Weekend Movie Preview

Weekend Movie Preview: 'Alex Cross,' 'Paranormal Activity 4,' & 'The Sessions'

10/19/2012 9:30am EDT
Alex Cross Poster
Sorry I was MIA last week folks. I had screenings of “Argo,” “Seven Psychopaths,” and “Flight” three nights in a row. The screening of “Flight” was particularly exciting because I got to meet director Robert Zemeckis beforehand. It was an honor to shake hands with the man responsible for “Back to the Future,” one of my top five all-time favorite films. In case you missed my review of “Argo,” check it out. Reviews of “Seven Psychopaths” and “Flight” should be coming soon as well.

Coming to theaters this week, we have the crime thriller “Alex Cross” starring Tyler Perry; the fourth “Parano...

Weekend Movie Preview: 'Taken 2,' 'Frankenweenie,' 'Pitch Perfect' & More

10/5/2012 11:00am EDT
Taken 2 Poster
This weekend at the movies Liam Neeson is back as tough ex-CIA agent Bryan Mills in “Taken 2,” Tim Burton delivers the feature-length version of his animated short “Frankenweenie,” Anna Kendrick sings her heart out in the comedy “Pitch Perfect,” Nicole Kidman gets scandalous in the thriller “The Paperboy,” a collaboration of directors subject you to nightmarish found footage in the horror anthology “V/H/S.”

I’ve seen “Taken 2,” “Frankenweenie,” and “V/H/S,” so I’ll share my thoughts on those.

MY PICKS: “Taken 2,” “The Paperboy,” and "V/H/S"


While vacationing with his f...

Weekend Movie Preview: ‘Dredd 3D,’ ‘End of Watch,’ ‘Trouble with the Curve’ & More

9/21/2012 12:00pm EDT
Dredd 3D Poster
The perils of law enforcement is a major theme at the box office this week with the release of “Dredd 3D” and “End of Watch.” Although they are two very different types of movies about cops, both are immensely enjoyable in their own ways. That’s why they’re my picks for this week. Also arriving in theaters are “Trouble with the Curve,” “House at the End of the Street,” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

MY PICK: “Dredd 3D” and “End of Watch”


Much of America in the future has become a wasteland. Stretching from Boston to Washington DC is Mega City One, a sprawling vio...

Weekend Movie Preview: ‘Resident Evil: Retribution,’ ‘Stolen,’ ‘Liberal Arts’ & More

9/14/2012 11:00am EDT
Resident Evil Retribution Poster
This week has a few promising films coming out, so I’m going to talk about a couple of limited release flicks in addition to mainstream ones. Arriving in theaters today are “Resident Evil: Retribution,” “Stolen,” “Liberal Arts,” “Arbitrage,” and “The Master.”

MY PICK: “Liberal Arts”


The Umbrella Corporation’s T-virus continues to devastate the planet, transforming humans into legions of flesh eating zombies. Mankind’s last hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich), wakes up in the heart of the evil company’s clandestine facility, where she uncovers more of her past, t...

Weekend Movie Preview: ‘The Words,’ ‘The Cold Light of Day,’ ‘Bachelorette’

9/7/2012 11:10am EDT
The Words Poster
Welcome to another edition of the Starpulse Weekend Movie Preview. Today there are quite a few movies coming out, but many of them are limited release, so I’m just focusing on what I think the big three are. In theaters today, we have “The Words,” “The Cold Light of Day,” and “Bachelorette.” I’ve seen “The Words” and really enjoyed it, so it’s MY PICK for the week. Onward to my review!


Struggling writer Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) finally achieves literary acclaim when he releases a great American novel. The only catch is that he didn’t write it. Jansen’s notoriety continu...

Weekend Movie Preview: 'Lawless,' 'The Possession' & 'For a Good Time, Call…'

8/31/2012 10:30am EDT
Lawless Poster
Hello again readers. After a few weeks off, I’m back with a fresh spin on my column formerly known as Trailer Talk. Even though the name is different, I will still talk about the big movies coming out each week. The advantage will be that I’ll talk about them on Friday instead of Monday, so that if I’ve seen the films, I can actually give you reviews. If I haven’t seen any of them like with this week, I’ll continue to predict who should see it based on the trailers.

Opening in theaters today, we have “Lawless,” “The Possession,” and “For a Good Time, Call…”

MY PICKS: “Lawless” and “For a ...

Trailer Talk: 'The Watch,' 'Step Up Revolution,' and 'Killer Joe'

7/25/2012 12:00pm EDT
The Watch Poster
Last week I caught Christopher Nolan’s final Batman flick “The Dark Knight Rises,” which turned out to be a satisfying conclusion to his trilogy. Nolan ups the dramatic stakes significantly in “TDKR,” by introducing incredibly dark themes and a vile villain. While I didn’t like it as much as “The Dark Knight,” I actually found “TDKR” to be more enjoyable than “Batman Begins.” It’s hard to top the Joker as a bad guy, but Bane is much more ferocious and imposing than Ra’s Al Ghul.

As I suspected, Bane is a bit hard to understand at points, although his speech is clearer than I thought it wou...

Trailer Talk: Explosive Conclusion Expected In 'The Dark Knight Rises,' & More

7/16/2012 1:03pm EDT
The Dark Knight Rises
I took a break from the theater last week, so unfortunately I don’t have any mini-reviews for you in this column. Although this week, you’ll have the chance to see the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy: “The Dark Knight Rises.” You could also watch a documentary about a wealthy family’s economic woes called “The Queen of Versailles,” or a rock documentary about LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy called “Shut Up and Play the Hits.”

MY PICKS FOR THE WEEK: “The Dark Knight Rises”


Eight years after the events of “The Dark Knight,” a new villain...

Trailer Talk: 'Ice Age: Continental Drift,' 'Red Lights,' & 'Easy Money'

7/9/2012 11:30am EDT
Ice Age 4
Last week I was on vacation, so I didn’t get a chance to share with you my thoughts on “Ted” or “Magic Mike.”

I laughed my ass off at Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut “Ted,” which had the same hilarious humor as early “Family Guy.” There are tons of great pop culture references and jokes that are edgy without being over-the-top. As a Boston resident I chuckled a lot at the local comedic bits, although I still thought there were plenty of laughs for non-Bostonians. There were a couple of odd elements in the story that I didn’t feel were fleshed out or used to their fullest, but overall I...

Trailer Talk: 'Magic Mike,' & 'Ted,' Display Originality And Promise

6/25/2012 2:23pm EDT
Magic Mike
If you missed last week’s dramedy “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” you definitely need to see it. Lorene Scafaria does a smashing job in her directorial debut, crafting a movie that’s both funny and poignant. For more of my thoughts, take a look at my review.

Continuing last week’s format, Trailer Talk will now only discuss the wide release films coming to theaters. From now on, I’ll only make note of indies and documentaries when I think they’re worth watching in the theater.

MY PICKS FOR THE WEEK: “Magic Mike” and “Ted.”


An experienced male stripper named Mik...