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'Extant' Season 1 Episode 6 recap: 'Nightmares'

August 14th, 2014 11:13am EDT
'Extant' Season 1 Episode 6 recap: 'Nightmares'
Ethan begins having nightmares. Molly discovers she was used as bait on the Seraphim.

Given the number of heart-palpitating scenes showcased in “Extant’s” sixth episode “Nightmares,” it’s no wonder we all don’t wake up in a cold sweat come Thursday morning. No doubt Molly wishes the discovery of Sparks’ daughter being the first test subject, or casualty, for the Seraphim mission prior to her stepping on the shuttle is another hallucination. Or, in keeping with the theme: nightmare.

Sorry, the only person having an actual nightmare is Ethan. And he’s not built for them. Even so, he interru...

'Motive' Recap And Review: 'A Bullet For Joey' - Brotherly Murder

August 14th, 2014 10:02am EDT
'Motive' Recap And Review: 'A Bullet For Joey' - Brotherly Murde
We don't have to tell you who the victim is this time, do we? But when the killer seems to be completely unrelated, it makes for an interesting investigation for Detectives Flynn and Vega in this week's episode of Motive.

Joey Dunkamp's corpse is found in his car, placed there postmortem according to Betty. Cut to his murderer, Donnie Kovach, washing the blood off his hands in the bathroom of the body shop he co-owns with his two brothers, talking about how the family needs to "protect our own." Might he be referring to something done to the brothers' kid sister, Erin, who's just come home...

'Suits' Recap And Review: 'Gone' - Louis Makes The Big Sacrifice

August 14th, 2014 9:30am EDT
'Suits' Recap And Review: 'Gone' -  Louis Makes The Big Sacrific
We're two episodes away from the Suits midseason break, but why not get to some drama now? It's a very bad time to be Louis Litt, since now the truth about his involuntarily misdeed is out. This week, while everyone else hates him and deals with the consequences, Louis makes a drastic decision that changes his life and the course of the firm. And as much as we love to hate Louis, we kind of love him for it. What's that big move? Well, read on to find out.

We open basically where we left off last week, with Jessica and Harvey confronting Louis over the deal he made with Satan - er, Charles ...

Bravo TV ‘The Singles Project’ Episode 1 Recap: Learn From Their Mistakes

August 13th, 2014 4:25pm EDT
Bravo TV ‘The Singles Project’ Episode 1 Recap: Learn From Their
I’m a born matchmaker and a bit of a busybody. So the new interactive ‘The Singles Project’ is perfect for me. Not only do I watch Lee (37, dentist), Kerry (27, art consultant), Joey (27, eyebrow stylist), Ericka (38, VP brand strategist), Tabasum (34, dermatologist) and Brian (29, retail storeowner) try to find love in NYC, I get to stick my two-cents in via live Q&A polls. At the end I can actually offer advice/observations.

Viewers can also submit themselves as potential partners, however I’ve been married for 26 years and my husband frowns upon my dating, so I’ll just stick to giving p...

Conan O'Brien Shaken By Death Of Robin Williams

August 13th, 2014 12:07am EDT
Conan O'Brien Visibly Stunned As He Breaks News Of Robin William
Conan O'Brien ended his show on Monday night by sharing the news of actor Robin Williams' passing with his studio audience, co-host Andy Richter and guest Will Arnett.

The host learned the news during the taping of the show, which is done hours before it airs, and was visibly shocked by the sad news, feeling obligated to make the announcement to the crowd.

"This is unusual and upsetting," the host began, "but we got some news... during the show that Robin Williams... that Robin Williams has passed away...

"We tape these shows a few hours early," the host added, "and by the time you see t...

'Grey's Anatomy' Star Chandra Wilson Revisits 'Frankie And Alice'

August 12th, 2014 2:03pm EDT
'Grey's Anatomy' Star Chandra Wilson Revisits 'Frankie And Alice
Chandra Wilson is best known to audiences as Dr. Miranda Bailey on ABC's long-running medical drama Grey's Anatomy. Yet there's a lot more to the Texas-born actress than just Bailey. Case in point, her role in the feature film Frankie and Alice, the moving true story of a woman (played by Extant star Halle Berry) with Disassociative Identity Disorder. After its initial 2010 release, the film is finally coming to DVD today. Chandra sat down with us on Friday to discuss its lasting appeal and stepping out from under Bailey's lab coat.

"We've had a couple of resurgences over the years!" she s...

'Under the Dome' Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Barbie Leaves the Dome Behind

August 12th, 2014 10:18am EDT
Under the Dome
If you were shown any old episode of "Under the Dome," it's probably safe to say you wouldn't associate the lunatic antics of Big Jim, Barbie and a bunch of glowing pink teenagers as the work of Stephen King. Rogue butterfly attacks aren't really King's thing (ok, maybe they're totally King's thing, but he'd find a clever twist to make them halfway scary).

That's why "Going Home" is such a shocking episode of "Under the Dome." It's actually... good. Solidly written, competently acted. Good. And not "Under the Dome's" usual bahahahaha this is terrific type of good.

For one, the episode's m...

'Bachelor In Paradise' Episode 2 Recap: Love In The Face Of Overwhelming Insanity

August 12th, 2014 8:45am EDT
'Bachelor In Paradise' Episode 2 Recap: Love In The Face Of Over
Whenever Chris Harrison comes out at the beginning of any "Bachelor"- based television show, you know it's about to get real. He wouldn't be interrupting this carefully planned sob-and-make-out-fest unless there was a serious truth bomb that needed deploying.

But last night's bomb might actually be the greatest piece of drama that "The Bachelor/ette/Pad/in Paradise" has ever achieved. And it was entirely accidental and probably cost a guy his job.

You'll remember that last week, Michelle K was playing things weirdly coy about her relationship status, but with all the subtlety of a sledge...

'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Beautiful Friendships

August 11th, 2014 4:15pm EDT
'True Blood' Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: Beautiful Friendships
Previously - Violet imprisoned Wade and Adilyn. Pam, Eric, and the Yakua cornered Sarah Newlin. Sookie and Bill reunited and made love. Jason was hot.

Crazy lady Sarah NEWLIN is cowering in her former cult compound when Eric Northman comes a’looking for her. Her realization that she is about to die is confirmed by another Jason STACK HOUSE hallucination. He’s wearing some really tight jeans and they’re highly flattering, If that’s death, sign my ass up. Sarah surrenders outside and Eric quickly goes to murder her. Pam’s threat to put a bullet into herself halts Eric’s murderous progress. S...

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles': Nickelodeon's Cast On The Movie, The Show, And The Fans

August 11th, 2014 2:03pm EDT
'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles': Nickelodeon's Cast On The Movie,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles power never dies. As the new film conquers the box office, we bring you our chat with some of the team behind Nickelodeon's animated series - the legendary Rob Paulsen (Donatello, pictured above), Greg Cipes (Michaelangelo) and executive producer Ciro Nieli - to discuss the movie, the show, and the passionate fans that still love these heroes on the half shell.

Did they know that a new TMNT feature film was in the works? "It's been five years [since work began on the series]; they didn't start till a few years later on the movie," Ciro told us. "You just kind o...