'The Middle' Recap: 'Valentine's Day VI'

February 12th, 2015 12:06pm EST
The Middle
“The Middle” has had a Valentine’s Day episode almost every season. (This episode is “Valentine’s Day VI,” even though there was no “Valentine’s Day V.”) In that time, there have been various combinations of Heck children with and without significant others. But this was the first February 14 in which every Heck was in a healthy, happy relationship. It felt a bit like a conclusion of sorts, almost a bit too much so. With so little conflict – at least, nothing that could not be solved fairly easily – everyone’s situation was nearly too perfect to make a sitcom episode out of. But that ...

Which 'Dancing With The Stars' Pros Will Return For Season 20?

February 11th, 2015 10:45am EST
Dancing With The Stars
"Dancing with the Stars" announcement of its season 20 pros brings to the ballroom old favorites and new surprises that promises to make the 10th year of the beloved ABC reality dance series its best yet!

Returning to the ballroom are beloved favorites Tony Dovolani, Mark Ballas, Kym Johnson and Peta Murgatroyd.

New fan favorites Sharna Burgess, Witney Carson, Artem Chigvintsev, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Allison Holker and Emma Slater are also returning to the dance floor.

Carson won season 19 of "Dancing with the Stars" alongside Alfonso Ribiero.

Season 20 will also be the last for longti...

'Scandal' Recap: 5 Biggest WTF Moments From 'Where's The Black Lady'

February 6th, 2015 9:30am EST
'Scandal' Recap: 5 Biggest WTF Moments From 'Where's The Black L
Previously on Scandal: the show took an incredible risk that paid off for a single episode. “Run” focused solely on the plight of a kidnapped Olivia Pope in an Alias-light plot. But with “Where’s the Black Lady,” Scandal is back to business as usual, with an episode that jumps from character to character as they try to be problem solvers, per usual. Oh what could have been. It’s only been a week, but we’re already missing the Scandal that nixed its supporting cast, overzealous speeches, and impossible political maneuvers.

Straight off the bat the tone of “Where’s the Black Lady” feels comp...

'Grey’s Anatomy' Recap: 5 Heartbreaking Scenes From 'The Bed's Too Big Without You'

February 6th, 2015 9:10am EST
Grey's Anatomy
“Surrounded by people but drowning in solitude, that kind of loneliness can swallow you whole,” voiceover Meredith muses. And she’s not the only one suffering from lonely heart (along with empty bed) syndrome in “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” episode. Below are five heartrending scenes that’ll make you hold your person super tight. Make sure there are tissues nearby.

Just Shut Up

It’s bad enough April and Jackson are at odds about whether they should abort or keep their baby that suffers from a fatal birth defect. When April’s mama makes a surprise visit, she lands in the middle of war o...

'The Middle' Recap: 'Hecks On A Train'

February 5th, 2015 11:43am EST
'The Middle' Season 6, Episode 12 Recap: 'Hecks On A Train'
“The Middle” has been developing an odd habit recently of introducing and quickly resolving major plot points late in the episode. In “A Quarry Story,” it was Sue’s party that got out of hand. In this episode, it was Frankie getting left behind at one of the train stops and her family not even realizing that she was gone. These moments have been a little jarring, because they could have easily been expanded to fill an entire half hour. Furthermore, Frankie being left behind stuck out on an otherwise low-key episode of a show that is generally low-key.

“Hecks on a Train” was low-key ins...

The Top 5 Things You Didn't See At the Oscar Nominees Luncheon

February 3rd, 2015 9:43am EST
Top 5 Things You Didn't See At the Oscar Nominees Luncheon
At Monday's Oscar Nominees Luncheon, over 150 of the nominees in every category showed up to celebrate each other's success for the 2014 year in film. The nominees won't gather again in one room until the big show on Sunday, Feb. 22.

The event is one of the most special of the awards-show season because each nominee is called to the stage to receive their certificate. They also pose for the class photo which commemorates the class of 2014.

The press room is always buzzing with applause and laughter as it becomes clear who the media favors each awards season. This year was no different as ...

'Scandal' Recap And Review: Musings On 'Run'

January 30th, 2015 9:30am EST
'Scandal' Winter Premiere Review: Musings On 'Run'
“I’m Olivia Pope… It’s funny because it’s useless.”

This might be a controversial statement but “Run” is the best Scandal episode since season 2. Not only that, but “Run” is what Scandal should be like. No ridiculous subplots where Huck is having is fiftieth meltdown. No insane political maneuvers that would never work in a million years. No long winded speeches that repeat a central theme over and over until your ears bleed. Just focus on the central character and her plight. There was even minimal Fitz, which is a blessing on its own.

Sure, the show has evolved into Alias-lite, with evi...

'Grey’s Anatomy' Recap 'Where Do We Go From Here'

January 30th, 2015 7:44am EST
grey's anatomy
Happy New Year, “Grey’s” watchers. The TGIT withdrawal has finally been lifted and we’re right where we left off. Derek’s more gung ho than ever to go to D.C., even at the risk of breaking his post-it note marriage vows. No matter, Meredith chucks the symbol of their commitment—the framed post-it note—in the trash. Shattering it in several pieces. (BTW nice touch with the intro, ShondaLand.)

The overarching theme of “Where Do We Go From Here” is adjusting to trauma. But the first step is getting over the shock. Meredith is proactive; she interviews a nanny that will more or less take Derek...

5 Scoops: Spoilers For 'How To Get Away With Murder,' 'Scandal,' 'Empire' And More

January 28th, 2015 10:57am EST
How I Met Your Mother
This TV blogger couldn’t be happier! Not only are there an impressive new batch of mid-season premieres to consume, Shondaland has finally re-opened, giving me even more delicious spoilers to share! Here are five scoops on “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Scandal,” “Empire” and more!

Liar Liar? Remember when "How To Get Away With Murder's" Conor had a full-on post-murder anxiety attack, ran back to his ex-boyfriend's house and lied that he was freaking out because of a drug problem? Did you wonder why he picked that cover story so readily? Jack Falahee dished to about his do...

'Galavant' Star Vinnie Jones: 'I Wanted To Get Back To Comedy'

January 25th, 2015 12:10pm EST
'Galavant' Star Vinnie Jones: 'I Wanted To Get Back To Comedy'
Hollywood audiences know Vinnie Jones for being the tough guy in films like X-Men: The Last Stand and The Condemned. So it's been a pleasant surprise to see him hamming it up as royal henchman Gareth on ABC's Galavant. And the role isn't as far afield for him as you might think.

"I wanted to get back to comedy," he told us in an interview on Friday. "I love comedy, I just love it, and I wanted to get back to it. I think that's what I'm best at [and] that's what I enjoy more."

Vinnie actually became a household name on the lighter side of film, when he was cast in Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock...