Losing Weight Should Be This Squirrel's New Year's Resolution: WATCH

1/1/2016 12:45am EST
Squirrel fail
As 2016 approaches, many humans are beginning diets and weight loss programs as part of their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps, it's time animals got on board too; a viral Youtube video of a plump squirrel failing miserably to hop from one branch to another is proof.

One Chicago man thought his trash run would be uneventful. He was humorously mistaken. It's not every day that squirrels pique a person's interest. After all, they come a dime a dozen and are common outdoor fixtures.

However, this busy tail mammal was different -- in a big way. One glance, and it was clear that it was ahead ...

15 Of The Funniest Instagram Pages Of 2015

12/31/2015 1:04pm EST
15 Of The Funniest Instagram Pages Of 2015
Most people already use Instagram for a wide array of things, such as sharing momentous life experiences, getting fashion tips, stalking your favorite celebs, and getting jealous of other people's vacation.

Even though Instagram can leave you feeling like you have seen one too many selfies, this photo-sharing outlet is also one of the best ways to inject laughter in your life.

Because of the vast number of Instagram accounts, finding the funniest Instagram account to follow can be slightly overwhelming and undoubtedly frustrating.

Instead of wasting time, the following list of Instagram ...

Why Is This Boy The Angriest Kid Ever At Christmas?

12/27/2015 1:30am EST
No WWE 2K16? Pouting Boy Goes Nuclear On Christmas; Video Captur
A video circulating on the Internet will make you feel sorry for the kid, say "what the hell," or bend you over in a maniacal laughter. Let's put it this way: When a child gets a substitute title instead of his wish list WWE 2K16 video game, he goes nuclear -- and everyone sees the world's most ungrateful temper tantrum over the wrong Christmas gift.

The video was reportedly posted on Twitter by the child's sister to her @_mayraduarte account. Someone deleted it, but @BreatheSport has a copy of the footage seen below.

The tantrum video begins with a boy holding a video game. In a snap, ...

Steve Harvey Is Laughing At Himself... Finally

12/25/2015 8:13pm EST
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey gets it... and he has won the internet. After his major Miss Universe fail last week (where he announced the wrong winner causing the crown to be taken off Miss Colombia and placed on the head of Miss Philippines), the jokes and the memes haven't stopped and now, Mr. Harvey is getting into it too. Since he has apologized profusely (and has already been invited back to host the Miss Universe pageant in 2016), it is time that Steve has a laugh -- by poking fun at himself.

On Christmas day, Harvey posted the following picture on Instagram. Check out the caption.

Merry Easter y...

'Santa Claus' Robs KFC Restaurant: No, Really!

12/21/2015 12:07pm EST
Naughty Santa Claus: Reportedly, Old Saint Nick Wannabe Enters K
Santa Claus is a bad man -- at least, this un-jolly old Saint Nick was over the weekend.

According to a UPI report, British police say a man decked out as Santa Claus bypassed the chimney and robbed a KFC on Saturday. Officials say the Claus wannabe entered the drive-through window at a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint in Alfreton, England and held the place up at knifepoint before fleeing, sans a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.

The Father Christmas bandit approached management and demanded they open the safe. It's unclear how much money the Santy robber obtained in the incident. A spokespe...

10 Celebrity Blunders On Live TV

12/21/2015 9:22am EST
10 Celebrities Besides Steve Harvey At Miss Universe Who Had An
The Internet is ablaze today with the news that actor Steve Harvey accidentally announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant Sunday night on live television. Harvey misread his cue card and temporarily crowned Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez when in fact it was Miss Phillippines Pia Wurtzbach who had won the title.

That made for a couple very awkward minutes of television as Harvey was forced to go back on stage and admit his mistake. The crown was then literally snatched from Miss Colombia's head and placed on Miss Phillippines instead.

Harvey's probably going to have a r...

Bald Eagle Attacks Donald Trump: Is There A Hidden Message Here?

12/12/2015 4:26pm EST
Donald Trump Bald Eagle Attack
Well, whaddya know; Donald Trump is getting a taste of his own medicine: from a bird that perhaps, foreshadowed what America already knew. A video of Trump being attacked by a bald eagle named -- wait for it -- Uncle Sam surfaced and many think it's proper, given the outrage created by his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, footage of an eagle attacking Donald Trump months ago is priceless. BuzzFeed published a whimsical piece that suggested that not even America's mascot thinks Trump is fit to become the next President of the United States.

Months ago in Augus...

Oops! If Only Vanna White Knew This Was On The Back Of Her Dress

12/12/2015 10:29am EST
Vanna White
Our beloved Vanna White is the picture of fashion and beauty. And, when the Wheel of Fortune hostess suffers a wardrobe malfunction, albeit a subtle and SFW one, it's trending news.

Vanna's Wheel of Fortune blooper occurred during a recent taping of the popular game show. As she strolled across the stage to reveal a letter, White unknowingly drags along a stowaway on the train of her dress.

Vanna White's dress gets caught on a Christmas present on Wheel of Fortune

— Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) December 12, 2015

White realized some...

Which Way Do You Prefer To Hang Your Roll Of Toilet Paper?

12/11/2015 3:19pm EST
The Great Over/Under Toilet Paper Debate -- Which Way Do You Put
It is said that there are two types of people in this world: those who prefer their toilet paper in the over position, and those who prefer their toilet paper in the under position. This has been a long-standing debate that has spanned across generations. Even on social media websites, individuals have been invited to take polls on whether they prefer over or under.

Some may say that preferring an over toilet paper position are more hygienic, whereas those who prefer an under toilet paper position are tidier. In addition to individuals who prefer the under toilet paper roll position, if th...

Goodwill Warns Workers To Leave Their 'Kanye West Face' At Home

12/10/2015 10:37am EST
Kanye West
Goodwill Industries came under fire by associates after the agency warned them to check their Kanye West facial expressions at the door, this according to a TMZ report.

Sources said executives at Goodwill's Illinois Division had the audacity to craft a "Good Beat" newsletter that instructed workers on proper emotions and reactions in the workplace environment. Several repeating faces of Kanye West were illustrated. Emotions, ranging from "Happy" to "Excited," were captioned underneath each image.

The teaching moment here is simple: If you're happy, empathetic, or eager to please, to sug...