You Won't Believe What Lisa Lampanelli Looks Like Now

6/21/2015 5:47pm EDT
Lisa Lampanelli Pounds: Comedian Keeps 100 Pounds Off Two Years
Lisa Lampanelli has lost 0ver 100 pounds since undergoing weight loss surgery in 2012. According to Sport Act, the comedian has completely changed her life, and says that she feels like she's getting a fresh start.

"I turned back the clock. I’m reliving my life. I just felt like I was 19 again and could do things over. The only reason I was allowed to have a career for a quarter century as an insult comic is because it’s all in jest and all for fun. I’m cutting out a little just because acts aren’t the same they were years ago – you kind of grow as a person and a performer. I still do the ...

Rob Kardashian Goes Out... In Public

6/19/2015 9:31pm EDT
Rob Kardashian
Rob Kardashian stepped out for a late night burger run, but couldn't avoid the paparazzi. According to Fashion & Style, the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was at In-N-Out Burger around 10 p.m. on Thursday night. It's the first time that Rob has been seen in public in quite some time. He has been staying indoors, and completely out of the spotlight recently as he deals with some depression and some weight issues. There have also been rumors that Rob has gotten himself addicted to drugs.

"While Kardashian has been working with a personal trainer to help him shed the weight, mom ...

Hilaria Baldwin's Proud Of Her Epic Post-Baby Body (See The Pics!)

6/19/2015 7:28pm EDT
Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin is getting back into the selfie game, just two days after giving birth! According to Us Weekly, the 31-year-old yoga instructor and wife of Alec Baldwin hopped onto Instagram on Friday to post an incredible pic of herself.

Check it out up top: Hilaria, in nothing but her underwear, in full self mode in front of the mirror. Totally confident, despite having birthed an entire human being just days before. Are you inspired? We're totally inspired.

Apparently, that was the whole point. "I have been planning on doing post belly photos but didn't know if I was gonna have the gut...

Why Does Chris Pratt Want Everyone To 'Objectify Men?'

6/19/2015 6:49pm EDT
Chris Pratt Wants To 'Objectify Men': 'Jurassic World' Star Argu
Chris Pratt thinks we should objectify men- for equality! In an interview with Radio 4's Front Row (via Entertainment Weekly), the mega-hot Jurassic World star talked about his own body image, and how it's made him rethink the way women are objectified.

First, of the subject of Pratt's own transformation- from a little extra pudge on Parks & Rec to the studly six-pack of Guardians of the Galaxy. “It was a huge part of how my career has shifted is based on the way that I look, on the way that I’ve shaped my body to look,” the actor revealed. And now that he's the man-crush of millions world...

Kourtney Kardashian's Abs Will Blow Your Mind

6/19/2015 12:19am EDT
Kourtney Kardashian's Sexy Ab Selfie: Kourtney Posts Half-Naked
Kourtney Kardashian's abs are incredible- especially considering she just had a baby! According to Us Weekly, the Kardashian sister posted a half-naked selfie on Instagram on Thursday, and she looks absolutely stunning.

In the pic, Kourtney's rocking a pair of black-and-white-striped pajama bottoms and a black sports bra- nothing else. "Hopped up out the bed, turn my swag on," she said in a caption. "Took a look in the mirror said what's up?"

Not only does Kourtney look spectacular, but she looks spectacular just months after giving birth to her third son, Reign. Reign was born in Decembe...

Duchess Kate's Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

6/17/2015 9:37pm EDT
Duchess Kate Hires Personal Trainer, Takes Baby Weight Off In A
Duchess Kate has been working out with a personal trainer, which has really helped her "bounce back" after baby.

According to People Magazine, the 33-year-old has a tailored fitness routing with an unnamed "trainer to the stars," and has been working hard to get back to her pre-baby weight. Kate reportedly sees her trainer once a week, and then checks in remotely by phone on a daily basis, helping stay on track and motivated.

"[The trainer] was brought on board while she was pregnant and is super-discreet. It's a lot of money, but you get a lot for the price. The trainer checks in remotel...

Someone Called Ashley Greene 'Too Fat?' Seriously?!?

6/16/2015 3:50pm EDT
Ashley Greene Called 'Too Fat?' Star Talks Hollywood Body Issues
Ashley Greene has been called "too fat." Insane, isn't it? According to the latest issue of Health Magazine, it's totally true. The former "Twilight" actress opened up in a new interview, talking about her career and the struggles she's had with people criticizing her physique.

"Yeah, there's always going to be pressure," Greene explains. "Anyone who doesn't feel pressure is a really good liar. You're always going to be too skinny or too fat or too muscular, and I've gotten every single one of those."

When asked outright- has she been called fat?- Greene revealed the surprising truth. "Ye...

How Did Carrie Underwood Lose The Post-Baby Weight ?

6/8/2015 8:33am EDT
Carrie Underwood's Trainer Shares Baby Weight Loss Tips, Includi
Carrie Underwood is looking really good these days, a challenging task for the mother of a four-month-old son. The country star recently showed off her post-baby body for a photo shoot for her new fitness line Calia, and her longtime trainer, Erin Oprea, shared the secrets to her slimmed down frame.

"Sometimes we'll go for a run with lots of hills, stop at a park to do some pull ups, push ups, step ups and other fun body weight stuff," Oprea told People.

Meanwhile, the trainor makes sure to "keep it fun and keep shocking the body. No two workouts seem to end up the same."

Underwood train...

This 'Dance Moms' Star Lost Weight In an Unusual Way

6/4/2015 8:56am EDT
'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Talks Weight Loss, Dropping Fr
Abby Lee Miller, the dance instructor and choreographer on reality show "Dance Moms," dropped a bunch of pounds recently, but she didn't do it via weight-loss surgery, tons of exercise or crazy dieting. In fact, her method was quite unusual (and not recommended).

She refuted rumors that she had a lap-band procedure, telling People, "That would have been easy."

Instead, the weight loss was a bit accidental. Miller's mom was hospitalized for colon cancer and, "When you're in and out of the hospital, that hospital food just makes you sick. I think it was a little bit mental with me," she exp...

What Is Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Secret?

6/4/2015 8:34am EDT
Melissa McCarthy's 50 Pound Weight Loss Secret? She's 'Crying Of
When Melissa McCarthy earned a star on the Walk of Fame last month, she did so as a slimmer, sleeker woman. She'd lost nearly 50 pounds! Now, the "Spy" star is finally opening up about how she lost all the weight. It's so much easier than you'd think.

On Wednesday, Melissa appeared on "CBS This Morning" (via E!) to tell the world exactly how she shed so many pounds. Her secret? "Just crying a lot," came the surprise reveal. "I'm crying off the pounds."

Well, not really. That one was a joke; her real secret is trying to live as stress-free as possible.

"I feel amazing and I finally said, ...