40 Best Songs Of 2015

12/26/2015 11:00am EST
40 Best Songs Of 2015
It’s a tall task to pick the best albums in any given year, specifically when it comes to ranking them. Even more difficult is selecting the best songs as the music industry is much more record/song-centric than it was once was. Even when albums (exception: Adele’s 25) don’t sell, songs do. There were lots and lots of notable songs from 2015, so narrowing the list to 40 is an arduous task. As arduous as it was, here’s our best shot – 40 of the Best Songs of 2015.

1) The Weeknd, “Can’t Feel My Face” (Beauty Behind the Madness)

Adele or the Weeknd for the top spot – that was the question...

Blake And Gwen Can't Get Enough Of Each Other

12/22/2015 8:35am EST
Gwen Stefani Kids 'Love' Blake Shelton As Couple Celebrate RaeLy
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani continue to make strides in their romantic relationship. Reportedly, Stefani's sons with Gavin Rosslae "love: the country crooner.

According to a story published by People Magazine, "Blake loves kids and has been having a lot of fun when he spends time with Gwen's kids," said a source close to the couple.

Stefani has three sons, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 22 months.

Reportedly the boys, according to People, "adore him."

Stefani has always remarked about how important her family is to her. So it is no surprise that the singer has spent a lot of time...

25 Best Albums Of 2015

12/19/2015 3:00pm EST
25 Best Albums Of 2015 Hand Picked By Our Music Critic
It’s that time once again – time to assemble the list of the best albums of the year! 2015 featured some magnificent albums as well as some not-so-great ones, but isn’t the same thing uttered each and every year. Shocking to no one, the list is top-heavy. Still, even the albums filling out the bottom are worthwhile additions to the album collection as well! Here are the 25 best albums of 2015.

1) Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly (Interscope)

West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album was the top pick for best album in our mid-year 25 Best Albums of 2015 (So Far) list, and not...

Adele’s Landslide Album Dominance Continues

12/15/2015 9:32am EST
Adele Rules The Billboard 200 For Third Straight Week
In news that will shock no one, Adele spends her third week atop the Billboard 200. Yep, that’s right, 25 keeps number one warm, selling another robust 695,000 copies. Per Billboard, 25 has sold more the five million copies in just three short weeks. Who would’ve thought it – an album sell more than five million copies in the current music sales climate, let alone in just three weeks? Adele, you go girl!

So with Adele making it a three-peat, she held off a reliable number one act from scoring another number one album. That’s right – Coldplay had to settle for the runner-up spot thanks to ...

Brad Paisley Drops In For A Surprise Visit At Jeff Gordon's Christmas Party

12/13/2015 10:03am EST
Brad Paisley Was Jeff Gordon's Surprise Gift At Christmas Party
As if having Tom Cruise crash his farewell speech wasn't enough, Jeff Gordon got another surprise this weekend when country music superstar Brad Paisley arrived to drop in on his company Christmas party.

Gordon's race team, Hendrick Motorsports, was throwing their annual holiday bash on Friday night and given that it's also the four-time champion's last year as a driver there was another send-off for Gordon as well. The Hendrick crew put a giant bow on one of his No. 24 Axalta Chevrolets and drove it in to present it to Gordon.

But what Gordon didn't know was that Paisley was the one in t...

Our Very Early And Bold Grammy Awards Predictions

12/12/2015 3:00pm EST
The Way Too Early And Bold 58th Annual Grammy Awards Predictions
On Monday, December 7, the Grammy Awards nominees were announced for the 58th annual ceremony. Expectedly, artists receiving the most buzz throughout 2015 – Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd – all received multiple nominations. As always there were the snubs as well. After examining the most notable categories, here are some ‘way too early, bold’ predictions for the 58th Annual Grammys!

Oh, and by the way, the numbers correspond with the order of the respective field/categories via the official Grammys site.

1. Record of the Year


D’Angelo And The Vanguard, “Real...

R. Kelly's 'Buffet' Leads Albums To Check Out

12/8/2015 3:49pm EST
R. Kelly's 'Buffet' Leads Albums To Check Out This Week
Ah, the second music release week in December! It’s certainly a...well…quiet one. After a rousing week last week led by the likes of Coldplay and Rick Ross, this week has much less fanfare. The biggest name leading the charge is R. Kelly, though his latest album doesn’t have a ton of buzz around it like previous efforts. Maybe it will out perform expectations. Regardless, here are four – yes just four – new albums to check out this week.

But first… how about a quick catch-up? At the end of November (November 27 to be precise), Erykah Badu released a surprise album, But You Caint Use My P...

12 'Bloody' Great Songs

12/4/2015 2:30pm EST
Good Blood, Bad Blood, Young Blood… 12 'Bloody' Great Songs
Ah blood – what a morbid, unpleasant topic! Not necessarily, as blood contextually can refer to any number of things. Perhaps it’s the bloodstream, DNA or a deeper, metaphorical context. Over the course of this ‘bloody great’ list, blood is used both literally and figuratively, depending on the artist and song. Here are 12 bloody great songs… well some of ‘em are great!

1) Future, “Blood On the Money” (DS2, 2015)

Arguably, DS2 can be described as the best album of Future’s career. It’s shallow, but even so, Future clearly sounds in his zone rapping about, well, drugs. “Blood on the Mone...

Miranda Lambert: 'I'm Still Processing Everything And Figuring Out Where To Go'

12/2/2015 5:06pm EST
Miranda Lambert Still 'Figuring Out' Split, Divorce From 'The Vo
Miranda Lambert still can't seem to get her head around just what caused the sudden split between herself and ex-husband Blake Shelton.

In the new issue of Cosmopolitan, Lambert remarked that the whirlwind that led to the split is still confusing to her, as reported by E!

"We were together for 10 years, married for four, were very quickly divorced, and are friends," Lambert explained in her interview.

"I'm still processing everything and figuring out where to go and what happened. [Marriage] is a tough business, and we gave it our best college try," she detailed.

Lambert and Shelton's s...

Adele’s '25' Album Sales Stagger The Mind

12/1/2015 10:42am EST
Adele’s '25' Debuts Epically, Goes Triple Platinum In First Week
BREAKING NEWS… well, maybe not so much! In news that will ultimately surprise no one, Adele debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with HUGE numbers. What is shocking are just how big those numbers are – “brace yourself!” 25 SOLD 3.38 million copies, becoming the first album to sell more than three million copies in one week.

Adele’s numbers are actually a bit more robust with tracks factored in, elevating that figure to 3.48 million according to Billboard. 25 was unavailable for streaming, so those 3.38 million copies are legit sales without question. It’s hard to find platinum or gol...