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Review: 'S#x Acts'

12/12/2013 10:04am EST
S#x Acts film poster
S#x Acts  is the debut film by Israeli director Jonathan Gurfinkel.  The disturbingly, provocative film is about a gullible teenage girl who experiments with her sexuality in stages exploring her boundaries.  

Gili (Sivan Levy) switches schools and it becomes quite obvious why.  At the new school, she is on a mission to reform her reputation by hooking up with the most popular boys who coincidentally are wealthy.  There are gold diggers then there are social status diggers.  Her theme song should be Lady Gaga’s song “Do what you want”. She allows herself to be pimped out by the seemingly c...

An Interview With Tribeca's 'Zero Charisma's' Directors

10/11/2013 7:10am EDT
Zero Charisma
Tribeca’s Zero Charisma opens Friday, October 11, 2013 in select theaters and is available on VOD, iTunes, and other on demand platforms. The cast stars: Sam Eidson, Garrett Graham, Brock England, Anne Gee Byrd, Cyndi Williams. The film is directed by the brilliant duo of Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews (He also is the screenwriter ) who both shared with us what Zero Charisma is about.

What inspired Zero Charisma?

Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews:  We've always loved films with unorthodox (and perhaps unlikable) main characters, particularly ones who are obsessive and domineering, bu...

Review: Jennifer Hudson Shines in 'Winnie Mandela'

9/29/2013 3:30pm EDT
Jennifer Hudson
After a spectacular portrayal of Effie White in Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson stole our hearts as Carrie Bradshaw's assistant in Sex and the City: The Movie and showed her skills in The Secret Life of Bees. Hudson returns to the big screen with a strong, powerful performance as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in Winnie Mandela.

The film, directed by Darrell Roodt, rushes Winnie's transition as a young child growing up in a tribal village to an adult skipping town for better opportunities in Johannesburg, South Africa. Upon her arrival in the metropolis, the studious adult shows she's unique when s...

'Sparrows Dance' A Review

9/3/2013 8:29pm EDT
Sparrows Dance poster
Sparrows Dance, a Tribeca film is written and directed by Noah Buschel.  Simply made but profoundly touching, capturing vulnerability unlike anything I’ve seen in film.  It stars Marin Ireland, who was nominated for the 2009 Tony Award for Best Performance for a Featured Actress in a play for Reasons to Be Pretty, and Paul Sparks who is a series regular on HBO’s hit, Boardwalk Empire.

This film is about a former actress who is stricken with stage fright which cripples her to the point of isolation.  She lives alone in New York City.  No cat, no dog, no fish...alone.  She also has no name. ...

'Springsteen & I' Review: A Must See For Boss Fans

7/22/2013 11:10am EDT
Springsteen & I
I know specifically the moment when I became a Bruce Springsteen fan for life.

It wasn’t after I (illegally) downloaded so many of his live albums off of Napster when I was a college sophomore—don’t worry music industry, I’ve long since erased everything I took and now purchase all of my music legally or use Spotify, which I also pay for.

It wasn’t after my first live show, which I attended in Philadelphia in 2003. Nor the second live show, which I attended at the Meadowlands in 2009 or 2010.

It was about a year after 9/11 when The Rising album came out and I recall all the interviews Br...

Understanding 'Only God Forgives' & Why It's a Masterpiece (Spoilers)

7/22/2013 9:15am EDT
Only God Forgives
Nicolas Winding Refn's latest movie "Only God Forgives" has been almost universally panned by critics, who have called the movie slow, dull, ultra violent, and confusing. To be fairly blunt, most of these reviewers have jumped on the "hate" bandwagon that this film has produced with the hope of getting more hits, considering that this movie is in fact equal to it's predecessor "Drive" in terms of quality and is bound to be a future classic. Just think, "Taxi Driver" got booed at Cannes in it's day and it's hard to think of anyone who doesn't now consider it a masterpiece.

Hollywood of late...

Review: De Niro And Travolta Face Off In ‘Killing Season’

7/12/2013 10:20am EDT
Killing Season
“Killing Season,” originally titled “Shrapnel,” stars seasoned actors Robert De Niro and John Travolta. The psychological thriller revolves around two former Bosnian War veterans who strike up a friendship after a outlandish encounter in the Appalachian Mountains. Their seemingly friendly relationship takes a turn when Emil Kovac (Travolta) and Benjamin Ford (De Niro) start to duke it out in thrilling fashion, forcing the men to face their past emotional wounds head on.

The film shines light on the psychological wounds left behind from the Bosnian War. Kovac, a former Serbian solider, hope...

Review: The Oddly Fascinating 'Like Someone In Love' Is Sadly Left Undone

2/15/2013 1:10pm EST
Like Someone in Love
Sometimes when the conventions of typical movie fare get redundant, a simple slice of life flick can seem like a blessing.  In the case of the new film "Like Someone In Love" there is an oddly fascinating and captivating quiet in the everyday stillness, so even when nothing appears to be happening you can’t help but be engrossed.  Unfortunately "Like Someone In Love" also ultimately suffers from the same fate as so many films trying to be clever by using ending ambiguity as an intelligence tool, but even a smart rip off is still just a rip off.

A young woman sits in a local shop and takes ...

Review: The Genre Mixing World Of 'Resolution' Begs To Be Explored Firsthand

1/24/2013 12:22pm EST
Mixing genres in a single film is a tricky thing – sometimes things can get marred down in an uneven tone.  But in some instances such a prospect can actually breathe new life into familiar ideas and in the case of the new film "Resolution" produces a unique and ultra-real vibe not to be ignored. 

Mike is worried about his long-time friend Chris.  Seems Chris has thrown in the towel as far as life is concerned and taken up in a little abandoned cabin where meth is the special of the day.  So Mike decides to make one final intervention to save his mate – he cuffs him to a cabin pipe and pou...

Review: 'Citadel' Puts You In An Uncomfortable Place...And Leaves You There

11/16/2012 12:15pm EST
Sometimes a serious case of authenticity can take a basic premise and bring things up a notch. This is especially the case when the film in question is a genre picture – always a sure fire sign of ratcheting up the intensity. A new horror thriller infuses such a personal device by inflicting the lead character with a severe and crippling case of agoraphobia, all the while being terrorized by a gang of thugs outside that are out for blood – welcome to "Citadel."

Tommy Crowley is a quiet man who lives with his pregnant wife in a decaying apartment complex. One day she’s attacked by a gang...