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Dodger Day With 'Identity Thief' Actress Genesis Rodriguez – Part 2 - The Interview

June 4th, 2013 11:20am EDT
Identity Thief
So we’re keeping the Dodger day going with part two of our cool "Identity Thief" (out June 4 from Universal Home Entertainment) coverage – the interview!  That’s right folks, got a chance to sit down and talk one-on-one with captivating actress Genesis Rodriguez amidst the roar of the baseball crowd for some much appreciated Q&A fun.  We dove right in chatting about everything from her successful game pitch to the origins of her name, all about working on "Identity Thief" and even some past work insight to boot.  (Go "Casa de mi Padre!")  Here’s our personal chat with the love...

First Look: Disney's First Animated Marvel Comics Film 'Big Hero 6'

May 10th, 2013 2:21pm EDT
Big Hero 6
Disney is drumming up some early buzz for next fall's CG-animated Big Hero 6, the movie studio's first animated film based on the Marvel Comics universe.

Walt Disney Animation Studios released a 34-second concept video, featuring a trolley car heading down a steep hill in the high-tech supercity of San Fransokyo on Wednesday, giving fans of the series their first glimpse at the film.

The film is set to center on a 13-year-old robotics prodigy named Hiro Hamada (Hiro Takachiho in the comics), who finds himself joining a team of government sanctioned super heroes on a mission to thwart a cr...

Emma Watson Sheds Her Good Girl Image In New Trailer For 'The Bling Ring'

April 24th, 2013 6:30pm EDT
The Bling Ring
Emma Watson looks to shed her good-girl image in the upcoming The Bling Ring, which opens June 14 in theaters.

The Harry Potter star has taken a much darker role for her latest film, which sees her as the fame-obsessed ringleader of a group of teens who break into celebrity homes and steal jewelry and designer clothes.

The film is a based on the actual events of the real life "Bling Ring," aka "The Burglar Bunch," which saw the homes of such stars as Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom broken into and over $3 million worth of high price items sto...

Marvel Reveals First Poster For 'Thor: The Dark World,' In Theaters Nov. 8

April 21st, 2013 5:58pm EDT
Thor: The Dark World
The first poster from this fall's Thor: The Dark World has been released by Marvel Studios, starting some early buzz for the upcoming superhero flick. Chris Hemsworth returns as the God of Thunder and looks ready for battle in the wind, snow and lightning filled image.

Marvel's mightiest hero battles a new enemy in The Dark World -- Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston), the leader of a dark and ancient race out to plunge Asgard, Earth and the rest of the Nine Realms into darkness.

Thor's father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is no match for Malekith, and Thor sets out to stop the enemy w...

Disney Planning A New 'Star Wars' Film Every Year Through 2020

April 18th, 2013 9:01pm EDT
Star Wars
The Walt Disney Company gave some new insights on the future of the Star Wars movie franchise, which it acquired along with its purchase of Lucasfilm back in October, revealing that it plans to release a new film in the series every year after 2015, when much-hyped sequel Star Wars: Episode VII is set to hit theaters.

On Wednesday, Disney chairman Alan Horn told theater owners at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that in between each of the films planned in the upcoming third Star Wars trilogy the company will release the stand-alone films it has planned, which are character based, much like how "X-M...

Britain's Channel 4 Pulls Film About London Marathon Bombing In Wake Of Boston Bombings

April 17th, 2013 3:53pm EDT
Four Lions
A British comedy about four Muslim men terrorizing the London Marathon has been axed from airing by British TV network Channel 4 after Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon.

"Four Lions," which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Kayvan Novak, follows a group of four Muslim friends who plan an attack on London during the Marathon. The 2010 film was scheduled to air the day after the city's marathon, but in light of the tragic events in Boston, Massachusetts, film executives have decided to pull the film from airing.

"In light of recent tragic events, Film4 has decided not to proceed with th...

Superman Returns: New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer Gives 'Hope' To The Future Of The Franchise

April 17th, 2013 12:03pm EDT
Man Of Steel
The future of the struggling Superman franchise is alive and well, according to the latest trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot, Man of Steel.

The film re-tells the story of how Jor-El (Russell Crowe) sends his son Kal-El to Earth to escape the destruction of their home planet of Krypton.

The boy is taken in and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane), discovering that he has extraordinary powers and struggling to figure out what his purpose is on Earth.

The new trailer gives a little more to go on that the previous two, showing more of Krypton, revealing C...

Hugh Jackman Heads To The Far East In First Full Trailer For 'The Wolverine'

March 27th, 2013 12:39pm EDT
The Wolverine
First, director James Mangold teased X-Men fans with a six-second Vine mashup of images from this summer's surefire blockbuster The Wolverine on Monday.

On Tuesday a 20-second teaser trailer was released via MTV.

Now, after two days of whetting our appetites for the latest film in the series, the first full trailer for "The Wolverine" is finally here. And it doesn't disappoint!

After a memorable cameo in X-Men: First Class, Hugh Jackman is set to hit the big screen again as the troubled title character in the latest installment of the superhero saga. The follow-up to 2009's X-Men Origins...

Gru & His Minions Are Back With Cool Cars, Gadgets And More In New 'Despicable Me 2' Trailer

March 19th, 2013 9:27pm EDT
Despicable Me 2
It's almost time for Minion madness again as super-villain Gru (Steve Carell) and his three adopted daughters get set to embark on a whole new adventure in Despicable Me 2.

"Gru's back in the game with cool cars, gadgets and weapons!" Gru exclaims in the new trailer, released Tuesday.

This time around Gru is recruited by the 'Anti-Villain League' to use his expertise as a villain to help stop a new bad guy (Al Pacino) from taking over the world.

"Despicable Me 2" hits theaters July 3. Miranda Cosgrove, Kristen Wiig, Ken Jeong, Steve Coogan, Moises Arias, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher and Russ...

Check Out All 11 'Capitol Portraits' From 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

March 13th, 2013 7:52pm EDT
Effie Trinket
The buzz is rapidly building for the second chapter in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, with 11 new "Capitol Portraits" of the key players in the story.

The nefarious President Snow (Donald Sutherland), Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson), all return for the second film; along with Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci), Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) and Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth).

The portraits also focus on three new characters that will be pivotal to the story and it...