'AGT' Quarterfinals Continue -- See Recap

8/19/2015 8:52am EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Quarterfinals Week 2
America's Got Talent continued its quarterfinals last night. We witnessed another solid night of performances. Almost everyone came to play and win that million dollar contract. However, there were a few America's Got Talent performances that we questioned how they made it so far in the competition.

America's Got Talent season 10 is shaping up to be one of the best ones yet. Read below to see and read which performances excited and entertained us the most.

DM Nation

Dance Group

Judges' Comments: Mel B called DM Nation electrifying, and she said that they really upped their game. Howie...

'The Fosters' Season Finale Is All About Love

8/18/2015 8:57am EDT
'The Fosters' Season 3 Finale Recap: Everyone Says I Love You
Last night, The Fosters ended season 3 A. This finale chose to end many lingering storylines, which made it feel more like a series finale. Usually, The Fosters uses the final episodes of the seasons to leave the fans wanting more with cliffhangers. Last night, it was all about resolutions.

For better or worse, The Fosters decided to firmly choose certain roads. We will have to wait until 2016 to see where these roads lead.

Marriage Woes

Stef is still upset with Lena over the Monte kiss. Later, Stef gets a call from her doctor saying that her mammogram was inconclusive. She makes a secon...

The Most Memorable Moments From Last Night’s 'Big Brother'

8/17/2015 9:17am EDT
Last week on Big Brother was a big old mess. Not only does the house miss out a golden opportunity to get rid of the scariest player in the game, but Steve pulls out the most baffling choices during the double eviction. The episode after double eviction is usually a good catch up on what truly went down. It’s meant to fill in the blanks on what couldn’t be shown during the live show. However, besides Steve’s cry baby antics, we barely get to see what went on behind the scenes. All around it was a pretty disappointing episode.

Here are the most memorable moments from the Week 9 HOH and Nomi...

‘The Strain’ Recap: ‘Identity’ Says Goodbye To A Very Goofy Villain

8/17/2015 8:21am EDT
The Strain
Man, The Strain is really on a roll right now. Last week Corey Stoll’s wig was banished to the depths of vampire hell. This week, we say goodbye to another questionable visual effect: the Master, in all his fish-faced, hilarious glory.

You know, when he first rose out of his grave in “Identity’s” final scene, a part of me thought man, he actually looks kind of impressive with his face half burned away. It’ll be a shame to see him go. And then the Master stood to his full heigh and looked like a ridiculous muppet, and that thought burned out of my head in an instant. Even more so when his g...

'Rick And Morty' Recap: Total Rickall

8/17/2015 5:00am EDT
Rick and Morty
Coming to after fainting is one of the most disorienting experiences that a person can expect to have. It can be like a full night’s worth of dreams packed into seconds for the sake of the brain shocking itself back into consciousness. But that sense of disorientation is not really present until cognizance has actually been restored. For the few moments when that fevered jumble of thoughts is dominating, everything seems normal. This comedown is profound, even though the brevity of the actual elapsed time suggests that it should not be. But normal temporal and spatial definitions do not mat...

Starz ‘Power’ Recap: Ghost Burns Bridges And Biggest Enemy

8/15/2015 10:00pm EDT
Starz Entertainment LLC
The season two finale of “Power” played out like a blockbuster movie; shifting alliances, a romantic reunion and a fiery end to Ghost’s biggest nemesis. Or is it the beginning?

“Ghost is Dead” episode started off with a bang. Literally. Drifty is murdered in cold blood. At least he kicked the bucket doing what he loved: his religious ritual. The murderer—whose face is shielded—even left a calling card, La Araha. It’s safe to say this could be tied to Lobos’ rival drug cartel.

Still among the living, only slightly, is Angela. Decked out in mourning garb, she’s in the stage of acceptance. E...

'Strike Back' Recap: Storming The Beach

8/15/2015 9:02am EDT
Strike Back
Strike Back is one of those shows that's never satisfied (and therefore, always satisfying to the audience). It's always looking for the next big thing to do. So what's to be done after revealing an embedded North Korean spy played by one of the great actresses of her generation? How about launch an all-out assault on a private island?

That's exactly what happens in "Episode 33," while Scott tries his hand at parenting at the least opportune time possible and Stonebridge might be crazy. There's a lot to discuss this week.

Now that we all know she's evil, Li-Na is meeting with her contact ...

'Review' Recap: 'Falsely Accused; Sleep With Your Teacher; Little Person'

8/14/2015 2:02am EDT
“Although this predatory behavior felt wrong on every level, I had to continue for the good of humanity.”

While Forrest MacNeil’s forays into curing a gay person and joining the mile high club presented him at his most oblivious, this episode’s batch of reviews indicate that his delusion is more a choice than a fundamental characteristic. He goes into these experiences knowing full well that they may involve questionable behavior, but he plows right ahead because of his total commitment. Any moral dilemma is justified by a belief that this is necessary work to benefit the world. He blinds ...

'America's Got Talent' Cuts Acts From 12 To 7

8/12/2015 1:35pm EDT
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Radio City Music Hall Performances
America's Got Talent 2015 finally entered Radio City Music Hall. Twelve incredible acts performed there live last night. The voting public narrows these acts from twelve to seven on tonight's live America's Got Talent eviction show. With so many great acts, it is going to be a really intense cut.

If you need a little reminder, or to catch up before tonight's episode, here is a rundown of this week's America's Got Talent twelve performances.

Siro A

Visual Dance Group

Judges' Comments: Mel B best summed up Siro A's performance when she said that it was exciting and jam packed.

Our Imp...

'RHONY' Big Season 7 Finale – See Details

8/12/2015 8:57am EDT
'Real Housewives Of New York City' Season 7, Episode 19: THE FIN
“I don’t think there’s any other way to begin a new life than to have a big party,” says Ramona.

Before the big night, Ramona and Sonja hang out at Sonja’s house and Ramona tells her how proud she is of her fashion coup. Sonja asks her about the fight she had with Bethenny. Ramona confesses she told a piece of gossip to Heather about Bethenny’s first marriage and she realizes she should not have done that. Heather told Bethenny and that started the fight at the show. Ramona feels she's always under attack by the other “girls.” Now that they are both free, (Sonja from her debt and Ramona fr...