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Chris Brown Robbery May Have Been An Inside Job

7/20/2015 10:51pm EDT
Police Suspect Members Of Chris Brown's Entourage Were Involved
Chris Brown was the victim of a robbery at his home last week, and the bad guys even held his aunt hostage while they ransacked the house. But now, according to a new report, law enforcement believes that some members of Brown's own crew may have pulled off the heist.

Sources told TMZ on Monday that several of Brown's closest friends were in on the home invasion. The police believe the four individuals who broke in last Wednesday night targeted the home because they knew it belonged to Brown.

Brown's aunt told police that the robbers said as much when they showed up, claiming they knew Br...

New Jersey Newbie Brynn Stanley Is The Real Deal On Debut Album 'Hell, California'

7/20/2015 11:00am EDT
Brynn Stanley, Hello, California © Madison Records
There’s nothing like fresh blood in the music industry, sigh! New Jersey gives music its next potential star with bubbly pop singer/songwriter Brynn Stanley. The best way to characterize Stanley’s musical persona is a blend of classic and contemporary; a brand of pop incorporating jazz, retro pop, and a dash of blue-eyed soul.

Stanley describes her debut album Hello, California as “Upbeat and fun, with deep personal meaning and music that everyone can relate to.” Relatable being the key word, Hello California encompasses common human experiences such as the dastardly broken heart, makin...

Tyrese Lands His First No. 1 Album

7/20/2015 8:34am EDT
Tyrese Takes 'Black Rose' To The Top Of The Billboard 200
Sigh, yet another musician has seen his dreams realized on the Billboard 200. Although pure sales and lucrative chart longevity have only been kind to some, a number of artists have landed their first number one album this year. Add Tyrese to the list, as Black Rose earns the Billboard 200 crown this week. The 81,000 units isn’t the sexiest total ever, but, for an R&B album, that’s great. Why? – Because R&B has struggled with commercial lucrativeness all year and Black Rose gives the genre its highest impact and first number one album in 2015. Sweetening things more is that most of the...

Wilco's Giving Away 'Star Wars' For Free

7/19/2015 10:35am EDT
Wilco Release Surprise New Album 'Star Wars' As Free Download
Alternative rock band Wilco have surprised their fans by dropping a brand new album -- and they're giving it away for free.

The group's ninth studio album, "Star Wars," was released digitally via the band's website on Thursday (get it here!) and has now been made available to download on, Spotify and Tidal for the next 30 days before the CD and Vinyl versions are released on August 21.

Both versions can be preordered on the band's website and also feature an instant Mp3 download of the album at checkout.

Produced by frontman Jeff Tweedy and Tom Schick, "Star Wars" features 11 ...

Judge Refuses To Lower The Bail For Suge Knight

7/18/2015 9:15am EDT
Suge Knight
A Los Angeles judge has refused to reduce rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight's bail, which is currently set at $10 million.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen made the ruling after watching a new video of the fatal hit-and-run incident that Knight's defense attorneys claim proves Knight was escaping from armed attackers when he ran over and killed a man and injured another on the set of a film in Compton.

Coen said "there's nothing new in the video" and disregarded claims by Knight's attorneys that prosecutors unfairly portrayed the rapper as a gang member. Knight's legal team claim...

Taylor Adds Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart to Her 'Squad'

7/17/2015 11:14pm EDT
taylor swift
Taylor Swift is on top of the music business right now, and it seems like she walks out on stage with a new best friend at almost every one of her shows. Everyone from supermodels like Gigi Hadid to 'Girls' star Lena Dunham has demonstrated their affection for Team Swift recently.

Now, Tay Tay's squad has picked up another couple recruits, but this time, it's a couple of stars you probably wouldn't expect.

Legendary actors Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen recently performed dramatic readings of Swift songs on an NPR show. McKellen recited 'Bad Blood' and Stewart did 'Blank Space' off ...

3 Doors Down Singer Spots Something In The Crowd, So He Stopped The Show

7/17/2015 10:51pm EDT
Brad Arnold
If you're going to a 3 Doors Down concert anytime soon, be sure to remain on your best behavior, or you might get a talking to directly from the band.

One audience member found that out the hard way during the band's July 14 concert in Broomfield, Colorado. The band's lead guitarist Chris Henderson posted a video to YouTube this week showing lead singer Brad Arnold calling out a man in the crowd after he appeared to get rough with a woman.

Arnold was in the middle of a song when he abruptly stopped and started yelling at someone in the audience.

"Hang on, hang on, hang on. Hey, hey homey...

Judge Has No Sympathy For Broke Fiddy

7/17/2015 10:00pm EDT
50 Cent
Curtis Jackson, aka rapper 50 Cent lived up to his name earlier this week when he filed for bankruptcy in Hartford, Connecticut.

It was clear from the time that the story broke that 50 Cent was using the move to protect his assets in the aftermath of losing a lawsuit over a sex tape, and now a federal judge has ruled that Jackson can't use the bankruptcy to skirt any punitive damages that are awarded in the same case.

The drama is the result of a lawsuit brought by Lastonia Leviston, who sued Jackson for posting a sex tape of her on the Internet without her permission.

Leviston was dati...

Has Taylor Swift Finally Found Mr. Right?

7/17/2015 1:32pm EDT
Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift
Calvin Harris opened up about new girlfriend Taylor Swift during a UK radio interview on Friday morning, hinting that things probably couldn't get much better with the high-profile couple's relationship.

"It's going absolutely fantastic," the 31-year-old Scottish DJ told British morning show KISS Breakfast in a phone call promoting latest single "How Deep Is Your Love," which is featured on his forthcoming album.

Harris added that although the rumors about his relationship with Swift, 25, are made up by the media can get annoying, things could still be much worse as far as all the false s...

Does Lil Wayne Have A Price On His Head?

7/16/2015 4:24pm EDT
Rappers Birdman and Young Thug are being investigated over their alleged involvement in a plot to kill fellow rapper Lil Wayne.

The two stars have been indicted in Cobb City, Georgia for possibly conspiring with Jimmy Carlton Winfrey -- Young Thug's tour manager -- who shot at Wayne's tour bus back in April.

According to, Young Thug, real name Jeffrey Lamar Williams, was arrested in Sandy Springs, Georgia on Wednesday in a separate incident for making "terroristic threats" to a security guard, telling the man he would shoot him in the face after he was kicked out of a shopping mal...