Why Is Hillary Clinton’s Camp Worried?

9/17/2015 1:40pm EDT
Clinton Camp Frantically Assembling Strategies To Deal With Spir
In an effort to get in front of Hillary Clinton’s embattled presidential campaign, a group of her “top Southeastern fundraisers” participated in a conference call Wednesday to quell donors’ concerns and share strategies in the works to deal with future attacks, Politico reports.

Clinton’s camp has been fending off seemingly endless crises over her revelations that she exclusively used a private email server for official business during her tenure as secretary of state (she has offered various explanations for doing so) and the ongoing questions about her knowledge of the deadly attacks on ...

Bankruptcies, Bad Management Skills And 13 More Reasons Why Donald Trump May Never Be President

9/17/2015 12:15pm EDT
Bankruptcies, Bad Management Skills And 13 More Reasons Why Dona
Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls and is easily dominating his Republican opponents. Despite offending women, Latinos and other populations, fans can't wait to hear what he says and does next.

But his presence in the presidential race is polarizing -- people either love him or loathe him. And there are several reasons why, in the long run, he's going to struggle to reach the White House.

1. His opponents have a goldmine of things to use against him.

In American politics, no one is louder or more visible than Donald Trump right now. He's getting more air time than every other R...

GOP Canidate Carly Fiorina Shares A Very Personal Story

9/17/2015 11:48am EDT
Carly Fiorina Opens Up About Loss Of Stepdaughter To Drug Addict
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is being lauded for her performance in Wednesday night’s GOP debate — her biting retorts to Donald Trump slamming her looks and her 2005 ouster from the global tech firm — but her moving revelation about the tragic loss of her stepdaughter to drug addiction is being heralded as a watershed moment for the presidential hopeful.

"I very much hope that I am the only person on this stage who can say this, but I know there are millions of Americans out there who will say the same thing: My husband, Frank, and I buried a child to drug addiction,” Fiorina r...

Tom Brady Has Donald Trump Campaign Hat In His Locker

9/7/2015 2:41pm EDT
Tom Brady Has Donald Trump Campaign Hat In His Locker, Wants To
Tom Brady has a Donald Trump baseball cap in his locker at Gillette Stadium. According to TMZ, the New England Patriots quarterback -- who is great friends with Trump -- apparently isn't shy about showing his support for the 2016 presidential hopeful. Someone snapped a photo of the locker, which showed a red cap with the words, "Make America Great Again" (Trump's slogan) written across the front, beneath a bottle of Listerine.

Tom wants to make America great again. pic.twitter.com/gkUsB4OXe6

— Feitelberg (@FeitsBarstool) September 5, 2015

As TMZ points out, Tom could be a major end...

Who Is Melania Trump?

9/1/2015 5:11pm EDT
Melania Trump: What You Need To Know About Donald Trump's Wife,
Surely you've heard the name Melania Trump, and you probably know her as the gorgeous brunette wife of real estate mogul, and television personality, Donald Trump. However, now that Mr. Trump is running for president, there are some things that you should know about Melania; She could end up being the first lady, after all.

The 45-year-old mother-of-one (she has son, Barron, 9, with Donald) met her husband back in 1998, but refused to date him at first. However, she finally agreed to go out with him, and the two married in 2005.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Trump was...

President Obama Gets His First Reality Show Gig

9/1/2015 7:18am EDT
President Obama Gets Reality Show Gig, Follows In Footsteps Of A
President Barack Obama will soon become a reality TV star, but he won't be appearing on a trainwreck like Bachelor in Paradise or on a Real Housewives show.

Instead, our nation's leader will be in Sarah Palin's neck of the woods when he guest stars on a special episode of NBC's Running Wild with Bear Grylls, that will be filmed in Alaska.

According to Reality TV World, President Obama will be "taking on the Alaskan wilderness" with survival expert Bear Grylls by his side — and probably a few dozen Secret Service guys, too.

On Season 2 of Running Wild, Obama and Grylls will travel to Alas...

Vice President Hulk Hogan?

8/29/2015 5:15pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan has his eyes set on the vice presidency. The former WWE star wants to join Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump on his campaign.

When asked about the election, Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, told TMZ.com: "I don't want to be in the ring with any candidates. I want to be Trump's running mate... Did you hear that? Vice President Hogan?"

They may make a good pair. They're both known for saying what they think with little regard for race or gender.

Hogan also said he has no hard feelings towards WWE exec Vince McMahon, who erased all of Hogan's history from the wrestling ...

Clinton & Trump Are Related

8/26/2015 8:51am EDT
Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Are Cousins: Political Rivals Are
Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are related. Genealogists have discovered that the property tycoon-turned-reality TV star and his political rival are 19th cousins.

The pair, who were once on friendly terms with one another, are both related to the Duke and Duches of Lancaster -- their 18th grandparents.

Researchers from MyHeritage.com and Geni.com revealed to "Extra" that the two politicians' 19th great-grandfather was King Edward III, who's been credited with transforming England into one of the most powerful military powers in Europe. He ruled in the early 1300s....

See How Heidi Klum Responds To Donald Trump's 'Not A 10' Comment

8/18/2015 10:21am EDT
Donald Trump Calls Supermodel Heidi Klum 'Not A 10': See Her Rev
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has just lost a vote from Heidi Klum.

The outspoken candidate has stated that sadly, in his eyes, the supermodel and mom of four is "no longer a 10."


In an interview that was published in The New York Times on Saturday, the Republican frontrunner continued to face down questions over his pointed anti-female comments regarding moderator of the GOP debate, Megyn Kelly.

Trump backpedaled, revealing in the article that his wife, Melania, and daughter Ivanka have told him they don’t want him to come across as a misogynist.

“I have many women executiv...

Megyn Kelly Takes Some Time Off Following GOP Debate

8/15/2015 12:15pm EDT
Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly is Going on Vacation Following Donal
Megyn Kelly has had a heck of a week, and now she'll be grabbing some much-needed R & R to recover, the Fox News anchor said during her show this week.

The move comes on the heels of a controversy involving Kelly and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump following the first GOP presidential debate in Cleveland earlier this month.

Kelly, who served as one of the moderators for the event, made headlines by asking Trump some tough questions about comments he has previously made about women. In the event's aftermath, Trump lashed out at Kelly, at one point making a remark that seemed...