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LA Film Fest 2014 - 'More Film Reviews'

June 18th, 2014 1:30pm EDT
LA Film Fest 2014
We’re back film fans with more encapsulated reviews of flicks featured in the year’s LA Film Fest and there’s some real winners and losers for sure. (And yes, we’re always rooting for the flicks to be great naysayers!) From docs with heart to dramas that are dark, we’re looking at five more flicks from the 2014 crop – check them out below!

“I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story” – Frankly this doc was not even on my radar of flicks to see, but I’m so thrilled it was passed on to me as it turned out to be my favorite film of the fest thus far. (And it’s in serious contention for my...

LA Film Fest 2014: Actress Lara Vosburgh On Fighting Drugs And Demons For 'Inner Demons'

June 18th, 2014 9:42am EDT
LA Film Fest 2014: Actress Lara Vosburgh On Fighting Drugs And D
We’re continuing our LA Film Fest 2014 coverage here at with our ongoing look at standout performances that linger and this next gal delivers handsomely. In her new film "Inner Demons" actress Lara Vosburgh plays a young girl named Carson, a troubled teen who has three very different sides. She’s a typical high school kid trying to fit, who also happens to be a heroin addict, who also may be possessed by a demon. It’s quite a handful for an actress so young, but the talented Vosburgh is more then up to the challenge. In fact her role even got the attention of iconic posses...

LA Film Fest 2014: Actress-To-Watch Haley Lu Richardson Talks Being Diverse In Two Fest Films

June 16th, 2014 11:10am EDT
LA Film Fest 2014
Nothing makes a movie more memorable than an actor or actress with diversity, so anyone seeing films at the LA Film Fest 2014 should remember the name Haley Lu Richardson. As a legitimate powerhouse acting double threat, Richardson has not one but two amazing and totally different performances in two separate films in the fest and they’re both equally captivating to watch. In the touching film "The Young Kieslowski," Richardson plays a sweet and charming college student who finds herself in love, pregnant and wanting to keep the baby despite heavy-duty obstacles. By contrast in the dark ...

LA Film Fest 2014 - 'Happy Hour With Renwood Winery'

June 16th, 2014 5:00am EDT
LA Film Fest 2014 - 'Happy Hour With Renwood Winery'
Events do indeed flow like wine at the LA Film Fest 2104 and we have the pics to prove it! We’re putting the film viewing on pause as we got an invite to head over to the lush Festival Lounge for happy hour with Film Festival Sponsor Renwood Wines to drink their signature Old Vine Zinfandel with the Winemaker himself Joe Shebl for the ultimate schmooze and booze fest. We took some pics pre-party (you’re not getting into this one when it’s if full drink swing without a pass folks!) to give you just a sip (yes, wine slang!) of what went down. Cleanse the palate and breath in the oak flavor...

LA Film Fest 2014 - 'Day One Reviews'

June 13th, 2014 12:20pm EDT
LA Film Fest 2014 - 'Day One Reviews'
The great Los Angeles Film Festival 2014 (held in Downtown Los Angeles at LA Live June 11-19) is underway and we’re hitting the flicks and events hard and fast for the fans. But up first in our comprehensive coverage of the 20th Anniversary of the fest is some encapsulated reviews to keep everyone up to date – Day One style! Check ‘em out below!

“The Well” – With one of the co-writers Jacob Forman being the genius behind the script for "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" it’s of little surprise that "The Well" sports a lushly layered and ass kicking female lead character. What is unexpec...

LA Film Fest 2014 Review - Visually Stunning 'Snowpiercer' Lacks Acting Authenticity

June 12th, 2014 10:15am EDT
LA Film Fest 2014 Review - Visually Stunning 'Snowpiercer' Lacks
Defying genre boundaries and playing successfully with tone has become a staple of filmmaker Bong Joon-ho. In the film "Memories of Murder" the auteur took on the traditional detective mystery, went after the monster movie with "The Host" and explored paternal responsibility with "Mother." So it’s only fitting that his latest flick "Snowpiercer" also skillfully examines separate important issues like class system and the effect of a post-apocalyptic world and turns them on their ear. But unlike the previous films from the famed Southern Korean director this one sports a mostly English la...

Los Angeles Film Festival 2014 - 'What To See'

June 11th, 2014 11:22am EDT
Los Angeles Film Festival 2014 - 'What To See'
Hey LA film freaks – it’s that time of year again! Yup, our favorite Los Angeles Film Festival held in Downtown Los Angeles at LA Live is upon us again taking place June 11-19 (head over to for more details!) and it’s going to be a real special year. Not only are there some amazing original films and cool events planned, but this is the official 20th Anniversary of the fest that has long prided itself on bringing movie geeks everywhere the best of cinema both big and small. So in celebration of their long standing achievements, is kicking off our comprehe...

Sharon Go Braless: Sharon Stone Leaves Little To The Imagination In Cannes

May 26th, 2014 4:02pm EDT
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone left little to the imagination this week at the annual amfAR gala in the south of France.

The sexy 56-year-old went backless in a red Cavalli dress with circle cutouts around her waist (actually around below her waist).

The gala, which is held annually in Cap d'Antibes, France, which is a quick 20-minute drive down the Riviera from Cannes.

Each year the event is attended by the biggest names in showbiz and modeling, and this year was no exception.

Supermodels Heidi Klum, Irina Shayk and Alessandra Ambrosio were all on hand for the event, along with Nicole Scherzinger, Jessi...

Cara Delevingne, Alessandra Ambrosio, More Models Flock To Cannes - See The Photos!

May 22nd, 2014 10:00am EDT
Cara Delevingne, Alessandra Ambrosio, More Models Flock To Canne
The Cannes Film Festival is a magnet for beautiful people, including the world's sexiest models.

British model Cara Delevingne has been a staple at this year's event. The 21-year-old star attended "The Search" premiere on Wednesday wearing a metallic, sequined mini dress that showed off her tiny figure.

She has been surrounded by some of her industry's top stars, including Brazillian beauty Alessandra Ambrosio and model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Check out photos from Cannes...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at "The Search" premiere.

Alessandra Ambrosio at the "Two Days...

Critics Skewer Ryan Reynolds' 'The Captive' At Cannes Film Festival

May 20th, 2014 2:00pm EDT
Critics Skewer Ryan Reynolds' 'The Captive' At Cannes Film Festi
Ryan Reynolds' new film "The Captive" was panned by critics at the Cannes International Film Festival over the weekend.

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Atom Egoyan co-wrote and directed the psychological thriller, which centers on a distraught father who searches desperately for his daughter eight years after she is kidnapped.

The audience booed when the film was screened in competition on Friday.

Variety writer Justin Chang labeled it a "ludicrous abduction thriller that finds a once-great filmmaker slipping into previously unentered realms of self-parody."

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian cal...