Kim Kardashian Second 'Vogue' Cover Rumor Addressed

5/17/2016 1:49am EDT
Kim Kardashian 'Vogue' Rumor: Does She Want Second Cover Shoot W
A magazine claims that Kim Kardashian“wants a new Vogue cover” without Kanye West. Life & Style magazine claims that Kim wants to pose on a second cover of the magazine sans her husband.

Gossip Cop reports that the story isn't true.

According to Life & Style, Kardashian “wants to break the magazine racks” and wants to do it “solo.”

“The reality star has another Vogue cover in her sights, and this time she’s demanding that her husband not be included,” L&S writes.

Kim Kardashian "Wants New Vogue Cover" Without Kanye West?

— Gossip Cop...

Finally, Paige VanZant Addresses Rumors Of Feud With Ronda Rousey

5/15/2016 1:19pm EDT
Paige VanZant
Now, why would anyone want to pick a fight with MMA darling and DWTS contestant, Paige VanZant? Apparently Ronda Rousey has a bone to pick with Paige, who is finally speaking out over the alleged feud.

The story isn't new; it's grown a second set of legs. Paige isn't tapping out -- and isn't afraid -- but she does have a prediction about the outcome in her skirmish with Ronda, according to a TMZ Sports update.

Miesha Tate, a fellow UFC fighter, who has reason to lack any love for Rousey, had a hand in spreading news about Paige VanZant's feud with Ronda Rousey. Tate was a guest on Thurs...

Not True That Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri Because Of This

5/15/2016 3:06am EDT
Tom Cruise Does NOT Think Daughter, Suri, Is 'Possessed' By 'Evi
Tom Cruise's reasons for not seeing his daughter, Suri, are always being speculated on in the press. Questionable reports constantly bombard headlines when it comes to this actor, who largely remains a mystery due to his devout Scientology beliefs.

A tabloid this week made insane claims that Cruise believes Suri is "possessed" by "evil spirits." This report is being touted as completely false by Gossip Cop.

Tom Cruise Thinks Suri Is Possessed By "Evil Spirit"...?

— Gossip Cop (@GossipCop) May 14, 2016

The report comes from -- no sur...

Why Is A Silver Fox And Reality TV Star Lobbing Insults At One Another?

5/14/2016 7:37pm EDT
George Clooney
The feud is in effect and is giving reality TV a run for its money.

Actor, George Clooney, is not Team Donald Trump, and his recent slight of the GOP presumptive nominee is proof. However, The Donald didn't take Clooney's bold prediction lying down; he shot back in Trumpian fashion, according to Daily Caller.

Thursday, Clooney attended the 2016 Cannes Film Festival to promote his new movie, Money Monster. During a question and answer segment, Clooney fielded a question about the real estate mogul.

The actor, who is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter and helped her raise millions duri...

Miley Cyrus Really Pregnant?

5/12/2016 2:39am EDT
Miley Cyrus 'Pregnant Bride' Tabloid Report Spews False Rumors
Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Life & Style magazine as a “pregnant bride.” Does this sound true? Well, it's not.

The tabloid claims Cyrus has a "bump" and goes on to say: “After Miley’s announcement, she plans a quickie wedding.”

Add to that, the story claims that Miley and Liam Hemsworth are “fast-track[ing] their wedding day after getting some exciting news.”

Gossip Cop trashes the report, calling it false.

The report emphasizes Hemsworth's recent interview when he said having children isn't a priority in his life.

"I’m sure one day I’ll go down that road and it’ll feel right," Hem...

Whoopi Goldberg Quitting 'The View'?

5/11/2016 10:53am EDT
whoopi goldberg
Rumors that Whoopi Goldberg might soon be quitting "The View" are in full swing again.

Radaronline reports that show executives wanted Whoopi gone before Rosie O'Donnell, but she "held them to their contract."

An in insider tells the website that Whoopi Goldberg wants more money for her co-hosting duties on "The View," but she could be out after May sweeps. The source said Whoopi refuses to take a pay cut, so she'll "just retire."

The source added that Joy Behar will be the "the main person and Barbara Walters will come back during [this fall’s presidential race]."

Additionally, Fox New...

Why Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Split

5/11/2016 9:54am EDT
Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin Break Up Was Over The Kardashian
A tabloid report claims Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin broke up over the Kardashians.

OK! reports that Jennifer's "obsession" with the reality show is what led to her breakup with Chris.

The magazine's source said Chris couldn't believe "how much she loved to watch 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'"

#JenniferLawrence & #ChrisMartin split because of the Kardashians! Exclusive details —>

— In Touch Weekly (@intouchweekly) May 11, 2016

"Jennifer was obsessed with the family, and tried to get Chris to watch the show with her," the ...

David Beckham Eyeing Another Woman?

5/10/2016 1:37am EDT
David Beckham Getting Flirtatious With 'Mystery' Woman In His Sp
Rumors that David Beckham were “caught flirting” with a “pretty brunette” in his SoulCycle class in L.A. is “completely untrue.”

Gossip Cop corrects a report published by RadarOnline, which stated that Beckham was getting a bit coquettish with a mystery woman in his spin class.

A questionable “source” told Radar: “David and this woman would work out next to each other and flirt before, during and after class.”

The insider said the woman David Beckham was allegedly flirting with is “skinny” and “in her 30’s.”

The source added that the soccer star and model “was completely charming her” d...

Jennifer Aniston Making A 'Friends' Film?

5/8/2016 1:33am EDT
Jennifer Aniston 'Friends' Movie: Is Actress In The Process Of C
More Jennifer Aniston rumors are coming down the pike with the latest out that she's making a "Friends" movie.

Gossip Cop isn't revealing what source claims that the actress is in talks with producers to create a "Friends" film, but it states that a "Saturday headline on a notoriously bad blog reads, 'Jennifer Aniston Talking ‘Friends’ Film After Box Office Disasters.'"

The so-called exclusive writes: "Jennifer Aniston’s most recent effort at the box office has resulted in a major flop and rumors are swirling that Aniston’s career in entertainment really can’t afford another bomb on her r...

Kanye West Didn't Really Fire Bodyguard In Question

5/6/2016 4:56am EDT
Kanye West Didn't Axe 'Flirtatious' Bodyguard For Talking To Kim
Rumors erupted that Kanye West fired a bodyguard for flirting with his wife, Kim Kardashian. According to the rapper, that wasn't ever the case.

Sources tell TMZ that Kanye has no issues with members of security interacting with Kim, and that he definitely didn't fire Steve Stanulis, a bodyguard hired by "the guy in charge of their security to help out before the Met Gala."

It was predetermined before the event that Stanulis would only be used for the day before things got underway. Stanulis wasn't on the West's regular payroll and was hired as a temp.

As the report states, several medi...