
Leona Lewis who took the music world by storm with the release of her 2008 debut album Spirit announces today that her follow up album entitled "Echo" will be released on November 17th on J Records/Syco Music.

"Spirit", Leona's debut album has sold over 6 million albums worldwide since its release, earned three Grammy award nominations, and was the best selling new artist of 2009. In the U.S., "Spirit" debuted at #1 on the Billboard album chart, marking the first time in music history that any album by a British female artist has entered Billboard's Top 200 album chart at #1, as well as ...

Starpulse Celebrity Guest Blogger: Kate Voegele, Part 3

8/25/2009 12:00pm EDT
Kate Voegele One Tree Hill
Last month Starpulse welcomed our first-ever celebrity guest blogger, singer / songwriter Kate Voegele, who also plays singer / songwriter Mia on the hit CW series One Tree Hill. Kate's been keeping us up to date with everything that's going on in her busy 'dual life' by sending us an update every couple of weeks. She recently released her second album, A Fine Mess, which contains her recent hit single "99 Times" (video below).

Here's Part 3 of Kate's Blog:

Hey Starpulse, Kate here.

I wanted to tell you more about my adventures on the road, I think I left off from my last blog on...

Aaron Staton Q&A: 'Expect Real Surprises On 'Mad Men,' Including Ken & Pete Rivalry'

8/25/2009 11:10am EDT
Aaron Staton
Aaron Staton plays newly crowned co-head of accounts Ken Cosgrove -- along with Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser, who we interviewed two weeks ago), which has set up a fun new rivalry -- on AMC's Emmy Award winning series "Mad Men." Aaron, in an interview conducted after the second episode of this third season has aired, breaks down this new relationship with Pete (I want a clean fight boys, keep it clean) and -- very delicately -- explains where he thinks this takes Ken the rest of this season.

Mike: How do you sum up Ken Cosgrove? On the surface he seems one thing but he's got this de...

Actors Who Have Transitioned From TV To Film

8/25/2009 10:00am EDT
Jennifer Garner
For some actors, it is hard to make the crucial transition into film as a television star. Especially if you are typecast as a certain character and most people can't think of you as anyone else (for example, Matt LeBlanc as Joey on Friends). Television actors put their careers on the line when they leave their steady jobs to branch out into the film world, and they either make it or they don't. Here are the top television stars who managed to hold their own in the film world.

Will Smith- Before he was one of the top A-list movie stars, Will Smith was known as the Banks' troublemaking co...

'Weeds' Recap: One More Episode Left Of Season Five

8/25/2009 10:00am EDT
Season five of "Weeds" is almost over, and I did a funny thing the other day. I re-watched season one for fun, just to see how it has changed. It was a bad idea, honestly, because all it did was make it clear that this show has gone seriously downhill since they left Agrestic. The characters are practically caricatures of themselves now, Nancy is no longer a pot dealer but a mobster wife, and the family is messed up to the point of no return. It's kind of sad to remember what made you love a show in the first place, and then see how it's gotten so far away from there. Sigh.

Anyway, last ...

Expect Drastic Turns In 'Fringe' This Fall

8/25/2009 9:47am EDT
You know Fringe is full of surprises and they're not going to spoil anything. But, the producers of the show promise some drastic turns in their first episode back for a second season. They do have a doozy of a finale to top, when Olivia found herself standing in the World Trade Center in a parallel universe.

Expect something major to happen to a character you love. "As much as we should be telling a show that's intriguing and that makes you think and that is about these mysteries, that first and foremost, it should make you feel something," said producer Jeff Pinkner. "There needs to be...

'Army Wives' Recap: ' First Response.'

8/25/2009 9:33am EDT
Army Wives
Roxy, Trevor and the gang

Trevor is now in Recruiter Training. Finn started his new school. TJ is being a poop towards his brother. He feels no one cares about him as Finn rattles on and on about what he did in his gifted classes. Trevor notices this and takes TJ on a special father-son fishing expedition. Nice bonding.


Nothing new here. She was not a factor in this episode. She said she misses Chase.

Claudia Joy and Michael

Claudia Joy caught the worst of the accident. Her injuries reads like a Grey's Anatomy checklist-concussion, arterial laceration of the left wrist, ...

Britney Spears' Ex-Boyfriend Pleads Not Guilty To Assault

8/25/2009 9:09am EDT
Britney Spears
Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, has pleaded not guilty to assaulting a process server.

Ghalib is accused of running over Ram Moskowitz as he tried to hand the photographer legal papers as part of the superstar's conservatorship case in 2008.

The snapper is facing felony assault with a deadly weapon, battery and hit and run charges. He is due back in court in Van Nuys, California on September 29.

Ghalib faces seven years behind bars if he's found guilty.

See more photos of Britney Spears here!

Image © Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Click here t...

'Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite I' Gets Digital Release; Full Album Out Oct. 27

8/25/2009 8:30am EDT
Michael Jackson Remix Suite
Universal Motown Records will release "Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite I" on Tuesday, August 25. It is the first batch of music to be unveiled from Universal Motown's innovative five-part digital suite of remixes paying homage to the most thrilling entertainer of all time.

"Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite I" boasts five exclusive new renditions of beloved tracks by Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 remixed by five of the hottest producers in the game: Stargate ("Skywriter"), The Neptunes ("Never Can Say Goodbye"), Dallas Austin ("I Wanna Be Where You Are"), Polow Da Don ("Dancing Machi...

'Nurse Jackie' Season Finale: 'Health Care And Cinema'

8/25/2009 8:15am EDT
Nurse Jackie
In the season finale of Nurse Jackie, Jackie finally seemed to realize just how much was at stake from her affair with Eddie. When Jackie left her husband Kevin's bar for work, Eddie watched her leave before entering to potentially confront her husband. Eddie talked to Kevin while ignoring Jackie's phone calls, leaving the audience in suspense of what he was planning to do.

Last week, Zoey put a well-known film critic into a coma and was taken off duty for it. At the hospital, Zoey walked around in gray scrubs instead of her usual pink animal print ones to show her remorse. Jackie tried ...