Sting's Daughter Is Gay, But No One Is Surprised

12/2/2015 1:22pm EST
Sting's Daughter Eliot Sumner Opens Up About Sexuality, Says Eve
Eliot Sumner, the musician daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, has opened up about her sexuality in Britain's ES magazine, revealing she has been in a relationship with Austrian model Lucie Von Alten for two years.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter said she never felt the need to come out as a lesbian to her family because "no one ever asked."

She revealed: "They knew already. So I didn't need to (come out). I've never come out to anyone. My friends always knew and I always knew."

Sumner also explained that she doesn't identify with one specific gender, saying, "I don't believe in any ...

Caitlyn Jenner Tired Of Her 'Manly' Voice

11/26/2015 8:39am EST
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner isn't completely done transitioning into a woman. One of the last things on her "to do" list is to work on her voice, which still sounds very masculine. According to Radar Online, the reality star has been working with vocal coaches in an effort to feminize her voice. The 65-year-old brunette is hoping that Season 2 of I Am Cait will showcase her softer sound.

"Caitlyn has been making huge strides in feminizing her voice for the upcoming season of I Am Cait. When she watched herself on Season One of the show, she was really upset by how manly she still sounded," shared a sou...

Caitlyn Jenner: 'No One Should Be Killed Simply Because They Are Transgender'

11/20/2015 10:45am EST
Caitlyn Jenner Participates In Annual Transgender Day Of Remembr
The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance honors of the memory of lives lost in acts of transgender violence. Caitlyn Jenner and transgender advocate Chandi Moore, share their support for the cause in a compelling video featured on the GLAAD site.

On November 20, the memory of lives lost in acts of anti-transgender violence are honored. Transgender woman Gwendolyn Ann Smith founded the day in 1999 to raise awareness and memorialize the transgender victims of senseless hate crimes.

"No one should be killed simply because they are transgender," Jenner states.

"Today, take a moment to learn...

Caitlyn Jenner Slammed By Protesters

11/14/2015 8:52am EST
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner was recently slammed by protesters following a speech at the 2015 Speaker Series Luncheon that she gave in Chicago on Thursday. According to Gossip Cop, an organization called "I Ain't Cait" (meant to mock the reality star's show "I Am Cait") posted the following message to Facebook before the speech, explaining why protesters are so unhappy with Jenner.

Mainly, they feel as though Caitlyn doesn't represent the average transgender person because she's wealthy -- and famous.

"Who, you may ask, did they select to speak on the issues facing trans people and especially trans ...

Before Cher Dies, She Wants This For Her Transgender Son?

11/12/2015 10:14am EST
Cher reportedly has a dying wish for her transgender son: She wants Chaz Bono to find a wife so that she can attend the wedding before she passes away.

First, a rumor has floated around for months that Cher is facing her last days. The tabloid report says the 69-year-old singer has a deadly virus. Coupled with stress, insiders say Cher's health is rapidly deteriorating.

Unnamed sources say Cher traveled to Germany, recently, to undergo stem cell treatment as a last-ditch effort to cure her illness. Currently, the FDA does not permit the rumored medical treatment at this time.


President Obama Makes History On Cover Of 'OUT' Magazine

11/11/2015 12:01pm EST
President Barack Obama Makes History Covering 'OUT' Magazine, Sa
President Barack Obama is the first sitting president to cover an community.

Not only is the President on the cover of the popular gay and lesbian magazine, the issue also features a candid interview with him about the people who influenced his positive relationship with the community, including his daughters. Obama states that Sasha and Malia, now 17 and 14, have shown him that there has been a big shift in how people address homosexuality across generations.

President #BarackObama is our Ally of the Year and cover of the #Out100:

— ...

Miley Cyrus Licks Celebrity Piano For Charity

11/9/2015 12:30pm EST
Miley Cyrus Licks Piano, Sells For $50,000 For Charity
Miley Cyrus wanted to up the ante for a piano that was being auctioned for the Los Angeles LGBT Vanguard Awards, so she licked it, and it sold for $50,000.

Just a little bit of spit on Cyrus' part did the trick.

Linda Perry, musician with the band Four Non Blondes and the wife of talk show host and actress Sara Gilbert, asked Cyrus to come on board to help her push the gorgeous white piano.

The instrument was donated to the center by "Orange is the New Black" star Ruby Rose.

Perry asked Cyrus to help her auction off the piano and the singer took it upon herself to give it a little love ...

A Petition Emerges Calling To Fire Raven-Symone

11/1/2015 10:31am EST
Haters Asked That 'The View' Star Raven-Symone Be Removed From S
A petition asked that Raven-Symone be removed from "The View."

ABC responded to the petition that was initially sent to Executive Producer Barbara Walters.

"We love Raven," a spokesperson for ABC told E! News.

"She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel," the spokesperson remarked.

"African Americans and black people around the diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say," the petition read.

"We need strong black role models in prominent positi...

One Million Moms Group Says American Girl 'Promotes Homosexuality'

10/31/2015 7:54am EDT
One Million Moms Boycott American Girl, Claim Photo Of Gay Dads
One Million Moms wants you to stop buying American Girl dolls, and if your child subscribes to their magazine, they would like you to cancel your subscription immediately. The anti-gay crusaders are boycotting the brand because they believe the company "promoted homosexuality" in the most recent issue of their tween magazine.

American Girl Magazine's November/December 2015 issue features an article titled "Forever Family" about a beautiful young girl named Amaya, who was adopted from foster care. The 1MM group states that they are "extremely disappointed" because the company chose to use ...

These Famous Women All Had Husbands With One Big Secret

10/29/2015 5:14pm EDT
15 Famous Women Who Married Men With The Same Big Secret
This list of famous women who tied the knot with seemingly straight men spans decades and generations of beautiful, beloved actresses.

It also reveals much more about these celebrities than how they wear their hair or what designer they choose to wear on the red carpet.

Some of them have become champions for gay rights, while others remain bitter and angry over their failed marriages. Many of them belong to an older generation that grew up with rampant homophobia and thus found themselves with spouses trying to change who they were through marriage.

There's a lot of talent in this list, ...