Mila Kunis Wants More Kids

5/8/2016 3:50am EDT
Mila Kunis Eager To Have More Children
Mila Kunis wants more kids. The 32-year-old actress told Entertainment Tonight that she's not expecting, but is open to the idea of giving daughter, Wyatt, siblings.

"I'm not pregnant ... but absolutely I do want to have more kids one day for sure," Kunis shares.

Kunis and husband, Ashton Kutcher, have just one child together and would love to add another to their family. They welcomed daughter, Wyatt, in October 2014.

The actress says that everyone in "Bad Moms" is a mother. The comedy film also stars Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and "Bridesmaids"...

Justin Timberlake Compares Dog and Baby Poop

5/8/2016 12:09am EDT
Justin Timberlake Talks Cleaning Baby Poop In Radio Interview
Justin Timberlake shared what life for him is like since becoming a father. The 35-year-old actor took time out on Friday to interview with Elvis Duran on New York City’s Z100 morning radio show.

Us Weekly recapped the chat, which had Timberlake gushing over the 13-month-old son he shares with actress, Jessica Biel.

"Oh, you look at everything differently now! Yes, having a little man in the house now changes everything!" Timberlake said of son, Silas. "When I used to clean up my dog’s poop, it was like it was a science project; I wouldn’t get very close to it. When you have a kid, and t...

Liam Hemsworth's Answer To Miley Cyrus Questions

5/7/2016 11:52am EDT
Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth refuses to talk about Miley Cyrus; this is obvious in new interviews that he gave to "Enterainment Tonight" and "Extra." Instead, the movie star insists that “Everyone’s happy.”

“Entertainment Tonight” asked Liam about speculations that persist he and Miley are getting married.

Gossip Cop reports that Hemsworth refused to answer, but said, “I just find it’s easier to not talk about my personal life, because usually I say the wrong thing. So it ends up complicating things more.”

Hemsworth said everyone is "happy."

“Everyone’s happy. I’m happy.”

He also told the intervi...

Colin O’Brady Attempts To Break World Record For ‘Explorers Grand Slam’

5/4/2016 5:32am EDT
Colin O'Brady
Professional endurance athlete Colin O’Brady is no stranger to challenges. After a tragic accident left his body severely burned, he was told he might not walk again normally. Following a year of intensive rehab and recovery, O’Brady not only entered the 2009 Olympic distance Chicago Triathlon, but won the overall amateur division. He later went on to represent the USA internationally as a professional triathlete, competing in 25 countries on six continents over the past six years.

O’Brady is now on a quest to break the world record for the “Explorers Grand Slam,” which requires adventurer...

Interview: Maura Chappelle Puts The Girl In 'Boyband'

4/23/2016 11:08am EDT
Interview: Maura Chappelle Puts The Girl In 'Boyband'
The web series is called Boyband, but if you've been following along you know that the girls are in the house. That includes the fantastic Maura Chappelle, who not only was part of the show's hard-working crew and responsible for helping out with those catchy songs, but then turned up this season as part of the girlband that made their debut in episode 10.

How did she go from behind the scenes to in front of the camera? We found out that and more in our recent interview with Maura.

She didn't expect to be on the show at all when she started. "The first season I was just involved with the ...

Why Won't Tom Cruise See Daughter, Suri?

4/23/2016 5:30am EDT
Tom Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter, Suri Cruise, in “over 900 days.” The little girl turned 10 on Monday and there was no sign of her famous father.

Hollywood Life reached out to a Scientology expert and author to get his opinion on the matter. Tony Ortega has written in-depth about the religion since 1995 and shares that Scientology is a major reason for Cruise's absence in his daughter's life.

“If Tom was not famous, he would NOT be allowed to have any contact with Katie and Suri who would be considered a Potential Trouble Source, meaning that as long as she’s connected to ...

'What Lola Wants' Week - Interview Robert Taylor - The Stranger

4/21/2016 12:10pm EDT
Our indie motion picture pride is showing loud and proud as we continue to bring you extras and the like via our very comprehensive…

(To purchase the film click on the link -

Beware of people you don’t know – especially ones with a shady past! While he may be playing a small role of a suspicious stranger in "What Lola Wants," Aussie actor Robert Taylor has had one big career. From early work with the Wachowski’s on their smash hit "The Matrix" to his turn as Sheriff Walt Longmire on the A&E TV series "Longmire," Taylor brings leading man bravado to every char...

'What Lola Wants' Week - Interview Beau Knapp - The Drifter

4/19/2016 12:10pm EDT
'What Lola Wants' Week - Interview Beau Knapp - The Drifter
It’s day two of our full five-day extravaganza here at continuing our exclusive coverage via…

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Today we’re getting the male perspective on all things "What Lola Wants" with an exclusive one-on-one interview with charismatic lead Beau Knapp. As the surly, strong and ever scheming grifter and drifter Marlo who captures the heart of the lovely Lola, Knapp’s character is the epitome of the brash bad boy. (With a sensitive side of course!) We talked with Knapp all about his "What Lola Wants...

Jodie Sweetin Gushes Over Working With Late 'Grandma' Doris Roberts

4/19/2016 11:24am EDT
'DWTS' Contestant Jodie Sweetin Recalls Doris Roberts' 'Full Hou
Dancing With the Stars contestant, Jodie Sweetin, joined a growing list of celebrities who recall working with the late Doris Roberts, who passed away recently at 90. The child actor worked with Roberts on a single episode of Full House and remembered her nurturing persona.

Sweetin, 34, spoke with People magazine about Roberts after news broke of her death on Sunday. Roberts' son, Michael Cannata, confirmed her death, saying she passed away from natural causes while asleep at her California home.

Twenty-seven years later, Jodie has nothing but fond memories of the veteran actress, who a...

'What Lola Wants' Week - Interview Sophie Lowe - The Runaway

4/18/2016 12:00pm EDT
Keeping up the idea that great film is definitely out there waiting to be discovered we here at want to officially welcome everyone to the first day of….

That’s right hidden gem film fans, since the five-star flick "What Lola Wants" written and directed by talent-to-watch-for Rupert Glasson hits both DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday from the almighty Anchor Bay Home Entertainment we’re taking the entire week to pay tribute to a film that so deserves to be seen by many.

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So we’re fittingly beginni...