'American Horror Story: Freak Show': Rundown On 'Bullseye'

November 13th, 2014 8:54am EST
'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Recap: Rundown On 'Bullseye'
Everything is unraveling for Elsa. That’s good news for viewers, as it finally feels like things are ramping up and heading in an exciting direction. While some of the characters still feel half-formed and poorly characterized, for the most part the show is piecing together all the best bits and turning into a fully realized season.

Here’s the rundown from “Bullseye:”

New Characters to Remember

While not exactly a new character, Penny the Candy Striper (Grace Gummer) returns on screen for the first time since the first episode. She’s recovered from the drug-induced, and definitely not co...

'American Horror Story: Freak Show:' Rundown of 'Pink Cupcakes'

November 6th, 2014 8:59am EST
'American Horror Story Freak Show' Recap: Rundown of 'Pink Cupca
A rundown of the latest episode of American Horror Story:

New Characters to Remember

Andy (Matt Bomer) may have died in the same episode he was introduced (or did he?) but he had a lasting impact. Not only was he the art loving prostitute lover of Dell, he was also Dandy’s second victim. After being stabbed a bunch in the chest, a couple of times in the back, and having his arm sawed off, he still managed to live. Does he have an immortality super power? Or did the show just go there for shock value? We may never know.

Regina Ross is Dora’s daughter. She’s in secretary school in New York...

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka To Appear On 'American Horror Story'

October 30th, 2014 10:29am EDT
Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka To Appear On 'American Horror
Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka will guest star on "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

Harris will play a chameleon salesman on the final two episodes of the season, while Burtka will appear on the season finale alongside Jessica Lange, according to TVLine.com.

Several months ago Harris revealed that he wrote a letter to the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, asking for a role in the popular FX series.

The pair have worked together on "Glee," for which Harris won a 2010 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

It's been a busy year for Harris and he isn't s...

'American Horror Story Freak Show' Rundown On 'Edward Mordrake Part 2'

October 30th, 2014 8:39am EDT
'American Horror Story Freak Show' Rundown On 'Edward Mordrake P
In just one episode, American Horror Story: Freak Show may have solved most of its biggest problems. The show still has about 5 characters too many to focus on and tends towards shock value over proper plot, but it took a few strides forward in the culmination of the Edward Mordrake saga. Thankfully, the season is finally starting to pull together the pieces of the puzzle, instead of letting characters and plot lines wander all over. Plus no musical number, thank God.

Here’s a rundown on “Edward Mordrake Part 2:”

New Characters to Remember

None. Could the show finally be focusing on the ...

'American Horror Story Freak Show' Recap: Rundown On 'Edward Mordrake Part 1'

October 23rd, 2014 8:39am EDT
'American Horror Story Freak Show' Recap: Rundown On 'Edward Mor
Can anyone decipher the main plot of Freak Show? Is it Elsa Mars’ quest for fame and the horrors she’ll commit to get it? Is it about Dot and Bette skirting the law, joining a freak show, and fighting each other? Or maybe it’s about the tough life of Jimmy, who was born into a world he despises? Or is it about a crazy clown, his rich best friend, and the town they’re terrorizing? There are so many major plots that they all start to feel insignificant as the episodes go on, especially since there’s a new threat introduced in every episode. It could be the result of having too many beloved ac...

Emmy Nominee Allison Tolman Reflects On Her Trip To 'Fargo'

October 16th, 2014 2:05pm EDT
Emmy Nominee Allison Tolman Reflects On Her Trip To 'Fargo'
Allison Tolman shot to deserved recognition with FX's Fargo, and her fantastic turn as small-town deputy Molly Solverson. After the show's first season, the still emerging actress had become an Emmy Award nominee and Critics' Choice Television Award winner. Now that season one is available on Blu-Ray and DVD, we sat down with Allison to look back on Molly's journey and how much she loved her time on Fargo.

Everything turned out fantastic, but she was initially surprised by the idea of a TV series inspired by the 1996 Coen Brothers movie. "When I first heard that they were doing the project...

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Recap: Rundown On 'Massacres And Matinees'

October 16th, 2014 8:21am EDT
American Horror Story: Freak Show
American Horror Story has never excelled at creating strong plots and characters with coherent motivations. But the one thing it has always done well is embracing its campiness. The episodes that take themselves too seriously are often the least successful. Freak Show is still in that stage of taking itself seriously, but “Massacres and Matinees” also managed to be one of the most ridiculous and funny episodes in the show’s history. Here’s a rundown of the episode:

New Characters Worth Remembering

“Massacres and Matinees” saw the introduction of two new performers in the Freak Show:


'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Premiere Recap: Rundown On 'Monsters Among Us'

October 9th, 2014 8:29am EDT
'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Premiere Recap: Rundown On '
Here’s a rundown of what’s sure to be the scariest season of American Horror Story yet.

Important Characters to Remember

Dot Tattler (Sarah Paulson) is one half of the Siamese twin duo. As the darker girl, she’s more reserved and conservative than her sister. You can recognize her by her brown headband and constant look of disdain plastered on her face.
Bette Tattler (Sarah Paulson, again) is the gentler twin, with the persistent head-in-the-clouds look about her. She’s also most likely to be the evil twin. She killed her mother for not taking her to the movies. She’s also more sexually m...

'The Strain' Season 1 Finale Recap: Beware Of Vampire Cliffhangers

October 6th, 2014 8:59am EDT
The Strain
As a season finale, "The Master" swung a big sack of game-changers all over "The Strain." Gus got a game-changer. Palmer got a game-changer. The Master (and by association, our entire group of hero vampire hunters)- game changer.

This episode was the Oprah WInfrey of plot development.

But what "The Master" delivered in change, it lacked in closure. The hour was divided into three easy-to-follow subheadings- "Good Guys," "Bad Guys" and "Gus, Who Is More of an Outlier Than Ever Before"- and none of those stories ended with anything remotely resembling an ending.

Not even a "well, we won th...

6 Secrets of 'The Strain' We Learned from Kevin Durand

October 3rd, 2014 2:30pm EDT
The Strain
There are just days to go before "The Strain" airs its season finale. And for a brief hour, we'll all revel in sludgy, slime-drenched vampire goodness.

Maybe someone will be killed off. Maybe Eichhorst. Maybe the Master! Maybe the entire vampire-killing crew (which would mean a fairly uneventful second season).

But after that hour: nothing, for almost an entire year. So while we still have that last little bit of "Strain" left, let's enjoy ourselves.

Recently, Kevin Durand (Vasiliy Fet) held a conference call with reams of writers from sites across the Web, where he detailed the ins and ...