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Casey Reinhardt's Sweet Victory On 'Cupcake Wars'

2/25/2011 4:06pm EST
Casey Reinhardt
Victory has never tasted sweeter! Reality darling Casey Reinhardt and sister to MTV star Doug Reinhardt is the latest winner of of The Food Network's hit show "Cupcake Wars". Her confection boutique Casey's Cupcakes beat out shops from Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles to take this top title on the February 22nd episode. The sweetest part? Casey received a $10,000 prize and the chance to showcase her cupcakes at the 50th anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a theme well suited for her background in TV, film and modeling.

"This month has been amazing," reveals Reinhardt. "This ...

'Human Target' 2.10 'Cool Hand Guerrero' Recap and Review

1/15/2011 12:57am EST
I have a feeling that a lot of anecdotes start with Guerrero in a cheap motel. This time, he's making a new ID for a friend, advising him to lay off the cigarettes, caffeine...and drug running. Sound advice.

The following day, Ilsa tells Winston and Chance that she believes Guerrero has gone missing, as she hasn't heard from him in two weeks. The boys are unconvinced, but as it turns out, he's being stopped by the cops in the middle of nowhere. They ask him to pop the trunk on the Cadillac, and his friend Jerry is inside, quite dead. "Dammit, Jerry," he says. "What'd you get me int...

The Best And Worst Of TV 2010

12/22/2010 12:00pm EST
Modern Family
The TV year was filled with ups and downs. Dramas contributed to what some call another “golden age of television.” Some comedies were excellent, while others were repellent. But there are a few sure things: the sitcom is on the upswing, reality is (probably) on the decline, and Conan O’Brien is really, really rich.

The Top 10, in descending order:

10. ‘Project Runway’ – This season sparked emotional highs thanks to Mondo, whose talent and grace (not to mention his poignant HIV background) propelled the show to new heights. But we were also witness to Gretchen, Poison Ivy and Michael ...

'Next Iron Chef' Marc Forgione Walks The Talk

11/27/2010 12:30pm EST
Iron Chef Forgione
What makes an Iron Chef? Being an adaptable culinary master is a given, but there is a world of talent out there in the dining realm—something more must set these select few apart. In the case of newly crowned Iron Chef Marc Forgione, it may have simply been fate. As it turns out, he was given his spot on the show a mere three days before he had to get on a plane and head to Los Angeles.

“The second round [of interviews] you actually go in there, and it’s pretty weird actually, they put you in a dark room and they shine a light on you and you answer questions,” he explained, relaying the e...

John Mayer Hooked Up With Married 'Food Network' Star Giada De Laurentiis?

11/10/2010 3:51pm EST
In Concert at Wembley Arena in London
John Mayer may have scratched off another name on his list of women to conquer, but this time his latest victim is married. The 33 year old singer, who is known for being one of the biggest playboys in Hollywood, allegedly hooked up with a married woman.

Star Magazine reported that John Mayer shared some "steamy nights" with Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis. Reportedly, the married Food Network star was seen romancing with John recently at the Boom Boom Room in New York. Eyewitnesses noticed that John's hand was traveling down her back and the source commented that they "looked like t...

'Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills' Serve Christopher Knight And Lorenzo Lamas This Season

10/11/2010 10:11am EDT
Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills
Christopher Knight and Lorenzo Lamas are some of the celebrity clients who will be featured on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. Starring chef Sasha Perl-Raver got star struck preparing a meal for Knight and his wife.

“I had a minor conniption when I found I was going to be feeding Christopher Knight,” Perl-Raver said. “I was so Alice waiting for Sam the Butcher to bring me my pork chops. When I was in high school, I had a serious 70s obsession and was terribly in love with a guy who looked exactly like Greg Brady, so cooking for a Brady Bunch cast member, and his wife, Adrienne Curry, who w...