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‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Sinking Her Teeth Into ‘The Originals’ As [SPOILER]

September 26th, 2014 1:50pm EDT
‘Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Sinking Her Teeth Into ‘The Origin
And you thought we’d never hear the word doppelgänger ever again.

Who will be the first character from this season of “The Vampire Diaries” to head on over to “The Originals”? It is none other than Nina Dobrev, but she won’t be showing up as Elena Gilbert.

Exclusively reported by E! News, Dobrev is visiting New Orleans as, wait for it, Tatia. You’re probably asking yourself, “Who?” For those who don’t recall, Tatia was introduced three seasons ago in relation to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies). As the original doppelgänger, Tatia had a complicated relationship with the M...

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Premiere Recap: Lost And Found

September 26th, 2014 1:07pm EDT
Grey’s Anatomy
Meredith finds her new person; Derek takes a stand on his future and Amelia overhears a major secret get spilled by Richard.

Buried Away

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” first flashback of the season is of a five-year-old Meredith—through voiceover—getting lost for the first time. On a whizzing carousel she became separated from her mom. When she found her again, it was mama grey that now looked confused and lost; as she would be, considering she was carrying Richard’s baby at this time.

Rejection of both daughters is how Ellis coped and Mer’s case she clung to her favorite doll, anatomy Jane, until s...

John Barrowman Dishes On 'Arrow' Season 3, New Album, And Concert Tour

September 26th, 2014 12:10pm EDT
John Barrowman Dishes On 'Arrow' Season 3, New Album, And Concer
There's nobody busier than John Barrowman. The multi-talented star recently hosted ABC's summer series Sing Your Face Off, then released his first independent album You Raise Me Up, and starting October 8 we'll be able to enjoy him as a regular on The CW's hit Arrow. If you're keeping score, that means he can wow studio audiences, cover a Demi Lovato song, menace Starling City, make time for his legion of fans, and look fantastic doing all of it.

We caught up with John earlier this week to discuss the reception to his album, his plans for a corresponding concert tour, and what fans can loo...

'How To Get Away With Murder' Pilot Recap: Who Do The Kids Kill?

September 26th, 2014 11:13am EDT
'How To Get Away With Murder' Pilot Recap: Who Do The Kids Kill?
Our story plays with time quite a bit, shifting back and forth between the night of covering up the murder of an unknown person and the first days of law school with Annalise Keating. Oh Annalise Keating, you scary bitch. Perfectly played with such authority by the phenomenal Viola Davis, we know this is going to be a special show even right before the credits.

See, four of Annalise Keating’s prized students have murdered someone and they have to decide what to do with the body. With two against two, they flip a coin to decide whether or not they go to jail tonight and–shocker–they move th...

'Jokers Wild' Sketchbook: 'A Lifetime Of Secrets'

September 26th, 2014 9:06am EDT
'Jokers Wild' Sketchbook: 'A Lifetime Of Secrets'
What the heck is Jokers Wild? You've probably asked yourself that question this week. The answer is, a new sketch-comedy series from the genius minds behind Impractical Jokers, who were actually sketch comedians to begin with. It's more out there and inappropriate than Jokers, with all the same banter and gamesmanship that you know and love.

Sal, Joe, Q and Murr open the show discussing their long-running friendship and the theme of secrets. This leads into a bit where they're guests on a daytime talk show with classic chat show hostess Sally Jessy Raphael (and yes, that's really her). Sa...

'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'In Poor Taste Buds' - Murr Goes Numb

September 26th, 2014 8:56am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'In Poor Taste Buds' - Murr Goes
It's time for more unnecessary embarrassment with the return of Impractical Jokers. In this week's episode, Sal, Joe, Q and Murr once again prove that they are not athletes in any way, shape or form, and then break out an old challenge that last left Sal squirting a stranger with a water gun and Q slapping himself - literally. How are they going to fare this time? Not much better.

Challenge #1: Tennis Chumps
It's "do and say what you're told" time, this time while posing as tennis coaches in outfits that do not flatter any of the four Jokers whatsoever. Sal has a very high-pitched grunt, a...

'Scandal' Season 4 Premiere Recap: The Best And Worst Moments Of 'Randy, Red, Superfreak, And Julia'

September 26th, 2014 8:35am EDT
'Scandal' Season 4 Premiere Recap: The Best And Worst Moments Of
There’s no doubt that Scandal is one of the most talked about shows on TV. It’s known for having more “shocker” moments per season than most shows have during their entire run. Part of the show’s appeal was also part of its downfall. The shortened season 3 had a significant drop in quality with its wishy washy characterization of the once rock solid Olivia Pope, misunderstanding of the audiences interest in the Quinn/Huck pairing, and the increasing heinousness of Grant. It seemed for a while that the show cared more about shocker moments than character development.

The season 4 premiere “...

'The Big Bang Theory' Is Back - Season 8 Episode 1&2 Recap

September 26th, 2014 12:37am EDT
'The Big Bang Theory' Is Back - Season 8 Episode 1&2 Recap
Well, The Big Bang Theory is back and has successfully slipped back into the routine of what have all come to expect from the show. Sheldon is now back in the mix after a crazy adventure with lots of trains, and Penny has been given an exciting new start as a PharmaGirl.

What we have seen so far:

Amy and Sheldon seem to be back on the same track despite Sheldon's 45 day absence to look at nothing but the insides of trains and train stations across the United States.

Stuart and Howard's Mom "DebDeb" are getting awfully close and it's hilarious to see how much it freaks Howard out tha...

'Survivor' 2014: San Juan del Sur- Blood Vs Water – And So It Begins

September 25th, 2014 7:44pm EDT
Survivor 2014
Jeff Probst and crew return to the concept of last year’s successful ‘Blood vs Water” season, with only a few ‘known’ faces, and no returning players.

Jeff made his Nicaraguan introduction via helicopter, as the nine pairs of loved ones, dropped randomly on the island on Day 0, found flint and learned how to make shelter and fire together, before following a map to the gathering place for Day 1.

We briefly met the contestants; John and Jaclyn are college sweethearts. He played football at Michigan State; she was Miss Michigan in 2013. They worry that people will hate them for being the “...

Christopher Walken Unrecognizable As 'Captain Hook' In 'Peter Pan Live!'

September 25th, 2014 7:41pm EDT
Christopher Walken Unrecognizable As 'Captain Hook' In 'Peter Pa
Christopher Walken is almost unrecognizable in the first photo of him as Captain Hook from this holiday season's "Peter Pan Live!" which airs live December 2 on NBC.

The actor stars with Allison Williams, who plays the title role of the boy who refused to grow up, the latest in a long line of women who have played the character on stage.

The 71-year-old star takes on the classic look of the villain as he stands, sword raised, next to his nemesis.

Earlier this month, Williams shared the first promo image from the production, and Entertainment Weekly debuted the image of Pan and Hook on Th...