'Survivor: One World' – Tarzan Loves The Ladies… Clothing

5/10/2012 1:45pm EDT
Survivor: One World
Last week on, Survivor: One World. Tarzan was the last man standing, but Kat’s decision to party with her peeps put her on the hit list instead. Kat thought a blindside would be funny and exciting, but left the game in tears when she was the blind-sides’ victim.

Tikiano, Night 33: as the women discuss the irony of Kat’s words, Tarzan interviews that the women made a dumb move, choosing Kat over himself. But since they have, he has a ‘sub-plot’ where he might be able to raise himself into the top three.

Tarzan speaks privately with Kim, telling her why it would be smart to get rid of Chels...

Alicia Keys Calls 'The Voice' Winner Jermaine Paul Moments After Win

5/10/2012 1:39pm EDT
Jermaine Paul
Apparently Alicia Keys was glued to her seat, with Jermaine Paul's number on speed dial, as she watched the announcement of who was going to win The Voice.

As Jermaine celebrated with confetti falling from the ceiling, his pal passed him a cell phone - and Keys was on the other end.

"She was screaming with excitement. She told me she's been watching me and supporting me the whole time. She was saying how proud of me she was," said Jermaine. The two know one another from his days as a backup singer on her tours.

The last 24 hours has been a whirlwind of red carpets and talk shows. "I'm g...

Review: USA's 'Common Law' Far Too Common

5/10/2012 1:12pm EDT
Ealy and Kole
The bromance is one of entertainment’s obsessions for two reasons: it makes for dynamic and interesting chemistry; and television shows don’t have to find creative ways to avoid the fatal loss of compelling momentum when two main characters finally start a relationship that’s often believed to ruin series like Fox’s “Bones” or ABC’s “Castle” (an affliction dubbed the “Moonlightng” curse). Hollywood has taken notice that people—particularly the young, female variety—swoon over the epic bromances such as the doomed friendship between Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael ...

Guillermo Del Toro To Direct 'Pinocchio' Remake

5/10/2012 1:05pm EDT
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo Del Toro is to take charge of a dark retelling of the Pinocchio fairytale.

The Pan's Labyrinth director co-wrote the creepy screenplay, but it was originally suggested he would only produce the film.

However, Del Toro has now placed himself in the director's chair alongside Mark Gustafson.

Producer Lisa Henson says, "Guillermo has been so passionate about this project from its inception and it is an honor to have him bring his unique blend of live action and animation experience to this well-loved story, collaborating with the talented Mark Gustafson."

Del Toro has previou...

Five Fun Facts About 'Dark Shadows' Actor Johnny Depp

5/10/2012 1:00pm EDT
Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows
Johnny Depp is an American icon. Love him or hate him, his is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today, even when hidden behind make-up. Among his roles, he’s transformed himself into a cross-dressing movie director, a Frankenstein-like monster with a soul and now a gothic vampire trying to come to grips with living in the 1970s. He’s renown for his versatility and whether it’s a musical, a romance, a tragedy, horror or action, a Johnny Depp movie is always an adventure. But for someone who has been making movies since his role in the original “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in 1...

Russell Brand To Host 2012 MTV Movie Awards For Third Time

5/10/2012 12:03pm EDT
Russell Brand
Russell Brand will be bringing his unique brand of comedy to the MTV Movie Awards when he hosts them June 3. It will be the third time has hosted the awards ceremony.

"MTV Movie Awards incorporates two of my favorite things. Movies and Awards. If somehow group sex could be involved it would be the greatest night of my life," said Brand to MTV.com.

Brand's previous hosting gigs were not without controversy. He called Britney Spears the "female version of Christ" in 2008 when her career was "reborn." He also implored the crowd to vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election and referred t...

Kristen Stewart Accepted An 'On The Road' Pay Cut

5/10/2012 11:45am EDT
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart was so passionate about starring in the big screen adaptation of On The Road, she agreed to a massive pay cut when the movie's budget was slashed.

The actress commanded millions for each installment of the Twilight franchise, but she trimmed her fee to less than $200,000 to portray Marylou in the film version of Jack Kerouac's classic novel.

Stewart was forced to make the sacrifice after bosses at French financier Pathe cut the budget from $35 million to the mid-$20 million range, and insists she was committed to playing the free-spirited character.

She tells The Holly...

Reese Witherspoon's Parents Embroiled In Bigamy Battle

5/10/2012 11:24am EDT
Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon's parents are locked in a legal battle after the actress' mother accused her husband of bigamy.

Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon, known as Betty, filed a lawsuit in Davidson County, Tennessee on Tuesday alleging the Legally Blonde star's father John Witherspoon wed another woman while still married to her.

She claims John exchanged vows with Tricianne Taylor on January 14th and she is seeking to have that union annulled, while she also states she is still in love with her husband and doesn't want a divorce, according to The Tennessean.

In an affidavit filed in court, Betty...

$16 Million Contract Puts Britney Spears On TV's Top Paid List - Behind Judge Judy

5/10/2012 11:03am EDT
Britney Spears
Britney Spears is reportedly set to rake in $16 million as a judge on The X Factor, but the incredible amount isn't nearly enough to put her on top of TV's best paid list.

Assuming The X Factor has the same amount of episodes this season (26), Spears would pocket a bit over $615,000 an episode. That makes her the second highest paid per episode in primetime currently - Ashton Kutcher makes $700,000 an episode for Two and a Half Men. She is also far behind predecessor Charlie Sheen's whopping $1.2 million an episode. It would put her ahead of William Petersen's previous salary on CSI ($600,...

Blink-182 Cancel May Concerts Of Their North American Tour

5/10/2012 10:54am EDT
Pop punks Blink-182 have canceled a number of upcoming tour dates so drummer Travis Barker can recover from an operation.

The All the Small Things stars are pulling out of their upcoming North American tour after Barker was admitted to the hospital to have his tonsils removed.

Barker posted a photo of himself undergoing the tonsillectomy on his Twitter.com page earlier this month, and told fans he was in agony after the surgery.

He writes, "My throat still feels like I'm swallowing broken f**king glass. Looking forward 2 (sic) this being over with... My throat is still bleeding from g...