20 Best Songs Of 2013 (So Far)

August 19th, 2013 9:15pm EDT
Justin Timberlake
Here is a list of the 20 Best Songs of 2013 (So Far). We would like to say they are in chronological order but lets be honest; we'd be lying if we said that. This is a list of extremely mind blowing music that will surely get you in the mood for an epic box-social!;).

20) Dirty Laundry -Kelly Rowland
Co-written and produced by The Dream, this track is getting some serious reviews. Kelly speaks on the music business and the craziness that goes along with being in the industry.

19) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ryan Dalton - Cant Hold Us
Making its way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 li...

Andrew Belle Chats About 'Black Bear' And His Musical Inspirations

August 14th, 2013 11:20am EDT
Andrew Belle
Andrew Belle, a Chicago based singer/songwriter, became a fixture in the music scene after his songs appeared on hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars. He has released two EPs, The Daylight and All Those Pretty Lights in addition to his debut album, The Ladder, in 2010. During his time in Nashville, Tennessee, Andrew became a member of the critically acclaimed Ten Out of Tenn, made up of a group of singers and songwriters from Nashville. His new album, Black Bear, debuts Aug. 20. I had the opportunity to speak with Andrew during a break from his summer tour ab...

Review: Civil Sensibility For ‘The Civil Wars’

August 8th, 2013 12:34pm EDT
The Civil Wars : The One That Got Away Single
How does one categorize the Grammy-winning band The Civil Wars?  “That is the questions”, to put in Shakespearean speak.  Regardless of the label you’d give the intriguing duo of Joy Williams or John Paul White, they definitely show their top-rate musicianship on highly anticipated sophomore album, The Civil Wars. The album isn’t quite a modern masterpiece 'per se' (there are some flaws), but all in all is very well executed.

“The One That Got Away” opens The Civil Wars brilliantly, with light production work (more oomph about the refrain) and an overall dark tilt about it.  “Oh if I could...

CD Review: Secrets - 'Fragile Figures'

August 2nd, 2013 11:29pm EDT
Though it’s only been a year and a half since their ultimately lackluster debut The Ascent, post-hardcore pugilists Secrets are not only back with their sophomore album Fragile Figures, but also with a new singer (Aaron Melzer). And while the idea of changing vocalist’s midstream would appear to be a detriment, Secrets takes it all in stride and actually comes out the other end smelling likes roses.

Secrets’ vocal dynamic has never sounded this crisp, this exciting, thanks in large part to guitarist/clean singer Richard Rogers and new vocalist Melzer, who vocal interplay is near perfect at...

CD Review: Monster Truck - 'Furiosity'

August 2nd, 2013 11:17pm EDT
Monster Truck
Rock fans rejoice, because Monster Truck has clearly heard your calls. And they have answered with Furiosity.      

While their chosen moniker might not be the best, Monster Truck’s music sure as hell is, and Furiosity, the sophomore LP from this 2012 Juno Award winning “Breakthrough Group of the Year,” is a burly exercise in what true rock and roll sounds like.

Furiosity is a stripped down, balls-out rockfest fueled by Monster Truck’s no bullshit approach to both rocking out and songwriting. Opener “Old Train” wastes no time in teleporting listeners 35 years back in time, with classic ro...

Gypsy Punk Rules on Gogol Bordello's 'Pura Vida Conspiracy'

July 26th, 2013 10:15am EDT
Gogol Bordello: Pura Vida Conspiracy
Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello make being different pretty cool and hip. Let’s face it, gypsy-punk is not your everyday style of music, particularly when conformity and uniformity seems to be an ‘it trend’.  However, Gogol Bordello is exactly what the music industry could use more of to provide spice and more unpredictability. Following up previous album Transcontinental Hustle (2010), Pura Vida Conspiracy doesn’t miss a beat.  Intriguing, manic, ambitious, and über-enjoyable are some adjectives that describe the listening experience.  Frontman Eugene Hütz is pretty awesome.  Add an intensi...

Avril Lavigne Declares Herself 'Motherfreakin’ Princess' Of Rock & Roll

July 22nd, 2013 10:15am EDT
Avril Lavigne

While getting married usually slows people down, it has seemed to have awaken Avril’s inner “Mutherfreakin’ Princess.”

In Lavigne’s just-released new single, “Rock N Roll,” she proudly declares, “I am the motherfreakin’ princess.”

The upbeat, pop-punk song, the latest release from her forthcoming album, is a boisterous declaration of rebellion on which the 28-year-old Mrs. Chad Kroeger puts up her “middle finger to the sky” to “let ‘em know that we’re still rock and roll.”

Here’s what the Princess posted on Twitter:

YES!!! You did it!! Trending Worldwide! You can listen to Rock N R...

CD Review: Adalene - 'Atlantic Heart EP'

July 12th, 2013 5:05pm EDT
Adalene’s Atlantic Heart may be small in stature, but it’s big on staying power. Sure, it’s only four tracks in length, which is somewhat detracting since it’s damn enjoyable, but these Nashville transplants make this four song clip a memorable experience. It’s just enough pop and just enough rock, but rest assured, this isn’t any run-of-the-mill, vanilla pop-rock. No, this isn’t the Jonas Brothers, this isn’t Train.

There’s some garage rawness to Atlantic Heart, as evidenced by the opening title track, which gets the EP underway with feverous aplomb. The subsequent “Toxic Girl,” a true bl...

10 Albums You Shouldn’t Miss From May 2013

June 11th, 2013 10:22pm EDT
Daft Punk
May 2013 was nothing short of a stellar month for music, and truly the first great music month of 2013. Without a doubt, the biggest news of the month was Daft Punk’s return to album crafting, with the masterful “Random Access Memories” but many other great records were released as well. Here are the ten most essential albums of the month:

“Obsidian” Baths

Will Wiesenfield’s first record under the Baths moniker was an eclectic, upbeat collection of electronic songs that was both spastic and innocent, but most importantly fun. The follow up, “Obsidian” is a far cry from that record thoug...

CD Review: Another Lost Year - 'Better Days'

June 8th, 2013 12:43am EDT
Another Lost Year - Better Days
With Better Days, Another Lost Year, voted the Best Rock Band in the Carolinas back in 2011, has released a good, if not unspectacular, rock album, one that suffers from its share of inconsistencies. At times, Better Days shows promise, and when the band exhibits their penchant for hard-hitting modern rock (“War On the Inside,” “All That We Are,” “Broken”) it’s clear they have some chops, but unfortunately for Better Days and Another Lost Year, those high spots are washed asunder when the band tempers the pace and kicks things into full-on ballad mode (“Angels,” “Runaway,” “Come and Gone”),...