Daniel Radcliffe Waited Until After 'Harry Potter' Wrapped To Ask Out Co-Worker

August 21st, 2011 5:00pm EDT
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe waited until the end of the Harry Potter franchise before asking out a production assistant - because he feared it would be "unprofessional" and "cause problems" to date a co-worker.

The actor met Rosanne Coker, a fellow Brit, while shooting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2007, and they continued to work together on the final two boy wizard movies, The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.

But they waited until shooting had wrapped before they began their romance, according to Coker's father Malcolm.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "They are a really nice couple...

Victoria Beckham 'Receiving Treatment For Back Condition'

August 21st, 2011 4:16pm EDT
Victoria Beckham
New mom Victoria Beckham is "resting and receiving treatment" for a back condition after reportedly aggravating an old injury as she gave birth to baby Harper.

The former Spice Girls star and her husband David became proud parents to their first daughter last month, a little sister for their three sons.

Victoria Beckham has not been seen out in public since Harper was born, and reports emerged earlier this week claiming she had suffered a slipped disc in her back while pregnant, which was antagonized when she gave birth.

Her spokesperson has now addressed the rumors, simply stating, "Vic...

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller Vacation Together In Mexico

August 21st, 2011 4:00pm EDT
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has treated his estranged wife Brooke Mueller to a vacation in Mexico to reward her for remaining "sober and healthy."

The former Two And A Half Men star split from Mueller after a heated altercation on Christmas Day in 2009, and they subsequently became embroiled in a custody battle over their twins, Bob and Max.

Mueller checked into rehab to address her addiction demons following the split, but continued to care for the pair's sons as Sheen battled his own much-publicised personal issues earlier this year.

And as a treat, Sheen, who recently revealed he is working hard to...

Demi Lovato Celebrates Her 19th Birthday With Plenty Of Candy, Bowling & Red Bull

August 21st, 2011 3:00pm EDT
Demi Lovato
Teen queen Demi Lovato had a glam-rock themed 19th birthday party at the ultra-exclusive Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, along with her close friend and Buzznet correspondent, Hanna Beth Merjos.

The musician and actress made sure everyone and everything she loved would be in attendance, including candy from the famed sweets and treats brand, Sugar Factory. The confectionary emporium specially delivered Lovato and Merjos' favorites, such as strawberry licorice, Sour Patch Watermelons, Hot Tamales, chocolate bars, lollipops, and of course, Sugar Factory's world famous b...

Martin Sheen Honored At Chicago Film Festival

August 21st, 2011 2:00pm EDT
Martin Sheen
Martin Sheen has been honored for his lengthy career at the Chicago International Film Festival in Illinois.

The veteran actor made his big screen debut in the 1960s and has starred in several box office hits, including Apocalypse Now and Wall Street.

Sheen was the star guest at the annual event in Chicago on Friday, when his son Emilio Estevez presented him with the Career Achievement Award during a special ceremony. Friday was also renamed Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez Day by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn in honor of their visit.

As he accepted his award, Sheen praised Quinn for doin...

Gary Dourdan Gets Off Drug Charges

August 21st, 2011 1:36pm EDT
Gary Dourdan
Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Gary Dourdan has avoided punishment for drug possession after police dismissed the charge against him.

Los Angeles cops took the actor into custody in June after they found pills in his possession while investigating a car crash involving Dourdan.

The drugs were identified as Oxycontin and Dourdan faced prosecution over the possession of drug paraphernalia and the prescription painkiller.

However, officials dropped the drug possession charge earlier this week, according to TMZ.com.

Dourdan is still charged with possessing drug paraphernalia and...

Donald Faison Engaged

August 21st, 2011 1:00pm EDT
Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb
Actor Donald Faison is engaged to marry his longterm girlfriend Cacee Cobb.

The Clueless star and Cobb, who worked as Jessica Simpson's assistant during her TV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, have been dating since 2006 - and now Faison has popped the question.

The actor revealed the news by cryptically posting a message on Cobb's Twitter.com page quoting a Beyonce song, writing: "If you like it, then you better put a ring on it." Cobb then replied, "If she likes it, then she better say YES!"

And the stars' pals have already rushed to congratulate the pair on their happy news.


Nick Cannon Attempts Hugging World Record

August 21st, 2011 12:44pm EDT
Nick Cannon
Caring Nick Cannon is aiming for a place in the Guinness World Records after staging a stunt on Friday to earn him the title for the most hugs given in one hour.

Mariah Carey's husband attempted the feat at New York's Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets baseball team, and he was confident he would succeed.

In a post on his website, the America's Got Talent host wrote, "I am going to make HISTORY!"

Cannon's record attempt has yet to be verified by Guinness officials, but he would have had to beat the current best of 1,749 hugs in an hour.

Simon Cowell Interrupts His Meetings For Vitamin Shots

August 21st, 2011 12:30pm EDT
Simon Cowell
Music mogul Simon Cowell is so determined to stay healthy, he regularly receives vitamin shots during business meetings.

The former American Idol judge admits he takes vitamin B12, magnesium and vitamin C supplements to improve his wellbeing - and he still insists on receiving the "calming" remedies when he's busy.

He tells GQ magazine, "Even when I'm having a viewing session with producers, she (his assistant) just sticks the needle in me and we carry on whatever we are doing.

"It's an incredibly warm feeling. You feel all the vitamins going through you. It's indescribable but very calm...

Beyonce Wants To Open Dance School

August 21st, 2011 11:24am EDT
R&B superstar Beyonce dreams of one day launching her own dance school to pass on her impressive booty-shaking skills to youths.

The "Crazy In Love" hitmaker is known for her dance-driven promos for chart smashes like "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" and "Run The World (Girls)," and she hopes to be able to teach others how to groove sometime in the future.

She tells InStyle magazine, "I want to someday open a dance school for young kids. I want to do whatever I can to keep the arts in schools."