Demi Lovato: 'I Want To Show The Side Of Me That’s Real'

11/17/2015 11:32am EST
Demi Lovato Covers Adele's 'Hello' And It's Amazing! [WATCH]
Demi Lovato killed a version of Adele's latest single, "Hello," at Seattle's Fall Ball.

The singer performed at Kiss FM's Fall Ball in Seattle on Nov. 14, where she shocked concertgoers with her version.

Demi Lovato ambitiously performed the song, made famous by Adele, at the Fall Ball.

Wearing a black leather miniskirt, crop top and knee-high black boots, the 23-year-old "Confident" singer belted out the song, shocking everyone in attendance.

The singer was clearly embracing the new-found life philosophy she explained to Vanity Fair during an emotionally revealing photo shoot in earl...

Chris Stapleton Comes Up Big For Second Straight Week

11/17/2015 11:08am EST
Chris Stapleton Makes It Two Weeks Atop The Billboard 200   
Chris Stapleton sure came up – big time. After reentering the Billboard 200 with his critically lauded debut Traveller at number one, Stapleton keeps the top spot warm. Why is this surprising this week? There were several new albums, but none of them had the support to unseat the country singer/songwriter. Interestingly, Stapleton still had a big impact, to the tune of 124,000 units (78% of those were sales).

The newbies also couldn’t take the runner-up spot, with Eric Church’s surprise effort Mr. Misunderstood improving from #3 to #2 despite losing support. Still, with a modest 65,000 uni...

Adele’s Much Anticipated ‘25’ Leads Album Releases The Week

11/17/2015 10:50am EST
Adele Leads Albums To Check Out This Week -- See Full List
Following a jam-packed week including a showdown for the top spot on the Billboard between Justin Bieber and One Direction, this week is top-heavy. While the return of rapper Jadakiss is notable, the artist that makes this week top heavy is none other than Adele Adkins, better known as simply Adele. Ask anyone in the industry – everyone KNOWS Adele is a lock to sell a lot of albums and score her second consecutive number one album. Honestly, who would want to compete against a juggernaut?

1) Adele, 25 (Columbia)

After a four-year hiatus, British soul-pop chanteuse Adele returns with h...

Simon Cowell Had Knowledge Of Zayn Malik’s Unhappiness

11/17/2015 10:17am EST
Simon Cowell Knew Of Zayn Malik Departure From One Direction, Ci
Simon Cowell reveals that he knew about Zayn Malik's wish to leave One Direction before his abrupt departure in March 2015.

The singer quit the group in March in order to live what he called "a more normal life."

Simon Cowell remarked in an interview with The Daily Mail that he knew long before Malik's split from the band that he was unhappy.

He also remarked that the other members of the band were unaware of Malik's feelings towards the band and the music they were creating.

Cowell explained, "I knew Zayn was going before it happened. He was unhappy."

"My concern was actually for the ...

Listen To Adele's New Song 'When We Were Young'

11/17/2015 9:48am EST
Adele Tells Ex-Boyfriend 'F-You' In Tune 'When We Were Young'
Adele's latest tune off her upcoming album "25" has her saying "F-You" to an old boyfriend.

Adele will debut an exclusive performance of the track "When We Were Young" on "60 Minutes Australia," where the singer and songwriter will invite cameras into her recording studio and give fans a first taste of her powerful new ballad.

The interview will later be available on YouTube.

Adele admitted of "When We Were Young," “This is my f**k you song, it sounds obvious but I think you only learn to love again when you fall in love again."

“Let me photograph you in this light in case it is the las...

One Direction Compel On Fifth Album ‘Made In The A.M.’

11/16/2015 4:40pm EST
One Direction’s Fifth Album ‘Made In The A.M.’ Has Chemistry And
On One Direction’s fifth studio album Made In The A.M. as the saying goes, “No Zayn Malik, no problem!” Well, there’s no such official saying, but with the former quintet reduced to a quartet, there is no significant drop-off. That isn’t to understate the impact of Zayn by any means, but Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall carry on just fine on Made In The A.M. Here’s a little secret – even non-boy band enthusiasts just MIGHT enjoy Made In The A.M.

Folk-rock opener “Hey Angel” sets the tone, featuring a hint more personality from the collective. All four members aim big, which amplifies the edg...

There Is Plenty To Like On Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’

11/16/2015 11:30am EST
8 Takeaways From Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’
Following a three-year hiatus, pop heartthrob turned bad boy Justin Bieber returns with his fourth studio album, Purpose. Bieber has released numerous projects beyond his ‘studio’ output, including holiday effort Under The Mistletoe and the unplugged effort Believe Acoustic, both of which debuted atop the charts. Regardless one’s respective opinion is of the embattled pop star, his commercial success has been undeniable.

Three years, however, is like an eternity in pop music, so how does a more mature Bieber do? Ultimately, he picks up where he left off, but definitely feels and sounds mor...

10 Great Face Songs

11/15/2015 1:30pm EST
Face The Music: 10 Great Face Songs
Over the years, it’s amazing how many songs that have been written and became hits that share commonly used words in within their titles. Love may be oversaturated and cliché, but doesn’t society relate and embrace such songs featuring the word and central theme? Think of the colors and how many times they’ve fueled music’s flavor of the month/year throughout history. As simple as a commonly used word may be, it can be the catalyst for truly great music. In the case of this list, here are 10 great face songs. Why? – because all of the songs use the word face within their title. See, it’s as...

Justin Bieber Tears Up During Performance

11/15/2015 11:13am EST
Justin Bieber Bursts Into Tears During Debut Of 'Purpose' Album
Justin Bieber burst into tears during the a special evening with fans, where he debuted his long-awaited album "Purpose."

The 21-year-old pop star celebrated the launch of his new album with three separate shows at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Billed as "An Evening With Justin Bieber" the singer held a Q&A session with fans in the audience.

"I'm happy overall," said Bieber in response to several of the questions.

"I'm a little stressed out, but I'm happy. I'm just being honest," he remarked.

"I just felt like I lost my place for a while," he admitted. "I lost my purpo...

Madonna Pays Tribute To Paris Tragedy And Victims

11/15/2015 10:30am EST
Madonna Talks Paris Tragedy 'Why Am I Dancing While People Are C
Madonna revealed that she felt guilty about entertaining a sold-out crowd during her concert in Stockholm, Sweeden the day after the Paris terrorist attacks.

During the show, the legendary singer and songwriter addressed the attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 by speaking directly to her fans, as reported by Billboard.

The singer, 57, was performing at Stockholm's Tele 2 Arena when she stopped her performance to pay an emotional tribute to the 129 people who have lost their lives in the atrocities, as well as the countless more injured.

"This whole show is about celebrating life. And standing up...