Queen Of Soul 'Cured' By Pope, Finally Walking Down The Aisle

10/13/2015 10:30am EDT
Aretha Franklin Pope Francis
Aretha Franklin received a "blessing," rather, an epiphany, during Pope Francis' recent visit to the United States. Apparently, it led to a "miracle cure" of something the Queen of Soul suffered from for some 30 years: "No I Do-itus."

According to a report, Aretha Franklin is getting married to her longtime lover, Willie Wilkerson. The reference to her "condition" above is in a bit of tongue-in-cheek. However, after dating her partner for years and not tying the knot, many, including Franklin, think the Pope had a part.

Franklin, 73, had the honor of performing for the Pontiff in Philade...

Tom Cruise May Be Moving To The East Coast -- Read The Strange Reason Why

10/9/2015 9:41am EDT
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise has several houses on the market, and according to a new report the actor is abandoning the West coast because he is tired of "fake" people in Hollywood and he wants to be closer to the Scientology center in Florida.

The Daily Mail cites a report from UsWeekly, which claims that Cruise "hates living in LA and is relocating to Florida. He thinks all the people in Hollywood are fake." Cruise, 53, also reportedly wants to live in Clearwater, Fla., because that's where the Scientology headquarters are located.

John Travolta initially introduced Cruise to Scientology and purportedly...

Tom Cruise Isn't Happy With Leah Remini's Upcoming Book About Scientology

10/8/2015 8:57am EDT
Tom Cruise Worried About Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All? Act
Tom Cruise and other celebrities are reportedly preparing themselves for Leah Remini's new tell-all about Scientology.

Radar Online cites a report from In Touch magazine in which Scientology expert Tony Ortega claims: "It will be like a nuclear bomb going off in the church. It’s the inside story about how people are abused and how families are split apart, and it will be devastating."

Remini was a member of the church for 30 years, and she'll likely reveal a lot of inside information that can be damaging to others in Hollywood.

Cruise, 53, is particularly worried about the book. An insid...

Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All Book Will Cause Trouble For Sure

9/29/2015 9:48am EDT
Leah Remini Scientology Tell-All Being Published, And Lawsuits F
Leah Remini is coming out. No, it's not what you think, but it does have to do with revelation and relief. The ex-Scientologist aka "troublemaker," has a bone to pick with the Church of Scientology. Leah is publishing a tell-all book about the inner-workings and secrets of the covert organization. Apparently, it's a no-holds-barred biography that is sure to attract a flock of lawsuits.

According to a Vanity Fair report, Leah Remini authored a book titled, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." Arguably, it's appropriately named due to the likely fallout that will ensue from L...

Argentinians Misinterpret Kim Kardashian's Tweet About Pope Francis

9/26/2015 10:30am EDT
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian angered some Argentinians after posting a tweet about Pope Francis that one journalist misinterpreted.

On Thursday, the reality star tweeted: "The pope is dope," and the hashtag #thepopeisdope has been trending on Twitter ever since the Pope began visiting the United States.

The pope is dope

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) September 24, 2015

Around 18,000 people retweeted Kardashian's message, but somehow the phrase got lost in translation. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a journalist for website Primicias Ya thought Kardashian said, "The Pope is Drugs," c...

This Woman Likely Ruined Her Chances Of Getting To Heaven

9/25/2015 11:24am EDT
Pope Francis
Pope Francis is arguably the most popular leader of the Catholic Church in recent history. So why would anyone want to chuck their shoe at the Pope's head? One woman's nefarious plans were caught on tape, thanks to an open microphone.

On Thursday, Francis visited the House Chamber to deliver a message of humility, compassion, empathy, and social responsibility, with particularly care towards immigrants.

So why would anyone want to harm Pope Francis, let alone, have a wish to throw a shoe at him? As crowds gathered to hear the historic Papal speech, the voice of an unidentified woman is ...

Is Mary Tyler Moore Dying?

9/20/2015 7:20am EDT
Mary Tyler Moore Dying? Actress' Friends Reportedly Request Visi
Mary Tyler Moore is reportedly in a bad place health-wise, and her friends are seriously concerned for her well being. According to the National Enquirer, friends of the actress have reached out to Pope Francis in hopes of getting him to visit her, and bless her, hoping for a miracle of sorts. Moore has been suffering from "diabetes and dementia-related symptoms," and has been in a wheelchair for quite some time.

"Mary is deeply religious, and once had an audience with Pope John Paul II. They’re praying His Holiness will find an extra hour in his busy schedule for her. His blessing may be ...

Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini Celebrates Daughter's Baptism

9/6/2015 9:30am EDT
Former Scientologist Leah Remini Talks 'New Beginnings' After Ha
Leah Remini had her daughter Sofia baptized in the Catholic faith two years after she famously left the Church of Scientology.

The actress shared several sweet photographs of the blessed event on Instagram on Sept. 4, calling the family's embrace of the Catholic faith, "a new beginning."

In the pic, the "It's All Relative" star is seated with husband Angelo Pagan and Sophia, who was wearing a white dress.

A very special day for our little girl and her Godparents @crabichuk wanted to share with all of you #baptism #catholic #newbeginnings

A photo posted by Leah Remini (@leahremini) on...

Watch ABC's 'Pope Francis And The People' Online In English And Spanish

9/4/2015 4:55pm EDT
Watch 'Pope Francis And The People' Online In English And Spanis
What time does Pope Francis And The People starts on Friday night and how can viewers watch the special edition of ABC's 20/20 live streaming online?

Earlier this week Pope Francis spoke to a live audience in the U.S. via satellite from the Vatican. The Pope's conversations with people from Texas, Los Angeles, and Chicago will be featured on Friday night's special hosted by ABC News anchor David Muir.

The historic one-hour primetime special will air on your local ABC channel on September 4 at 10 p.m. ET. If you are not near a TV on Friday night, there are two ways to watch this historic e...

Why Does Miyam Bialik Think Religion Is ‘Never Going To Be Trendy?’

8/24/2015 8:07pm EDT
Miyam Bialik On Religion In Hollywood: Why Does The 'Big Bang Th
Mayim Bialik’s not afraid to talk about her religion, even if some people might not be too happy about it. The Big Bang Theory actress spoke to Fox News last week about her own religious beliefs (she’s Jewish), and how difficult it is to be open about your faith while also being a celebrity.

She put it pretty bluntly: "I think in general it's never going to be trendy to be observant or religious in Hollywood circles.”

“There are people I know of faith and we tend to congregate together,” Bialik continued. “I study Jewish texts weekly. That's something really positive to me when you're a p...