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Paula Abdul Recreates Her Iconic 1989 Hit [WATCH]

7/23/2015 8:54am EDT
Paula Abdul And James Corden Recrate 'Opposites Attract' On 'Lat
You just might not be able to unsee James Corden as MC Skat Kat in a live-action recreation of Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract."

Corden, host of "The Late, Late Show" recreated the iconic 1989 tune with Abdul when she guested on his talk show.

The host, who has donned a wedding dress while shopping with Iggy Azalea, seems game for anything, but this was pushing the limits even for him.

In the memorable duet, Corden even recreated some of the iconic dance moves of the video with the former Laker girl turned celebrity choreographer, reality star and "American Idol" judge.

MC Skat Kat w...

Kelly Ripa Thanks Justin Bieber For Giving Her 'Street Cred'

7/16/2015 10:37am EDT
Kelly Ripa Calls Justin Bieber's Instagram Crush On Her 'A Cry F
"Live with Kelly and Michael" star Kelly Ripa was as shocked as many other Instagram users when she found out that Justin Bieber felt "a special way" towards her. Her televised response to his ardor almost brought co-host Michael Strahan to tears.

After learning that Justin Bieber had posted a bikini photo of her on his Instagram page and wrote, "Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way. No disrespect I know she's married! #bigcrush," Ripa responded with a comment that floored Strahan.

"I do believe this is a cry for help. I'm worried about him," deadpanned Ripa. Strahan, who was drinking...

Nicolle Wallace Is The Latest To Leave 'The View'

7/16/2015 12:16am EDT
Nicolle Wallace
Nicolle Wallace's won't be hosting The View anymore. According to Variety, ABC has fired Wallace from her position as one of The View's co-hosts- although there's potential for her to return in a smaller role down the line.

Wallace, who was formerly the communications chief for George W. Bush, was The View's token Republican voice, but she wasn't Republican enough for ABC's liking. The network thought she wasn't disagreeing enough with her co-hosts' liberal-leaning political stances, and also that she seemed out of her depth when it came to celebrity gossip.

According to Hollywood Take, A...

Who Is Justin Bieber’s Hot Crush?

7/15/2015 9:57am EDT
Justin Bieber Posts Lingerie Pic Of 'Hot' Crush Kelly Ripa Of 'L
Justin Bieber, who has been a frequent guest on "Live with Kelly and Michael," apparently has some lingering feelings for show host, Kelly Ripa.

Bieber took to his Instagram account and posted a photo of Ripa taken in 2009 for "Hamptons Magazine" with the caption, "Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way."

The photos were taken for a spread where the actress appeared on the cover of the magazine, which features celebrities, lifestyle and homes that have a connection to the exclusive area located at the tip of Long Island, NY.

After the magazine was published, Ripa commented at the tim...

Check Out Our Emmy Prediction & Wish List For Variety Series

7/13/2015 9:08pm EDT
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
The 2015 Emmy nominations will be announced Thursday, July 16. In the next few days, we will be offering our predictions and wish lists for the major categories.

For the predictions, our choices have naturally been limited to what shows and performers are actually on the ballot. But for the wish lists, no such limit was imposed. This is a “wish list” after all, and one can wish that someone who was left off the ballot had not been.

One of the biggest Emmy rule changes this year is that the Variety Series category has now been split into Variety Talk and Variety Sketch. With this field do...

Regis & Kathie Lee: Together Again!

7/9/2015 9:26pm EDT
Regis And Kathie Lee Reunite As Philbin Joins 'Today' Show's Fou
The King and Queen of morning television are together again!

It was announced on Thursday's edition of 'Today' on NBC that Regis Philbin, who has made guest appearances in recent months on the fourth hour of the program, will be joining the show as a special contributor.

The move means Philbin will now be appearing next to former co-star Kathie Lee Gifford on a regular basis.

Philbin and Gifford dominated the morning airwaves on 'Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee' from 1985 to 2000 on ABC. Gifford left 'Live' to spend more time with her family in 2000, and Philbin followed suit in 2011.


Giuliana Rancic Says Goodbye

7/9/2015 11:11am EDT
Giuliana Rancic Stepping Down As E! News Anchor Host After 10 Ye
Giuliana Rancic is leaving her post at E! News.

The celebrity reporter, who has been a staple at the nightly news entertainment show for over 10 years, is stepping down. She will remain a co-host of "Fashion Police" and "Live from the Red Carpet."

Said Rancic in a statement, "For more than a decade, I was fortunate enough to play a role in the success of 'E! News' and will miss my family at the show," Rancic said in a statement.

"At the same time, I am excited to not only continue as host of two major franchises on E! but also executive produce the aspirational new show "Rich in Faith" f...

Rosie Perez Might Be Leaving 'The View'... Again!

7/3/2015 12:44am EDT
Rosie Perez 'View' Cut Happening? ABC Planning 'The View' Reboot
Is Rosie Perez getting ousted from The View? According to Variety, it's more likely than you think. They're reporting that ABC has plans to reboot the all-women daytime talk show for the next fall season, and that at least one of the show's regular hosts might be getting the axe.

Rosie Perez is allegedly on the chopping block, and so is her co-host Nicolle Wallace. It seems ABC isn't satisfied with how the two hosts are handling the show's Hot Topics segment (as well, The Wrap claims that Wallace isn't being "conservative enough or outspoken enough" to function as the show's token Republic...

Why Is This 'Access Hollywood' Host Leaving Her Job After 16 Years?

6/25/2015 2:25pm EDT
Shaun Robinsoon
Shaun Robinson is leaving "Access Hollywood" after 16 years of delivering breaking Hollywood gossip for the long-running NBC series.

"It's been an incredible ride, and I'm so blessed to have been able to meet the people that I've met and to have covered the stories I covered on the show," Robinson told People Magazine.

In 2012, Robinson wanted to leave the series but later changed her mind. After speaking with "Scandal" star Kerry Washington late last year about her own career dilemmas, Robinson realized she too had to make changes.

"She told me about a point in her career where she sai...

You Have To See Maya Rudolph's Epic Rachel Dolezal Impression

6/24/2015 4:01pm EDT
Maya Rudolph Impression: Maya Impersonates Rachel Dolezal In Hys
If only Maya Rudolph was still on Saturday Night Live when that whole Rachel Dolezal scandal broke (you know, the woman who pretended to be black to become the president of the NAACP). We could have had several truly epic Rachel Dolezal sketches. But here's the next best thing.

According to TV Guide, Rudolph was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday, where the conversation steered towards that very subject. Apparently, we're not the only ones aching for Maya Rudolph's Rachel Dolezal impression.

"I remember Tina [Fey] saying when Sarah Palin was happening, everyone kept saying, ...