'Survivor: South Pacific' Episode 3 Recap - Reap What You Sow

9/29/2011 11:20am EDT
On "Survivor: South Pacific" Redemption Island, Semhar meets Christine, as she arrives from Tribal Council. Christine feels that Coach had it in for her right from the beginning. Something like the way she had it in for him, perhaps, calling him a ‘temporary’ player on Day 1? Sadly, neither Christine nor Semhar seem to using their ‘redemption’ time to figure out what part they themselves played in being voted off the island.

At Upolu, Mikayla still can’t figure out why Brandon wanted her off the tribe. She knows she’s done nothing to upset him, and realizes that, behind the little country...

Out.com Outs The Worst Dressed Gay Men

9/29/2011 11:00am EDT
Out Worst & Best Dressed
During Fashion Week, Out.com asked readers to rank its list of the 50 most notably dressed gay men as the "Best" or "Worst Dressed." From actors, designers, TV personalities, and athletes, nearly 3,000 people weighed in on whom they thought pulled it off, and who just needs to pull it off and try again.

In the race for "Worst Dressed" Boy George and Perez Hilton where neck-in-poorly-accessorized-neck for the top spot, with George edging it out by two votes at closing time.

Bruce Vilanch, our favorite Hollywood Square, proudly wore his t-shirt in the third place spot, and Antony Hegarty an...

Leona Lewis Backs Anti-Rabies Crusade

9/29/2011 10:20am EDT
Leona Lewis
Animal-loving singer Leona Lewis is urging her fans to back a new campaign aimed at saving dogs from the scourge of rabies.

The Bleeding Love hit-maker has teamed up with officials at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to highlight its Red Collar crusade, which encourages owners to have their pet pooch vaccinated.

The animals are then given a red collar to assure other pet owners they are safe from the disease. WSPA staff hope the campaign will help to save an estimated 20 million rabid dogs who are killed annually.

Lewis says, "I think it's absolutely horrific tha...

Hilary Duff Celebrates 24th Birthday With Sister & Chihuahua

9/29/2011 9:00am EDT
Hilary Duff
We spotted Hilary Duff celebrating her 24th birthday yesterday with her sister Haylie and their new Chihuahua puppy. The pair have been proactive members of the Much Love Animal Rescue foundation and often take dogs that need homes.

Hilary and her husband Mike Comrie marked their first wedding anniversary this summer by announcing they are expecting their first child.

The actress recently dropped out of the upcoming "Bonnie & Clyde" movie and was paid $100,000 as part of a severance deal.

George Clooney Slams Elisabetta Canalis 'Angry' Text Claims

9/29/2011 8:59am EDT
George Clooney
Notoriously private actor George Clooney has spoken out to dismiss reports his ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis sent a him a series of angry texts after learning of his reported new romance.

The Hollywood hunk split from Canalis in June and he is now rumored to be dating former female wrestler Stacy Keibler.

A report in US Weekly magazine this week suggested Canalis was unhappy to learn about Clooney's new girl, and sent text messages to his cell phone expressing her dismay at the reports.

Clooney has now taken the unusual step of commenting on his romantic life to dismiss the rumors,...

Sharon Stone Selling Her Beverly Hills Home After Intruder Confrontations

9/29/2011 8:48am EDT
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone has put her Los Angeles home on the market following several brushes with intruders this year.

The Hollywood actress won a restraining order against Phillip Barnes this week after he was arrested outside her house last month. He allegedly launched into a bizarre rant claiming he fathered one of her adopted sons and has now been ordered to stay away from the star.

Stone previously obtained a restraining order against Bradly Gooden in March after he was found trespassing at her property, and earlier this month, she was spooked by a loud noise at the house and dialed 911 only ...

Police Investigate Mysterious Package At 'Dancing' Studio

9/29/2011 8:38am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
Police were called to the studio home of hit reality TV show Dancing With The Stars on Wednesday after a white powder was discovered in a package.

The substance was examined by the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) hazardous materials personnel, who declared it was harmless.

Officer Diana Figueroa, spokesperson for the LAPD, tells The Huffington Post, "There was no threat associated with that incident."

It is the second time in as many months that a letter containing an unknown powder was sent to the CBS studios in Los Angeles - cornmeal was found in a threatening letter sent to ...

Goldie Hawn To Star TV Comedy 'Viagra Diaries'

9/29/2011 8:30am EDT
Goldie Hawn
Movie veteran Goldie Hawn is looking forward to a "new phase" of her career with a starring role in upcoming TV comedy Viagra Diaries.

The Private Benjamin star has spent the last few years working on her educational organization The Hawn Foundation, while she has also used her time away from the cameras to write and research her new self-help book 10 Mindful Minutes.

Hawn is preparing to return to the spotlight in a new project called Viagra Diaries, which she is working on with Sex and the City creator Darren Star, and the actress admits she is excited about getting back to work.


'Take Shelter' Review: 'Two Jews On Film' Give Kudos To This Terrifying Thriller (Video)

9/29/2011 8:21am EDT
Take Shelter
Plagued by a series of apocalyptic visions, a husband and father wonders whether to shelter his family from a coming storm or from himself.

Sounds simple...It's not. The storm isn't just any storm...It's the 'end of the world' kind of storm. And the husband, Curtis LaForche, played by the very brilliant actor, Michael Shannon, thinks he may be going insane.

Curtis lives in a small Ohio town with his wife Samantha (Jessica Chastain) and his six year old daughter, Hannah (Tova Stewart) who is deaf.

Curtis makes a modest living as a crew chief for a sand-mining company. Samantha is a sta...

'The X Factor' Recap - The Moments Worth Watching

9/29/2011 8:19am EDT
The x factor
I’ve determined that ‘The X-Factor’ may be the ultimate TiVo condensing show. Even more than a baseball game (where you end up fast-forwarding in between every pitch), ‘X-Factor’ offers a bevy of skippable moments.

Sob story montage? Fast forward. Anything with Steve Jones? Fast forward. The 20 minutes spent showing us stuff from last week and things that happened earlier in the episode? Fast forward. It’s so easy to skip around this show that I seriously blew through last night’s audition-fest in about 45 minutes.

There was moment I definitely didn’t skip last night, and it was the most ...