Jake Short Looks Back On Season One Of 'Mighty Med'

March 23rd, 2014 12:02pm EDT
Jake Short Looks Back On Season One Of 'Mighty Med'
After winning America's hearts - and a Kids' Choice Award - as Fletcher Quimby on Disney Channel's sitcom A.N.T. Farm, Jake Short is now headlining Disney XD's Mighty Med. He plays Oliver, one of two kids who discover a superhero hospital and naturally, stick around to see what happens. As the series prepares for its first-season finale, we checked in with Jake to ask him about the Mighty Med experience.

"How can anyone not be a fan of superheroes?" Jake said when we connected with him last week. Teasing what's still to come, he told us, "We have a lot of surprises in store, and we love th...

Olivia Holt Talks Starring In Disney Channel's 'I Didn't Do It'

February 16th, 2014 12:10pm EST
Olivia Holt Talks Starring In Disney Channel's 'I Didn't Do It'
When last we spoke to Olivia Holt, she was headlining the Disney Channel original movie Girl vs. Monster. Now the young actress is starring in a brand new TV series for the network, I Didn't Do It. BFTV recently spoke with Olivia about getting her own show, her departure from Kickin' It, and more.

On I Didn't Do It, Olivia plays the role of high school freshman Lindy Watson, who - along with her twin brother Logan and her best friends - gets into a new predicament every episode and has to explain her way out of it. It's a high-energy series and one that she told us is just as fun for her t...

A Conversation With 'I Didn't Do It' Star Austin North

January 26th, 2014 12:40pm EST
A Conversation With 'I Didn't Do It' Star Austin North
Disney Channel is keeping the laughs going on Sundays with their new original series, I Didn't Do It. Olivia Holt and Austin North star as siblings Lindy and Logan, who constantly have to explain their way out of strange situations. BFTV spoke with Austin on Friday about the series and his emerging career with Disney.

"A lot of crazy disasters are happening," Austin laughed, teasing the first season of I Didn't Do It, which just started airing last week. "This next episode, coming up on Sunday, there's spaghetti sauce that gets thrown on just about everybody in the cast. The next episode a...

'Veep' Star Reid Scott Goes Turbo In Netflix's 'Turbo FAST'

December 23rd, 2013 2:30pm EST
Reid Scott
Reid Scott charmed us as Brendan Dorff on TBS's quirky comedy My Boys. Now he's lending his voice to a super-quick snail as the title character in Netflix's first kid-oriented original series, Turbo FAST, a spinoff from the popular Dreamworks film. BFTV had the chance to chat with Reid recently about getting animated, and also snagged an update on his current TV gig, HBO's political laugher Veep.

"It’s always been my dream to be a cartoon, so when producer Chris Prynoski came to me to play the part – we worked together previously – I jumped at it," he told us. "Nothing is better than showi...

Tom Kenny Talks Returning To Acting In 'The Haunting Hour'

December 21st, 2013 4:09pm EST
The Haunting Hour
Sometimes we feel like Tom Kenny voices every animated TV character in existence. Possibly with some help from Billy West and Maurice LaMarche. But he's taking a rare step out from behind the microphone with today's episode of The Haunting Hour. BFTV talked with Tom on Friday about playing creepy kids' show host Uncle Howee, and we'll say this: you probably won't look at Spongebob Squarepants quite the same way again.

"It's fun," he said of returning to acting, which was a part of his early career, before we knew him as Spongebob, Heffer Wolfe, or Ice King. "It's the same in the sense that...

Christian Jacobs Dishes On An 'Aquabats' Christmas

December 21st, 2013 12:22pm EST
The Aquabats
The Aquabats are ringing in the holidays with a special Christmas installment of The Aquabats! Super Show, and recently BFTV exchanged a few words with MC Bat Commander himself, Christian Jacobs, to find out what exactly an Aquabats Christmas is like.

What do we need to know about "Christmas With The Aquabats"? "It's important to know that Christmas is a forbidden word in some villages, cities, planets and countries. We're all fighting for the freedom of Christmas across the Universe!" Christian told us. "It's also important to understand why Christmas is so special to our little Ricky Fit...

A Conversation With 'Lab Rats' Star Spencer Boldman

December 6th, 2013 2:08pm EST
Spencer Boldman
Spencer Boldman doesn't have superpowers, but he's still pretty super. One of the stars of Disney XD's hit series Lab Rats, Spencer joined BFTV recently to discuss the show - which is in the middle of its second season and already renewed for a third - and its impact on his life and career.

"This second season, there's a lot of drama that happens toward the end of it, that's going to leave a lot of the fans really shocked," teased the actor, who plays bionic teen Adam Davenport. "There's still a ton of funny stuff, superpowers and that kind of thing, but the stakes are raised, definitely."...

Hal Sparks Judges The Hub's First Annual 'Halloween Bash'

October 26th, 2013 12:45pm EDT
Hal Sparks
Who wouldn't want Hal Sparks to help them ring in Halloween? The multi-talented actor, comedian and musician is one of the judges for The Hub's Halloween Bash costume contest, and he recently told BFTV what he enjoyed about the experience, as well as his own personal Halloween favorites.

"I've always been amazingly judgmental. Especially around the holidays and even more so when candy is involved," Hal quipped. "All kidding aside, I was glad to do it. I love Halloween - and not just because they named it after me."

The Lab Rats star joined home guru Martha Stewart and actress Coco Jones o...

New York Comic Con 'Voltron' Panel brings Nostalgia

October 17th, 2013 2:22pm EDT
Voltron James Corray
I have a love/hate relationship with the 1980s ‘Voltron’/’Robotech’ series. While I love the creative teams and support both the originary and continuing projects, I’m hesitant regarding how they started. At this year's New York Comic Con, World Events Production held two different panels on Friday and Sunday celebrating ‘Robotech’ and ‘Voltron’'s upcoming cross-over/monumental anniversaries with 'Voltron' creative director Jeremy Corray; Tommy Yune, Robotech Creative Director; Bob Koplar, WEP VP; Kevin McKeever, Robotech Marketing VP; and Joseph Rybandt, Dynamite Comics' Senior Editor, as ...

Todd Newton Returns For More 'Family Game Night'

August 18th, 2013 12:12pm EDT
Family Game Night
Family-friendly game shows are alive and well on The Hub, which kicks off a new season of Family Game Night tonight. FGN turns beloved Hasbro board games into family competitions, with everything overseen by charismatic hosting veteran Todd Newton. Todd phoned into BFTV on Wednesday to chat with us about the new games joining the FGN roster this season, and which one you should never, ever play with him.

"I think you constantly have to evolve. The audience grows, the audience is exposed to new games throughout the year," he said of bringing fresh titles onto the show for this season, quipp...