Brandon Routh Returns To The DC Universe -- But Not As Superman Again

1/23/2016 1:04pm EST
Brandon Routh Returns To The DC Universe In 'Legends Of Tomorrow
Brandon Routh first entered the DC Comics universe when he was cast as Superman in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. While he's since passed the cape to the current star Henry Cavill, Routh got a second shot in the role of Ray Palmer, better known as Atom, who first appeared on Arrow, made his way to The Flash, and is now one of the main characters of the new series DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

We sat down with Routh at New York Comic Con to talk about taking on another DC character and if there's anything he brought from his Superman stint that's helped him in his portrayal of Atom.

The acto...

Arthur Darvill Talks Going From 'Doctor Who' To 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow'

1/23/2016 11:00am EST
Arthur Darvill Talks Going From 'Doctor Who' To 'DC's Legends Of
Arthur Darvill is best known to TV fans as Rory, the boyfriend (and later husband) to Amy Pond - and then one of The Doctor's companions - on the BBC's long-running sci-fi show Doctor Who. But Darvill made his way into American television this season, and now stars in a vastly different role this season as Rip Hunter on the latest DC Comics series, DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

We spoke to the actor at New York Comic Con to discuss how working on one big genre franchise compares to another, and what his thoughts are about the time travelling (and hopefully time-changing) that Rip is up to.


How Fans Can Be Apart Of Halloween Themed Flick 'The Harvesters'

1/19/2016 1:15pm EST
Har head
When it comes to the horror genre, nobody is more scare savvy than and Arrow in the Head journalist James "Jimmy O" Oster. Being a lifelong genre fan and overall blood and guts movie geek, Oster has a keen eye for spotting fantastic new mayhem driven material. Thus why we’re super excited about his first foray into the producing horror films ala the new Halloween themed fright flick entitled "The Harvesters." It’s the tale of a journalist who finds herself in the midst of murders and disappearances and fights to not become a victim in the story herself. (Chilling!) The film i...

'Intruders' Cast Fills Us In On Their Film

1/19/2016 11:23am EST
Interview: 'Intruders' (aka 'Shut In') Gang On Their Five-Star F
For those who follow my positive movie ramblings, the movie featured and praised in this article should come as no surprise. As the genre darling of last year’s LA Film Fest, the creepy and haunting flick "Intruders" (formerly "Shut In!") not only served up five-star fears with its tale of a trio of thieves who get more than they bargained for from a lone agoraphobic female with secrets (the show-stopping Beth Riesgraf!), but proved that a lethal leading lady could indeed be layered. So now that "Intruders" is both in select theaters and also available via many digital formats (iTunes, Am...

Ciara Renee Excited To Play A Superhero

1/17/2016 1:09pm EST
Ciara Renee 'Really Excited' To Join 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow'
Ciara Renee and her character on DC's Legends of Tomorrow aren't that far removed from each other, except for the superpowers. As Kendra Saunders, better known as Hawkgirl, Ciara has no idea that she has been repeatedly reincarnated and was an ancient warrior in a past life.

Similarly, the actress herself is almost brand new to television. Before her character was introduced in four episodes of The Flash and one installment of Arrow, the Broadway veteran's only television role came as a guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She spoke to Starpulse at New York Comic Con about now ...

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Only Days Away

1/17/2016 11:08am EST
EP Phil Klemmer On 'Legends of Tomorrow': 'It's Sort Of Anarchy'
Audiences are just days away from the latest DC Comics television series, DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Expanding on the world of Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow assembles a massive super-team of both heroes and villains to save time itself.

At New York Comic Con, Starpulse spoke with Legends executive producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer, who discussed how this series differs from Arrow and The Flash and the massive appeal that superhero television has been enjoying in recent years.

"It's a little bit reverent in punk rock. It's sort of anarchy," he said when we asked him how the sh...

More 'Chicago' Crossovers, A Fourth Series Possible

1/15/2016 11:03am EST
TCA Buzz: More 'Chicago' Crossovers, A Fourth Series Possible
This month's "One Chicago" crossover between Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med was a huge event for NBC, so it's no surprise that franchise boss Dick Wolf is going to continue to make more crossovers, as he has done since the start of Chicago P.D.

In fact, he revealed that a massive four-way crossover including all three shows and Law & Order: SVU (which has been established as being in the same universe as the Chicago series) is scheduled for February.

What's the motivation between crossing all these shows together multiple times a season? And how difficult is it to figure out l...

'Painkillers" Military Maven Julia Voth On Kicking Butt

1/12/2016 12:20pm EST
Interview: 'Painkillers" Military Maven Julia Voth On Kicking Bu
When it comes to a combo of beauty and brawn, no up and comer is more notable than Canadian actress Julia Voth. Having made a splash onto the cinematic scene as tasty femme fatale, Trixie in the salacious and ruckus B-movie cult classic "Bitch Slap," Voth showed that good looks and gun toting could indeed go hand in hand. (She even voiced the tough Jill Valentine in the GameCube remake of the original "Resident Evil" Game!) Her latest film "Painkillers" (out Jan.12 on DVD and Digital Video from RLJ Home Entertainment) sees Voth this time donning army fatigues as Masters, a rough and tumb...

Anthony Hopkins' Thoughts On Hannibal Lecter

1/10/2016 12:52am EST
Anthony Hopkins Andrew Evans
Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter in the 2001 film, “The Silence of the Lambs” in 1991. The scary role earned him an Academy award for Best Actor.

When Anthony Hopkins reprised his role in “Hannibal” and “Red Dragon” in 2001 and 2002 respectively, it was met with an unfavorable reaction. Hopkins interviewed with The Wrap, admitting he regrets returning to the character because it didn't have the same appeal it did when he first portrayed Hannibal.

Hopkins said: “I did it once. Made the mistake of doing it twice — three times. 'The Silence Of The Lambs' is okay. It was a good film.”


Starpulse Q&A With 'Colony' Star Josh Holloway, Producer Carlton Cruse

1/9/2016 12:03pm EST
Josh Holloway, Producers Preview USA's Colony: 'It's A Character
USA is hoping its new drama Colony will keep viewers occupied. Set in a dystopian Los Angeles under the thumb of an alien force, the show stars Josh Holloway (Lost, Intelligence) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead, Prison Break) as Will and Katie Bowman, who are secretly members of the resistance force hoping to liberate the world from these invaders.

At New York Comic Con, Starpulse sat down with Holloway and series co-creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal to find out what secrets we could about Colony in advance of its Thursday premiere.

"I don't think it's that much about scienc...