Exclusive With 'Suits' Star Gabriel Macht On Upcoming Season

6/24/2015 12:03pm EDT
'Suits' Star Gabriel Macht Talks Season 5: How Far Will Harvey F
The fifth season of Suits is a scary place for Harvey Specter. TV's coolest character is facing life without his loyal assistant Donna Paulsen - and just how much will that cause him to crack? Plus, you didn't think that'd be all he'd have to deal with, did you?

Starpulse recently visited the set of Suits and sat down with Gabriel Macht for a conversation about Harvey without Donna, and what else he'll have to face once the new season starts tonight at 9 PM. SPOILER ALERT!

Just how badly has Donna's departure affected Harvey? It's worse than you think. "There are some moments when you see...

Manny Montana Preps Us On Season 3 Of USA's 'Graceland'

6/23/2015 2:05pm EDT
Manny Montana On 'Graceland': 'It Feels Like A Brand New Season'
USA's Graceland is back this Thursday with more undercover suspense, and if you thought the season two finale was surprising, you haven't seen anything yet. We checked in with series star Manny Montana to discuss what fans are in for during season three, and what it's been like for him to continue playing FBI agent Johnny Tuturro.

SPOILER ALERT: If you're not caught up on Graceland, this interview contains spoilers for the season two finale, which is still available via USA on Demand.

Season two was pretty tough for Johnny, who spent most of the run embedded with psychopathic drug dealer ...

Can 'Suits' Get Any Better Than It Already Is?

6/22/2015 12:04pm EDT
USA's Suits is back on Wednesday, and television's best show just got better. In season five, there's not only a caseload of continuing drama at Pearson Specter Litt, but a deep look into the inner workings of the show's already captivating characters.

Fans know that season four ended with more big changes, most notably between top litigator Harvey Specter and his loyal assistant Donna Paulsen. Season five doesn't shy away from exploring the full effect of those changes; in fact, Wednesday's season premiere rips the Band-Aid off and doesn't apologize.

You'll see several characters in a wh...

Do You Want To Hang Out On The Set Of 'Suits'?

6/19/2015 10:43am EDT
USA Network To Send Viewers To Set Of 'Suits'
Who doesn't want to hang out with Harvey Specter and Mike Ross? To promote next week's season premiere of Suits, USA is working with Jetsetter on "Suits Summer Escape," which will send somebody to the show's hometown of Toronto and give them an exclusive visit to the set.

Fans who visit the website ( from now through July 3 just have to do a little bit of brainstorming. Every other day, there will be a new travel destination posted - and to enter, all you have to do is guess which of Suits' six main characters would go there for their vacation.

For example, the first...

USA Medical Drama 'Complications' Is A Winner

6/18/2015 12:12pm EDT
'Complications' Preview: Matt Nix Scores Again For USA
Burn Notice creator Matt Nix is headed back to USA tonight with the new original series Complications, and it's another winning hand for one of TV's best writers and one of TV's strongest networks. This is not your average medical drama.

First things first, if you're tuning into Complications expecting Burn Notice in a hospital, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Complications is a much more serious show, fitting in well with the grittier tone that USA has taken on with shows like Graceland as it's one part medical show, one part crime drama. If you like either of those genres, you'll...

Summer TV Shows You Need To Check Out

6/1/2015 2:01pm EDT
The Whispers
Summer hasn't officially began yet, and I'm already clamoring for new entertainment. Dinosaurs, spies and tropical rom-coms may rule (or bomb) at the box office, but this summer's roster of big budget popcorn movies has yet to pique my interest. Thankfully, there is a new crop of television shows ripe for the picking. Here's the scoop on 5 can't-miss new shows!

The Whispers, ABC

Despite having a block of award-winning family-friendly programming, the ultimate goal of ABC's is to turn adorable, innocent children into the creepiest villains on television. "The Whispers" is about an in...

'Graceland' Art Revealed

5/8/2015 4:06pm EDT
USA Releases Key Art For Season 3 Of 'Graceland'
On Friday, USA revealed its key art for the upcoming third season of the crime drama Graceland, from White Collar creator Jeff Eastin and with a cast led by Aaron Tveit and Daniel Sunjata. And as you can see from the picture, we've come a long way from the beachfront shots of the pilot.

The new season of the show picks up where season two left off, with Mike Warren (Tveit) having survived a close call. Mike's colleague Paul Briggs (Sunjata) finds himself heading into an operation involving the Armenian mafia, and Charlie DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito) is on her own quest to find the person who ...

Exclusive Clip Of USA's 'DIG'

3/26/2015 2:02pm EDT
Exclusive Clip From Tonight's Episode Of USA's 'DIG'
In tonight's episode of DIG, things continue to get thornier for Peter (Jason Isaacs), as he refuses to let go of Emma Wilson's murder. Of course he does, because this is Jason Isaacs and nobody puts him into a corner. Check out what's in store in "Prayer of David" with our exclusive preview clip!

Also in tonight's installment, there are consequences for Debbie (Lauren Ambrose) regarding what she tried to do before, and Avram (Guy Selnik) continues on to Croatia but might not get there if the assassin following him has anything to say about it. Make sure you're tuned in tonight to find out...

'Sirens' Prompts Two Interesting Questions

3/11/2015 8:08am EDT
'Sirens' Review: 'Hypocritical Oath' - Mobsters And Ponies
Sirens gets a lot of mileage out of Brian's naivete and/or general goodhearted-ness, and "Hypocritical Oath" is another one of those episodes. With Steve Schirripa (The Sopranos) playing the patient of the week, we get to see Brian try and largely fail to be an advocate for positive change. And there's also a pony.

When the guys' next patient is well-known mobster Jimmy O'Shea, it's not just another day at the office. First, Jimmy's right hand man Fat Eddie (not to be confused with Fat Tony) tries to boss them around. Then everyone else has an opinion about what they should or should not h...

What Does Kevin Bigley Have To Say About 'Sirens'?

3/10/2015 12:08pm EDT
Kevin Bigley Dishes On Season 2 Of USA's 'Sirens'
USA's Sirens is in the middle of its second season, and as if having a giant python wasn't enough, there are still plenty of hijinks ahead. Tonight's episode, "Hypocritical Oath," sees the paramedics save a local mobster (played by Steve Schirripa of The Sopranos fame) and naturally, Brian uses that experience to try and help his team. Because Brian is always helpful.

We sat down with Kevin Bigley, who plays everyone's favorite rookie paramedic, to discuss what it's been like jumping into the second season of Sirens and what's in store for the remaining episodes that could possibly top a p...