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What 'Dark Secrets' Are In Marie Osmond's New Book?

7/24/2015 8:29am EDT
Marie Osmond Movie Details Dark Secrets: Film Based On Book Unco
The latest news with celebrities, arts and entertainment, particularly, rumors about Marie Osmond, is alive and well -- albeit with a sliver of scandal.

A report out this week suggests that the 55-year-old singer is entangled in a web of controversy over a movie that is releasing soon. The prevailing gossip says that pain from Marie's second marriage has the potential to "send the troubled singer right back to a mental hospital."

Osmond's book, The Life and Career of Marie Osmond, authored by Randy Jernigan, is the basis for a film that centers on the Nutrisystem spokesperson's 21-year nu...

Streisand's 17-Year Marriage On The Brink? Say It Ain't So!

7/23/2015 2:13pm EDT
 Barbra Streisand-James Brolin Divorce Rumors: Reportedly, A Rif
First, Blake and Miranda split. Now, allegedly (with emphasis on the "A"), rumors are swirling that Barbra Streisand and James Brolin are on the brink of a nasty divorce.

While this latest rumor about Barbra and James divorcing sounds like fodder for late night comedians and shop talk, the National Enquirer's story can't be ruled out across the board.

After all, the tabloid has broken some high-profile stories in the past (Just think the scandal with former Senator John Edwards). So, let's just go with this hot button topic until it's slammed by other sources or the couple steps out and r...

Daniel Radcliffe Shows Off His Rap Skills

7/21/2015 11:38am EDT
Daniel Radcliffe Gives Eminem A Run For His Money
Daniel Radcliffe gave Eminem a run for his money during a YouTube video when he performed a rendition of the rapper's hit "The Real Slim Shady."

Radcliffe had already showed off his rapping skills when he performed Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” last year on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

In the video, Radcliffe raps the tune while his girlfriend dances nearby at Cameron's Pub in Half Moon Nay, California.

The two then shared a cute smooch at the end.

"I was the first kid in my class to learn 'The Real Slim Shady,'" Radcliffe told Jimmy Fallon during a 2014 appearance. ...

Lindsey Vonn's Sister Is The New Pippa Middleton With Those Curves?

7/21/2015 8:51am EDT
Lindsey Vonn's Sister Karin Kildow
Some are calling Lindsey Vonn's sister, Karin Kildow, the equivalent of what Pippa Middleton is to Duchess Kate -- and the curves don't lie.

One look at the Olympic alpine skier's sister and several things are clear: sought-after svelte figures, blonde hair, and cover girl magazine looks run in the Vonn-Kildow family.

At an ESPYs red carpet event last week in Hollywood, California, cameras set up for a glimpse to see Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn. Instead, they got a twofer with Karin's arrival.

Lindsey Vonn donned a canary yellow tailored frock with a dangerous thigh-high spl...

When Three Is Not A Crowd For Two Bad Boys Of Rap

7/20/2015 5:37pm EDT
Sanaa Lathan
Things that make you go: "What the ish is Sanaa Lathan doing on French Montana's lap?" 'Memba her from Love and Basketball and Brown Sugar?

An Instagram video is making rounds on the Internet, despite Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy's (formally Diddy) attempt at deleting the footage from his account.

Anyhow, the Badboy Records CEO and Montana -- who may be his new wingman (Sorry Mase) -- were in the studio over the weekend doing what homies do. They were "drinking Ciroc with the Blue Dot," and likely collaborating on some new music.

Lookie Loos said the true players for real then stepped in th...

See Julia Roberts Greenwich Village Apartment That Is Up For Sale (Photos)

7/20/2015 4:02pm EDT
Julia Roberts Wants $4.5 Million For Her Greenwich Village Apart
If you're looking for a place to live in New York City and also happen to love actress Julia Roberts, here's a deal you won't want to miss.

The NY Post's Page Six is reporting that Roberts has put her Greenwich Village apartment up for sale. All it will take to live in the same home as the star of 'Pretty Woman' and 'Erin Brockovich' is a cool $4.5 million.

The apartment is 2,000 square feet and features three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a wood-burning fireplace. The co-op is located at 45 West 10th Street, located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

The decor at the apartment is describ...

Blake And Miranda Done?

7/20/2015 1:11pm EDT
Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Divorcing After Four Years Of
The latest news on Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert is not good. TMZ is reporting that the country crooning couple has filed divorce papers to end their marriage of four years.

Divorces rumors have plagued Blake and Miranda for years. Each time, the celebrated singers have dismissed the gossip as fodder for late night TV and tabloids. However, the online celebrity buzz site claims it has evidence Shelton and Lambert are terminating their nuptials. And get this: allegedly, Blake Shelton is the one who pulled the plug on their relationship.

The good news is that Miranda and Blake won't spa...

Amal Clooney's Sister Is Classy, Sexy, Cool

7/18/2015 2:52pm EDT
Tala Alamuddin: Amal's Sister Sizzling Hot, Upstages Clooney's W
George Clooney's wife's sister not only looks like Amal; she's also upstaging her sibling when they're all in public together.

Meet Tala Alamuddin everyone. Many say she looks nearly identical to her sister. However, Tala has a bit more meat on her bones and takes giant leaps with fashion and style. Not surprisingly, photogs have grown fond of capturing her svelte figure in their lenses.

On Tuesday, Alamuddin and 12 other close Clooney friends joined George and Amal for dinner. They all dined at Gatto Nero restaurant near Lake Como, where the newlywed couple's private residence sits.


For Shania Twain, Wife-Swapping Does A Body Good

7/18/2015 7:33am EDT
Shania Twain
Shania Twain is well into her Farewell tour, but the scorned country singing darling has a message to her ex-cheater husband about her super-sexy body: Your loss!

According to the latest edition of National Enquirer, Twain, 49, is "new and improved." The tabloid says information from insiders claims the "You're Still the One" singer is using her last hoorah to throw shade at her former husband. Robert "Mutt" Lange," who had an affair with Shania's best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, seven years ago.

Post a selfie wearing your spots and tag, #IFAKEIT. Help us reach 18,000 mentions. #Panthe...

Is Cher's Obsession With Sonny Behind Alleged 'Death Wish?'

7/17/2015 10:59am EDT
If Cher Is 'Dying,' Has 'Death Wish,' She's Beaming All The Way
What's this about Cher dying, wanting to be with her Sonny?

Days after a report emerged from a tabloid that claimed it had exclusive information about the singer's turbulent and secret struggles; photographers snapped Cher looking as radiant as ever.

According to a report out last week from the National Enquirer, the "I Got You Babe" singer, real name Cherilyn Sarkisian, is close to death from a chronic virus. Moreover, the gossip mag claimed insiders said Cher is obsessed with the late Sonny Bono and struggling with a fledgling career.

"Cher truly believes the end is near for her. I’v...