18-Year-Old 'MasterChef' Contestant Talks About His Culinary Challenge

June 16th, 2015 12:08pm EDT
Justin Bannister: MasterChef 'Is Always A Roller Coaster Ride'
Justin Bannister saw his time in the MasterChef kitchen come to an end last week, but he certainly left behind a good impression as the youngest contestant of season 6. The 18-year-old from Texas spoke to Starpulse just before his elimination to talk about what it was like for him to rise to the culinary challenge.

"Walking into the MasterChef kitchen is always a roller coaster ride," he explained. "You must always be on edge so that you expect anything the judges throw at you. It is the only way to prepare."

"Cooking in the MasterChef kitchen is a competition like no other," Justin conti...

'Hell's Kitchen' Winner Meghan Gill On Her Big Win

June 15th, 2015 12:08pm EDT
Meghan Gill On Winning 'Hell's Kitchen': 'This Is An Experience'
Last week, Meghan Gill added her name to the list of Hell's Kitchen winners. The 28-year-old executive chef from Virginia survived Gordon Ramsay's culinary boot camp to nab herself a coveted position at Caesars Atlantic City, and sat down with Starpulse afterward to discuss her experience on the way to the top.

This victory was the latest accomplishment in a career she's spent more than a decade devoted to. "I have been engulfed in this business since I was 19 years old. I’m 30 now," she explained. "Within the past ten-plus years, I have gone through many difficult obstacles, personally an...

Film Recommendations For Etheria Film Night

June 12th, 2015 10:20am EDT
Etheria Film Night - 'Final Female Film Recommendations'
Final recommendations- the best for last. We’re kicking off tomorrow’s female fright fest 'Etheria Film Night' (taking place this Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California) with two films guaranteed to put you in a mayhem mood. One that proves you should never trust a mysterious and perfect woman and the other features a little party where payback is the event of the night. Check out…

Director Janet Greek…

And "Spellbinder!"

Director Danielle Harris…

And "Among Friends!"

That’s all she wrote and directed folks! Be sure to head out tom...

How Often Do You Get To See Chris Pratt In High Heels?

June 11th, 2015 4:55pm EDT
Watch Chris Pratt Run In High Heels Like His Costar In 'Jurassic
Jurassic World hits theaters Friday and is getting mostly positive reviews so far. One aspect of the film that is generating a bit of debate, however, are the scenes where actress Bryce Dallas Howard gets chased by dinosaurs while wearing her high heels.

Some corners of the Internet are rolling their eyes at Hollywood once again making an actress do something ridiculous on screen that a man would never get asked to do.

But it looks like maybe someone on the Jurassic World set should have asked Chris Pratt. Turns out, he's game.

Pratt and Howard both appeared on The Late Late Show with ...

One-On-One Chat With 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' Star Roxy Sowlaty

June 11th, 2015 2:12pm EDT
Get To Know #RichKids Of Beverly Hills Star Roxy Sowlaty (Video)
If you follow me on twitter, you know I love me some #RichKids of Beverly Hills! So I was thrilled to sit down for a nice one-on-one chat with cast member Roxy Sowlaty in her beautiful home to get to know her better and hear her thoughts on this season.

As you can tell, this is an exciting and oh so entertaining season so far! Enjoy our video interview as we discuss season 3, her relationships with the other cast members (how much are you loving David Hasselhoff's daughter Taylor-Ann as part of the crew now and how fab does EJ look), her career, what it's like actually being on the show an...

John Oliver's Awesome FIFA TV Spot

June 10th, 2015 7:13pm EDT
Watch John Oliver's Hilarious Paid Takedown Of FIFA On Trinidad
Last Week Tonight's John Oliver has played a crucial role in making the American public aware of soccer governing body FIFA's corrupt practices over the last year. He aired a segment on the organization's shady inner workings long before the American goverment charged numerous FIFA officials with crimes earlier this month.

This past week, Oliver made headlines again when he chugged a Bud Light Lime to celebrate the resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter and lampooned a video made by ex-FIFA official Jack Warner, who seriously cited an article from The Onion as proof that he was innocen...

Etheria Film Night Recommendations

June 10th, 2015 10:15am EDT
Etheria Film Night - 'Female Film Recommendations #2'
We’re continuing the appreciation of the lovingly lurid looking 'Etheria Film Night' (taking place this Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California) featuring all female helmed horror work by recommending yet another round of old and new horror classics - of course directed by women! (These gals know how to scare the crap out of you!) Today’s selections have a little ruckus vampire style mixed with a troubling tale of marriage gone alien abducted wrong. So in tribute to the upcoming night check out…

Director Kathryn Bigelow…

And "Near Dark!"


'Orange Is The New Black' Star Michael Harney

June 9th, 2015 12:05pm EDT
Get To Know 'Orange Is The New Black' Star Michael Harney
As you prepare for this Friday's premiere of Orange is the New Black, we took a look inside the show, to find out what the phenomenon is like to be a part of. Michael Harney is back for his third season as prison guard Sam Healy, and spoke about his Orange experience with us last week.

"I don't pay attention that much to the buzz," he explained. "I really focus on the art of it. I'm really happy with our group and the writing. I've been with [Orange creator] Jenji Kohan since Weeds, so that's a real solid relationship. But it's based in art for me."

"I have a real pride in that the show h...

A Special 'Murder In The First' Preview

June 8th, 2015 12:27pm EDT
Raphael Sbarge Previews Second Season Of 'Murder In The First'
Last season, TNT and Steven Bochco had us wrapped up in one season-long mystery with the debut of Murder in the First. And amongst a solid cast led by Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson, a true pleasure was getting to enjoy Raphael Sbarge as veteran San Francisco detective David Molk.

Molk is back for tonight's second season, along with the rest of his SFPD colleagues, so we sat down with Raphael last week to talk about what it's been like to tackle a brand new investigation that audiences can watch unfold this summer.

While the first season dealt with death in the world of privilege and b...

'Lost In Transmission': A 1981 AMC Eagle Station Wagon Hot Rod?

June 5th, 2015 9:06am EDT
'Lost In Transmission' Recap: 'Fly Like An Eagle' - From Wagon T
In the penultimate episode of Lost in Transmission, Rutledge Wood and George Flanigen are working with a 1981 AMC Eagle station wagon. They think they're going to turn it into a hot rod. We think they're crazy, but then again, that only adds to their charm.

The Eagle belongs to a guy named Rick, who lives in Tennessee and has been an AMC fan since the 1970's. He's got the car under a tarp in the back of his house, which George correctly deduces is not a good sign. The Eagle isn't the worst car they've been dealt this season, but it needs some cleaning up, at least one air freshener, and an...