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Giada De Laurentiis Gets Candid Over Rumors She's Dated Bobby Flay, Others

11/7/2015 10:18am EST
Giada De Laurentiis Clears Air About John Mayer, Bobby Flay Rumo
Giada De Laurentiis is getting a bit off her chest. This week, the photogenic Food Network Chef -- recently divorced -- finally cleared the air of dating rumors. Giada has been linked in the past to Bobby Flay, Matt Lauer, and John Mayer. And, she has this to say about the romance buzz: It ain't so, and never has been.

Last night, Giada De Laurentiis sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and dished about her personal life. Cohen delved into her personal life by leading with a question about Bobby Flay and the dating rumors that have swirled for months on end.

Despite that ...

Is This 'GMA' Co-Host Really Sitting On Donald Trump's Lap?

11/6/2015 9:28am EST
'GMA' Co-Host Lara Spencer Skewered For 'Sitting' On Donald Trum
Don't believe everything you see on the Internet.

Lara Spencer found herself in some hot stew this week when she posted an Instagram of her appearing to be sitting on GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump's lap. You guessed accurately: a backlash followed over Lara's pic with The Donald, but the brass had a logical explanation for the photograph's depiction.

On Tuesday, Trump appeared on a taping of the show and GMA co-host Lara Spencer greeted the real estate mogul with an embrace. In the picture, Lara smiles at Donald, who returns an affectionate grin, while his arm is draped around...

It's That Time Again, Check Out Oprah's List Of 'Favorite Things'

11/6/2015 8:53am EST
Oprah Reveals Annual List Of 'Favorite Things' In O Magazine
Oprah Winfrey has revealed her annual "Favorite Things" list of gifts and as usual, they are things that would be great to have if you have tons of money to spend.

The media mogul unveiled her 2015 list of favorite holiday items, all 87 of them.

The 61-year-old Weight Watchers part owner sported a bejeweled tiara, glam gown and red Apple watch on the cover of the annual issue.

For fun, she pushed down some wooden toy soldiers.

Winfrey revealed that this list in particular, is one of her best in two decades.

"I've been picking my Favorite Things for more than 20 years, but this year...

Adele's Answer To Posing For Playboy Magazine Is Powerfully Funny

11/5/2015 11:26am EST
Adele has no interest in taking her clothes off for Hugh Hefner's magazine. The Playboy publisher's company apparently asked the Hello singer to pose nude several times in the past; but Adele is confused about two things: she's not sure the Playboy Magazine gesture is due to her weight as a plus-size woman -- or is purely sexist.

After taking hiatus for a time as a new mommy, and recovering from throat surgery, Adele is is back with new music, and is breaking records along the way.

According to Nielsen Music, her new single -- from 25 -- that is not even out until November 20, sold over...

Mickey Rourke Was Moments Away From Suicide, Unlikely Companion Stepped In

11/5/2015 10:14am EST
Mickey Rourke Suicide Attempt: Actor Credits Dog With Saving His
Mickey Rourke's life nearly ended in suicide years ago, and the actor-turned-boxer-turned-activist credits his loving dog for saving his life.

According to a Page Six report, on Sunday, Mickey Rourke attended the screening of Eating Happiness, a documentary about the trading and consumption of dog meat in Asia.

Rourke, 63, a PETA activist, shared a gut-wrenching story about his suicide attempt during a low point in his life. An avid dog lover and owner of six pooches, Mickey described the chilling moment before he nearly put a bullet through his head.

"I was going through a really ro...

The 2015 CMAs: Everything You Need To Know, Including Live Stream Info.

11/4/2015 2:30pm EST
Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood
A burning question is on the minds of a lot of country music lovers: How can I watch the 2015 CMAs online via Live Stream Wednesday night? Don't fret; we have all the 411 on the 49th Annual Country Music Awards show (#CMAWARDS) this year!

When the lights come on, and the curtain rises, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will take to the stage at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. It will mark the eighth time (since 2008) the country crooners host the coveted CMA Awards ceremony.

If you want to watch the CMAs online, you have to be careful what sites you visit. Because this is the biggest ni...

This Picture Proves George Clooney Is Gay?

11/3/2015 10:18am EST
George Clooney Divorce Rumors: Reportedly, Amal Blindsided By Ga
Although George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Clooney divorce rumors have swirled for a time now, this latest gossip suggesting George is gay (or bi) is over the top. We couldn't resist sharing this outlandish story with you.

Reportedly, George and Amal's split may be "sealed" because some old secret pictures surfaced of the silver fox allegedly kissing a dude, and the actor's new bride was blindsided, according to a supposed National Enquirer exclusive report.

The "never-before-seen" photos are described as proof of George Clooney's risqué double life, which he allegedly managed to hide f...

Giada De Laurentiis Upgrades To Monster Bachelorette Pad After Divorce

11/2/2015 10:18am EST
Giada De Laurentiis Goes 'Big' Post-Divorce Amid Bobby Flay Shac
Giada De Laurentiis has no time to sit around sulking and marinating in broiled tears. Amid rumors Giada and Bobby Flay are shacking up [allegedly], the newly single Food Network celebrity chef reportedly bought herself a huge mansion that is twice the size of the home she and her ex-hubby shared.

The buzz about Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay just won't vanish, and don't seem to be going away soon. While the gossip about their affairs that led to divorces that led to eventual hooking up sounds like the story of the year, Starpulse cannot independently confirm the scoop and skinny.


Ivana Trump Slams Melania!

11/2/2015 7:43am EST
Ivana Trump
With Ivana Trump's ex-husband, Donald Trump, running for president, it seems only normal that she would be asked her opinion on the matter. According to the New York Daily News, Ivana was recently at a party in New York City when she was asked if she would be a good first lady (of course, she is no longer married to Donald, so the question was hypothetical).

Ivana took a jab at Melania Trump when she answered.

"Yes, but the problem is, what is he going to do with his third wife? She can’t talk, she can’t give a speech, she doesn’t go to events, she doesn’t (seem to) want to be involved," ...

Meg Ryan's Plastic Surgery, Trout Pout Cloud Film's Debut

11/1/2015 10:18am EST
Attendees Painfully Blast Meg Ryan's Plastic Surgery At Director
Meg Ryan hasn't been a fixture on the big screen for a time, and when she does show up at a Hollywood event, she gets the business, big time about her plastic surgery and vanity, according to a report.

Meg's directors' debut film, Ithaca, was screened during the 18th Annual Savannah Film Festival at the Trustees Theater in Savannah, Georgia on Thursday. Instead of focusing on reviews of the film, one tabloid largely focused on Ryan's "trout pout."

Reportedly, Meg Ryan's special moment was ruined, not only by her lack of experience in cinema; insiders say she focused less on the project ...