Did Leah Messer Claim Her Twins Were Abducted?

11/18/2015 11:39am EST
Leah Messer
Leah Messer learned that she had lost custody of her twins back in October. Leah had to go to court and fight for her twins, but she had a bad track record when it came to bringing her twins to school and appointments on time. Messer’s ex-husband wanted to take care of her girls and he went to court to get full custody. She now has them on the weekend, but some of Leah’s supporters felt that the girls had been abducted from her care.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer hasn’t said anything about these accusations but Corey’s father wanted to share his point of view. Corey himself has del...

Kailyn Lowry's Son Steals Her Spotlight

11/16/2015 11:02am EST
Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry has been working on several business ventures and Lowry is now promoting her first children’s book, Love Is Bubblegum. Lowry has promoted her children’s book on social media, but fans of the Teen Mom star are now getting the chance to meet her in various meet-and-greets around the country. As it turns out, her son Lincoln was with her during several book signings and it sounds like he wanted to be in front of the spotlight with his mother.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that her son wanted to meet all of her fans and he crashed her book signin...

Leah Messer Wants To Change: See How!

11/14/2015 9:43am EST
Leah Messer Turning Her Life Around: See How She's Changing
Leah Messer has kept to herself since she wrapped up Teen Mom and decided to focus on her children. About a month ago, she lost custody of her twins, as they now have to live with their father throughout the week. Leah gets the weekends with them. This was a devastating loss for her, as she claims she tried everything to make her life work with the twins at home. However, she failed to get them to school on time, and Corey decided to go to court to take action.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that she is surprised that so many articles are being written about her, es...

Jenelle Evans Facing New Issues With Her Ex!

11/11/2015 11:05am EST
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans thought that she had met the man of her dreams when she met Nathan Griffith. The two quickly became pregnant with Jenelle’s second son, Kaiser. Kaiser is currently a very happy baby, as his parents are no longer together. He isn’t subjected to the fighting that was shared on Teen Mom. Surprisingly, Evans has already moved on with a new boyfriend named David Eason, but Nathan simply won’t go away.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans has been keeping Kaiser from his father and Nathan is furious. He wants to see his son, but Evans claims that he doesn’t have custody. Jenell...

Kailyn Lowry Did What Now!?

11/7/2015 8:02am EST
Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry has denied that she is pregnant with her third child, as she is working on her marriage to Javi Marroquin. But it sounds like it is the smallest things that make her fans assume or guess that she could be pregnant. And since mood swings are common for pregnant women, Kailyn’s tweet about a mood change quickly started a few rumors about her possibly being pregnant. But it sounds like this mood change wasn’t exactly pleasant.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that the weather may be influencing her mood. “Not sure if it getting dark early changed my mood or...

Catelynn Lowell Pissing Off 'Teen Mom' Fans?

11/6/2015 10:45am EST
Catelynn Lowell
Catelynn Lowell is one of the original Teen Mom stars and she has experienced quite the criticism over the past couple of years. Catelynn decided to give her daughter up for adoption, as she didn’t think she and Tyler Baltierra could handle being parents at 16 years old. It is a decision that has plagued both her and her family. But now, they are parents once more to a little girl. In addition, the two got married in August, and they are now taking a delayed honeymoon.

According to a new report, Catelynn Lowell is now revealing that she’s having a blast on her honeymoon, but some of her fa...

Kailyn Lowry’s Son Isaac Has A Strategy!

11/4/2015 12:49pm EST
Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry is a busy mother of two, who has been filming Teen Mom for years. While she has been filming, Lowry has also been working on her education and she has quite the impressive resume. On top of school, Lowry has also worked on writing a children’s book and she is exploring her passion for interior design. But she is still taking her time to be there for her children, including celebrating their individual milestones.

According to a new report, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that her son Isaac is actually doing very well in school. As it turns out, he may have a plan in mind. “I pic...

Leah Messer Fighting Back Over Custody Agreement?

11/4/2015 12:40pm EST
Leah Messer
Leah Messer was shocked when she recently lost custody of her twin girls. Fans of Teen Mom have seen her struggle on the show, and she was truly trying to get her life back on track. But Corey Simms didn’t believe that she was a capable mother and went to court to get more time with his girls, so he could make sure they got to school on time. Even though the judge agreed with Corey, Leah is already fighting back to get more time with them.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that she wants every child to have a voice, including her own. Of course, during this custody bat...

Jenelle Evans Tweets Of Her Happy Family

11/2/2015 2:05pm EST
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans seems to be living a happy life these days, as she is living in North Carolina, she is close to her son, and she seems to be thrilled in her new relationship. Jenelle is trying to get her life back on track, so she can get custody of her first-born son, Jace. Evans wants to prove to everyone that she is a great mother, but Barbara isn’t eager to give up custody of Jace to her daughter.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she is super happy with her life. In fact, she has a great Halloween with plenty of fun. And when she was speaking about her family...

Leah Messer Seems Happier!

11/2/2015 12:35pm EST
Leah Messer
Leah Messer lost custody in October of her twin daughters. Her ex-husband, Corey Simms, wanted custody of the girls, so they could go to school on time and get to their important appointments. It was a heartbreaking turn of events for Messer, but she seems to be happy with the outcome.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that she is very happy with her children over the weekend. Even though she has lost custody, she is still very happy with her twins.

School halloween party !

— Leah D. Messer (@TM2LeahDawn) October 30, 2015

“School hall...