Liam Neeson Talks Shrinking Frame

11/20/2015 10:47am EST
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson recently lost a good deal of weight and has since opened up about why he got so skinny. By this time, many people know that the actor wasn't suffering from an illness that caused his gaunt look, but that he lost the weight on purpose -- for a new role. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 63-year-old said that he lost 20 or so pounds for his role in Silence.

"Martin [Scorsese] wanted us all to look a bit more gaunt, which [stars Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield] did as well. I know Adam went to the extreme. He’s an ex-Marine, and when he’s given an order, he follows it throug...

Adele Is Definitely Thinner These Days But Doesn't Aspire To Be A Size Zero

11/19/2015 10:23am EST
Adele Shows Off Noticeably Thinner Figure In NYC & London
English singer Adele, whose new single "Hello" is a massive hit, is looking noticeably thinner these days, and she credits exercise for her new sleek look.

She told the latest issue of Rolling Stone that exercise has helped her drop several pounds -- but she's not exactly thrilled about working out.

"It’s not to be a size zero or anything like that, I mainly moan. I’m not skipping to the f--king gym, I don’t enjoy it," she revealed.

"I do like doing weights. I don't like looking in the mirror. Blood vessels burst on my face easily so I'm so conscious when I'm lifting weights not to let ...

Kendall Jenner Wanted The Perfect Body For Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

11/17/2015 9:35am EST
Kendall Jenner Reportedly Starved Herself, Ate Less Than 400 Cal
Kendall Jenner was super excited when she landed a spot at the famous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show earlier this month, and if a new report is to be believed she basically stopped eating in the weeks leading up to her VS runway debut.

A source told OK! magazine that Jenner, 20, "put herself on a strict 400-calorie-a-day diet, consisting of nuts and berries, and was constantly in the gym."

The insider added that she even skipped her birthday dinner meal: “This is the skinniest Kendall’s ever been. Kendall was the only one not eating. Her friends and family were all sharing plates, but Ken...

Is Kate Middleton Too Thin?

11/17/2015 9:10am EST
Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton has always been quite thin, but a new report suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge is wasting away, weighing under 100 pounds. According to the National Enquirer, concern over Kate's weight surfaced a couple of weeks ago when she attended the premiere for the new James Bond film, Spectre. Kate wore a light blue Jenny Packham dress that accentuated her small waist, despite its flowy style.

"Kate’s always been slim, but now she’s down to skin and bones. She must be under 100 lbs. — when, at 5-foot-9, she should be closer to 140! Now William is worried his wife won’t be able t...

Wynonna Judd Battles The Bulge (Report)

11/9/2015 9:48am EST
Wynonna Judd
Wynonna Judd has reportedly regained the 55 pounds she lost while a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars" in 2013 and has trouble walking without assistance.

Last month she performed in Las Vegas with her mother Naomi Judd and needed help when she arrived at an Oct. 6 show, according to the National Enquirer (see the photo).

A source says: "She went on a starvation diet for 'DWTS.' Now she’s piled it back on."

A "family friend" added, "Wy’s thrown in the towel. She’s struggled with her weight for years, and has finally sworn off diets for good.

"The poor woman can’t even walk without h...

Shonda Rhimes Drops A Lot Of Weight -- See How Much!

11/6/2015 9:27am EST
'Scandal' & 'Grey's Anatomy' Creator Shonda Rhimes Loses A Whopp
Shonda Rhimes is looking and feeling good these days, particularly since she has dropped 100 pounds.

The "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" and "How To Get Away With Murder" creator told People magazine, "It's just about feeling good. I feel good and really healthy."

Rhimes, 45, doesn't have a particular end goal in sight; however, she likes seeing the numbers drop on her scale. "Being a competitive person, having a number and a goal helps me," she revealed.

As for how she feels these days, the talented writer said, "I feel great. And I'm going to work to stay in that space."

Rhimes talks abou...

Adele's Answer To Posing For Playboy Magazine Is Powerfully Funny

11/5/2015 11:26am EST
Adele has no interest in taking her clothes off for Hugh Hefner's magazine. The Playboy publisher's company apparently asked the Hello singer to pose nude several times in the past; but Adele is confused about two things: she's not sure the Playboy Magazine gesture is due to her weight as a plus-size woman -- or is purely sexist.

After taking hiatus for a time as a new mommy, and recovering from throat surgery, Adele is is back with new music, and is breaking records along the way.

According to Nielsen Music, her new single -- from 25 -- that is not even out until November 20, sold over...

Has Ben Affleck Gained A Few Pounds?

11/3/2015 9:10am EST
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck, who will show off his ripped figure in "Batman vs. Superman" next spring, seems to have piled on a few pounds. Is it for a film role or perhaps it's stress resulting from his divorce?

OK! magazine photographed the star on the set of his film "Live By Night" in Georgia this week. Affleck appeared to have a"fuller figure" while sporting suspenders, trousers and a waistcoat.

It's tough to tell whether he really has gained some weight. It could be he was just wearing a lot of layers.

The actor, 43, is both starring and in producing the film, which takes place during prohibition...

Snooki Opens Up About Eating Disorder

10/16/2015 10:25am EDT
Snooki's Anorexia Battle: 'Jersey Shore' Star Admits She Ate 'Ju
In her new tell-all, "Strong Is the New Sexy," Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi opens up about her past struggle with anorexia, and the details are shocking. At one point, she weighed just 90 pounds.

The former "Jersey Shore" star says she starved herself by eating "just one cracker a day." Her mother, Helen Polizzi, added that at one point the future reality star ate just ice cubes and one grape all day when she was a high school student.

Radar Online reports that Snooki put pressure on herself to become the best cheerleader in school. "I was so weak and exhausted I could barely get through a pra...

Jonah Hill Goes To Extreme Measures To Lose Weight (Report)

10/14/2015 9:33am EDT
Jonah Hill Weight Loss: Actor Reportedly Tries Meditation, Consu
Jonah Hill is reportedly experimenting with several methods to slim down in a bid to shed some weight off his 300-pound frame -- including hiring a "fat whisperer."

A source told the National Enquirer: "Jonah’s tried everything to lose weight, but it just doesn’t seem to stick. If anything, he ends up putting on even more weight!"

The actor is reportedly working with a "spiritual guru" who has already helped him drop 20 pounds with a goal of losing 80.

The insider revealed, "He's hired a guy to put him on a 30-day cleanse. He comes to his house three times a week for workouts. Jonah's al...