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Best Of The LA Film Fest 2015

6/19/2015 11:00am EDT
LA Film Fest 2015 – Best of Fest 'Wrap Up'
It’s over! That’s right, the 'LA Film Fest 2015' is officially done and frankly we’re damn tired! With a whopping eight articles that included a fest first look, party coverage, twenty-three film reviews and two featured interviews with people of note we’re very proud of all our hard work and ready to rest. So we’re celebrating in fashion with a final look at what we thought was the best of fest this year. The crème de la crème, the top dogs, the ones that make it all worthwhile – front and center. Proudly, here is our own… Best of Fest ‘Wrap Up’


One Last Batch Of Film Reviews: LA Film Fest 2015

6/18/2015 11:15am EDT
LA Film Fest 2015 - 'Final Film Reviews'
With one more day in the illustrious 'Los Angeles Film Festival 2015' (held June 10-18 at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles – go to for more details!) we’re getting down to the cinematic nitty gritty! So in our final review article we’re checking out that last few flicks we could squeeze into our very busy schedule – a total of five more featured reviews! From a girl being harassed via a tech stalker to single dads fighting to regain the joy of life, here are our ‘Final Film Reviews’! (Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final article featuring our award winne...

More Reviews: LA Film Fest 2015

6/17/2015 11:10am EDT
LA Film Fest 2015 - 'More Film Reviews'
Well, it looks like this year’s 'Los Angeles Film Fest' (June 10-18 at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles – go to for more details!) is turning out to be one great movie going event. We’ve got a few duds, but also some very entertaining middle of the road films, plus two five-star flicks to boot! We’re certainly not stopping now, keeping the review row boat moving with even more encapsulated opinions below – a total of three feature films and a gaggle of shorts as well. The high, the low and the ‘avoid like the plague’ fare all get their day below!


"The Es...

LA Film Fest 2015: Five-Star Review Of 'What Lola Wants' - Plus Director Q&A!

6/16/2015 11:10am EDT
LA Film Fest 2015
What is the best thing to find in a film festival? Undiscovered five-star films of course! And during the still ongoing 'Los Angeles Film Fest 2015' (being held June 10-18 at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles – go to for more details!) we here at Starpulse have come across one such a remarkable hidden gem. Bursting onto the scene with hot allure, bad intentions and one mean mama, the new film "What Lola Wants" (which previously had its fest premiere and will screen again Wednesday, June 17at 3:05pm!) breaks the cool movie barrier by being one stunning piece of work. So ...

LA Film Fest 2015 Exclusive - 'Shut In' Star Beth Riesgraf On Playing A Lethal Lady

6/15/2015 12:15pm EDT
LA Film Fest 2015
For those with TV savvy, you no doubt recognize the name and face of actress Beth Riesgraf. Showing up on everything from "Leverage" to "Caper" (and my favorite a small role as the gal Jason Lee faked his own death to get away from on "My Name Is Earl!"), Riesgraf has carved out quite a name for herself on the small screen. So it’s no surprise that her newest leading big screen turn in the new film called "Shut In" (which recently premiered at 'LA Film Fest 2015' and will be playing one more time on June 17th at 6pm!) is yet another home run for the talented actress. In the film Riesgraf...

LA Film Fest: Cinematic Insight On Some Films

6/15/2015 10:18am EDT
LA Film Fest 2015 - 'Feature Film Reviews'
We’re already way deep into this year’s 'Los Angeles Film Festival 2015' (being held June 10-18 at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles – go to for more details!) and we’ve got only one review up so far – time to get to work. We saw a slew of flicks over the weekend and we’re now ready to provide a little cinematic insight. There are whopping eight films in five categories covered in encapsulated reviews below – and that’s just for openers! From creepy ladies who never leave the house to guys who regrettably sleep with their buddy’s girl, we’re checking out the best and wor...

Forgotten Friday Flick - Thriller-Horror 'American Mary'

6/12/2015 12:15pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'American Mary'
I'm dedicating this week's column to the female fright fest that is the Etheria Film Night - welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today's selection is a rehash of a review I did for Screamfest, but it felt particularly poignant in light of this weeks women in horror theme. Surgical scalpels at the ready for..."American Mary!"

Mary Mason is a hard working med student with equal parts potential and accruing debt. In order to facilitate her aspirations, she tries for a job at a local strip club, but fortunately fate steps in. Faced with a man up who has been brutally hurt, the connect...

Los Angeles Film Fest Opening Night Festivities

6/12/2015 11:20am EDT
Los Angeles Film Fest 2015 - 'Opening Night After Party'
We're keeping our coverage of the ongoing 'Los Angeles Film Festival 2015' (Being held June 10-18 at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles – go to for more details!) up to date by taking fans on a pic sneak peek at a cool catered event - it's the 'Opening Night After Party!'

This must be the place!

The bar is open!

Chili station!

Pasta station!

Taco/Burrito station!

Did the bar just get bigger?!

Coffee, tea and...desert? (Was on the way!)

Fest sponsor Jaeger-LeCoultre. (aka really expensive watches here!)

The DJ keeps the party going!


Film Recommendations For Etheria Film Night

6/12/2015 10:20am EDT
Etheria Film Night - 'Final Female Film Recommendations'
Final recommendations- the best for last. We’re kicking off tomorrow’s female fright fest 'Etheria Film Night' (taking place this Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California) with two films guaranteed to put you in a mayhem mood. One that proves you should never trust a mysterious and perfect woman and the other features a little party where payback is the event of the night. Check out…

Director Janet Greek…

And "Spellbinder!"

Director Danielle Harris…

And "Among Friends!"

That’s all she wrote and directed folks! Be sure to head out tom...

Review - Lily Tomlin's 'Grandma' - LA Film Fest

6/11/2015 12:15pm EDT
LA Film Fest 2015 Review - Lily Tomlin's 'Grandma' Is Good But N
Movies are a complicated thing. The mixing of so many different cinematic elements can make or break a movie with just a single wrong stroke. As a film, "Grandma" has a lot going for it including a top-notch cast and some seriously affecting story turns, but there’s just something not quite fully realized about it. Meaning for all its dramatic and comedic aspirations the film itself is good – it’s just not great.

Complex and sullen lesbian Elle Reid is an old lady with a big chip on her shoulder. It’s caused her heartache, especially with a current relationship, which she has abruptl...