Help This Puppy Figure Out What To Do With Its Bigger Bowl

7/25/2015 9:21am EDT
Funny Dog Video
Put aside your hobbies, arts and entertainment; living nature is here at its best.

This tiny puppy dog needs help from the public in the mysterious case of the shiny and bigger thing that is invading its space. You'll soon agree: pets do the darndest things.

Thirteen-week old Landseer Newfoundland pup, Dethan (pronounced DEH t'un, meaning "August Spirit"), can't process what to do with his new water bowl. Of course, the first thing puppies do when exploring their new world is to use its nose. Perhaps, there's food in it, right? If only he knew the doggone thing is a reservoir used to lap ...

Impractical Jokers 'Kill The Centaur'

7/24/2015 10:02am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'Kill The Centaur' - An Evening
This week's episode of Impractical Jokers involves climbing on statues, too many balls, and someone possibly getting killed. In other words, it's pretty much everything you'd expect from this show. Read on for our Jokers Scorecard for "Kill the Centaur."

Challenge #1: Sporting Goofs

The guys are working at a local sporting goods store, having to do and say what they're told. Murr gets a terrible opening line, having to say "I feel like a prostitute," which does not go over well with the customer he's helping. Next, he has to confuse a tennis outfit with a sleeping bag, which means putting...

Poetic Justice As 'Game Of Thrones' Creator Meets His Fate In 'Sharknado 3'

7/23/2015 3:41pm EDT
George R.R. Martin
Author George R.R. Martin, best know for his A Song of Ice and Fire book series that a little show on HBO called Game of Thrones is based upon, made a surprise cameo in Wednesday night's Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!.

Some viewers might call the scene poetic justice as Martin has killed off so many beloved characters in his series, while others couldn't care less and just want him to finish the sixth book in his series.

The author sits in a movie theater watching a shark movie featuring a three-headed shark -- an obvious nod to this fall's next big SyFy shark-schlock film "3 Headed Shark Attac...

Don't Even Ask This Raccoon To Share Its Food

7/23/2015 10:15am EDT
Funny Animal Video: Obviously, Raccoons Don't Share Their Food,
It's Living Nature at its best.

It's Friday and time for another funny animal video. This week's hilarious footage comes by way of a Facebook user, who graciously introduced the world to his trio of wild, funny, and temperamental friends: Raccoons.

Facebook user, Joel Rosenthal, posted a video of raccoons preparing to feast on a meal that resembles Kibbles N Bits with milk.

"Here are the young raccoons that now live under my lower deck. This is meal time."

Two coons (in the spirit of our southern readers) emerge from underneath a deck. There, waiting for them is a meal fit for one, or t...

Paula Abdul Recreates Her Iconic 1989 Hit [WATCH]

7/23/2015 8:54am EDT
Paula Abdul And James Corden Recrate 'Opposites Attract' On 'Lat
You just might not be able to unsee James Corden as MC Skat Kat in a live-action recreation of Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract."

Corden, host of "The Late, Late Show" recreated the iconic 1989 tune with Abdul when she guested on his talk show.

The host, who has donned a wedding dress while shopping with Iggy Azalea, seems game for anything, but this was pushing the limits even for him.

In the memorable duet, Corden even recreated some of the iconic dance moves of the video with the former Laker girl turned celebrity choreographer, reality star and "American Idol" judge.

MC Skat Kat w...

Dogs Using The Tree John Will Have You OTFLYAO!

7/22/2015 2:02pm EDT
Dogs Lining Up To Pee On Tree
A funny dog picture is making rounds on social media -- and for a hilarious reason that will have you, err, peeing in your pants.

The doggie pic appears on Facebook with a funny caption that puts things in perspective about global warming (or climate change for the politically-correct animal lovers in the house).

"Look what happens when we cut down to many trees!Global warming is one thing, but the photo below shows what might happen if we continue to clear our forest! We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting serious!"

All fun aside, the effects of a warming Earth are back...

'Impractical Jokers' Are Back!

7/17/2015 10:07am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'Bathroom Break' - Get On The Ho
TruTV's Impractical Jokers are finally back with new episodes to finish out their season, and they're not wasting any time embarrassing themselves on national television. Here's what went down in the midseason premiere, "Bathroom Break."

Challenge #1: Braking Bad
The guys have to do and say as they're told while working as auto parts salesmen. Sal is annoyed that somebody can't spell his name right (it's three letters!), but then breaks out his sassy alter-ego to help his first customer. He voluntarily takes a loss - and leaves the premises - rather than call his second customer the 'B' wo...

'Impractical Jokers' Give Us A Preview Of Their New Episodes

7/16/2015 2:08pm EDT
'Impractical Jokers': Joe And Murr Preview New Episodes
Last week, the Impractical Jokers once again crashed San Diego Comic-Con - this time, with an entire museum in their honor. Starpulse visited the Museum of Impractical History and caught up with two of the funny foursome, Joe Gatto and James "Murr" Murray, to learn about the new episodes that start tonight and what it's like for them to be Comic-Con celebrities.

Last Friday, the guys visited San Diego's Humphreys Concerts by the Bay with their "Where's Larry?" Tour, and it was a little bit of an achievement. "We've only done one other show outdoors in four years of touring," Murr revealed....

The Queen's Husband Swore, Prince William's Expression Priceless

7/11/2015 10:41pm EDT
Prince Philip F-bomb photo
For the most part, Prince Philip is a mild-mannered mate. However, Queen Elizabeth II's husband recently lost his temper, and the F-bomb was heard all around the world.

At 94, even if he's not a king, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, can say anything he wants. And this week during the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Elizabeth's husband proved just that and much more.

While posing for photographers during the photo call, the royal appeared to lose his temper. Based on the footage below, the elder Philip was growing restless by the second. As a cameraperson passed by, he said, "Just ...

Are You Smarter Than This Dog? What Is It Guilty Of?

7/11/2015 4:45pm EDT
Hilarious Dog Video: What Did This 'Guilty' Canine Do?
The latest funniest animal video will have you guessing to unravel a lingering mystery while laughing your guts out at the same time.

This hilarious dog video shows an owner arriving home and greeting their beloved, furry friend. Not surprisingly, the cheerful canine returned the love that only dogs can give (okay, cats too). But when the pet's owner asks the pooch to go upstairs, the mystery begins.

In a snap, the playful dog's behavior changes, and it takes on a melancholy mood. The owner's attempts to get at the heart of the matter is all for naught; the dog continues shutting down. ...