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Check Out Our Thoughts On Future’s New Album ‘DS2’?

7/22/2015 1:47pm EDT
Review: Future Steps Up His Game On ‘DS2’
Hmm, what’s the best way to describe Atlanta rapper Future? Besides his love of autotune, what comes to mind is polarizing. Some love him while others are more skeptical. Regardless, Future has been everywhere in 2015, so naturally, a new album is a no-brainer. Does the MC “step up his game” on DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2)? Yep, like totally!

DS2 commences in druggy fashion with the irresponsibly terrific “I Thought It Was A Drought.” It’s low key, but good for a bagful of killer one-liners, such as the ridiculous “I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out / We got purple Activis, I tho...

New Jersey Newbie Brynn Stanley Is The Real Deal On Debut Album 'Hell, California'

7/20/2015 11:00am EDT
Brynn Stanley, Hello, California © Madison Records
There’s nothing like fresh blood in the music industry, sigh! New Jersey gives music its next potential star with bubbly pop singer/songwriter Brynn Stanley. The best way to characterize Stanley’s musical persona is a blend of classic and contemporary; a brand of pop incorporating jazz, retro pop, and a dash of blue-eyed soul.

Stanley describes her debut album Hello, California as “Upbeat and fun, with deep personal meaning and music that everyone can relate to.” Relatable being the key word, Hello California encompasses common human experiences such as the dastardly broken heart, makin...

Tyrese Delivers His Best Work In Years

7/15/2015 11:39am EDT
Review: Tyrese Delivers Best His Album In Years On ‘Black Rose’
Ladies and gentlemen, the real Tyrese is back – He has “stood up” (catch the Eminem reference, anybody?)! No, Tyrese Gibson the person really didn’t go anywhere, but his last few albums were so-so at best. Sure double album Alter Ego yielded “One” and introduced the world to Black Ty, while Open Invitation had winners in “Stay” and “Too Easy,” but overall, both albums were underwhelming. Tyrese has always possessed remarkable potential where his voice is concerned, yet when the material doesn’t match, it takes away from his artistry. Thankfully on Black Rose Tyrese came to play, easily de...

Anderson East Delivers An Impressive Debut Album

7/13/2015 1:25pm EDT
Review: Anderson East Delivers A Memorable, Soulful Debut With '
Ah, the sweetness of fresh blood…in the context of a new artist that is! Alabaman singer/songwriter Anderson East seeks to be the next big thing on his debut album Delilah, a mix between blue-eyed soul, country, and southern rock among other stylistic influences. Despite the brevity of Delilah, East proves that his ceilings are quite high – the man knows how to deliver a song, period. Delilah = throwback soul and rock at its best.

“Only You” commences Delilah with a soulful bang – perhaps that’s an understatement. Who in the world has doo-wop backing vocals these days? Anderson Eas...

Miranda Lambert Cancels Concert Over A Sore Throat

7/8/2015 9:29pm EDT
Miranda Lambert Cancels Concert Appearance, Citing A 'Serious In
MIranda Lambert's suffering from "serious inflammation of her vocal chords"- unfortunately, that means she'll have to cancel a huge show at the Calgary Stampede. According to ET, Calgary Stampede posted the news on Facebook on Tuesday, explaining her unfortunate medical condition and plans to make up the cancelled show, which was set for Thursday, July 9.

"Regretfully, Miranda Lambert will not be able to perform her Scotiabank Saddledome concert scheduled for Thursday July 9, 2015 and will be rescheduling to return at a later date yet to be determined," the Facebook statement read.

The po...

Does Meek Mill Step His Game Up On 'Dreams Worth More Than Money'?

7/6/2015 11:40am EDT
Review: Meek Mill Brings The Heat On 'Dreams Worth More Than Mon
“It’s hot outside, it’s Meek Milly season!” Swizz Beatz’s proclamation would be a correct one, as Philly rapper Meek Mill came to play on his delayed sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. Sometimes a delay ends up being the undoing of an album (looking at you Mariah Carey), but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all for Meek Mill. Dreams Worth More Than Money does not disappoint; it’s a darker and edgier effort than his 2012 debut.

Like his debut, Meek Mill knows how to kick off the album. “Lord Knows” does so with great ferocity. Meek Mill is on autopilot, slaughtering ...

Does Kacey Musgraves Have Another Grammy Winning Album On Her Hands?

7/1/2015 2:08pm EDT
Review: Kacey Musgraves Nails It On Sophomore Album 'Pageant Bea
Today’s country music is not your father or mother’s country music – that’s an understatement. That said, that’s pretty much across the board of all music, where the changes have been drastic, yet are ultimately are part of a continuous circle that’s generational. That said Grammy-winning country singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves is a traditionalist in a time where being a traditionalist should totally be uncool – have you heard the phrase “Bro country” thrown around? While she should be totally lame, on her sophomore album Pageant Beauty, Musgraves nails it as her throwback sensibility i...

How Good Is Miguel's 'Wildheart'?

6/29/2015 9:59am EDT
Review: Miguel Delivers A Homerun On 'Wildheart'
In recent times, it seems that R&B needs an IV – intravenous fluids. 2015 hasn’t been very respectable from a commercial standpoint and in some regards critically for a once fiery genre. Miguel seeks to change the perceptions of R&B on his highly anticipated third album Wildheart, which follows his Grammy-winning sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream (Best R&B song for “Adorn”). Miguel’s eclectic brand of R&B – contemporary, alternative, dashes of rock and pop – makes Wildheart and album no one should sleep on.

Wildheart commences with “A Beautiful Exit,” a sound record showcasing pop sensi...

Adam Lambert Proves He Is An Extremely Gifted Artist On Latest Album

6/22/2015 10:47am EDT
Review: Adam Lambert Delivers The Goods On 'The Original High'
Adam Lambert DIDN’T win American Idol season eight. WHAT! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? What’s wrong with this picture? A lot was wrong with it, but despite the loss, Adam has scored a gold album, and a historical number one album among other accolades. The Original High is the prodigious pop musician’s third proper album, and there’s plenty to sink one’s teeth into – some dance, some balladry, a killer duet, and more!

“Ghost Town” commences The Original High in danceable fashion, giving Lambert a catchy, modern sounding record. Compared to previous album openers, “Ghost Town” is a bit of a ‘...

Muse Continues To Show Why They Are A Great Musical Act

6/15/2015 2:50pm EDT
Review: Muse Rocks Hard On The Conceptual 'Drones'
Those who thought that prog-rock was a thing of the past must be unfamiliar with British alt-rock band Muse. Muse have been around for years, but really began gaining in their popularity in the late 00s. With a penchant for drama, conceptual themes, and a dash of classical musical, Muse are refreshers in a sometimes stagnant industry. Seventh studio album Drones continues to show why Muse are among the best musical acts today.

Opener “Dead Inside” can be characterized as possessing morbidity (being “dead inside”) and jubilance (its overall excitability and energy in approach). Frontm...