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Did Beyonce Really Pour $20,000 Champagne In A Hot Tub?

5/20/2015 3:09pm EDT
Beyonce caused a fan outrage on Twitter on Tuesday after her new video with Nicki Minaj, "Feeling Myself," was released (exclusively on husband Jay-Z's pay music service Tidal, of course).

Queen B fans freaked out when she pours a bottle of Armand de Brignac, aka Ace of Spades, champagne into a hot tub, giving new meaning to the term bubbly.

The champagne brand, which is sold in metallic bottles and can range in price from a somewhat affordable $300 upwards of $100,000 for a specially made 30 liter magnum bottle called "the Midas."

Fans spoke out on social media, one blasted the singer f...

Gentle Giant Re-issues ’74 Album ‘The Power And The Glory’

8/11/2014 12:30pm EDT
Gentle Giant press photo 1970s
British Progressive Rock band Gentle Giant fell off the radar when they switched labels to Columbia Records for their final LP, 'Civilian' a clear attempt to make the band sound more contemporary and more rock driven. The group finally realized that their time had come and gone and after their 1980 world tour promoting ‘Civilian’, Gentle Giant disbanded. They never reunited but their legacy, catalogue and videos of their performances will cement their place in the history of ‘Progressive Rock.’ To celebrate their success, they re-released their 1974 album, ‘The Power And The Glory.’ The alb...

ASIA’s ‘Heat Of The Moment’ With New Album ‘Gravitas’

4/21/2014 3:30pm EDT
ASIA’s ‘Heat Of The Moment’ With New Album ‘Gravitas’
British progressive 80s rock supergroup, ASIA is back with a brand new album, "Gravitas" (Frontiers Records) (derived from the Latin meaning ‘dignity.’) It’s currently available in four formats as a CD, the deluxe edition with the CD/DVD containing the music video for their track, ‘Valkyrie’ a CD with a bonus track and a special edition Japanese import.

Their last album, “XXX” was released last year.

Asia has announced U.S. fall tour dates in support of their new album with more dates expected to be announced soon! Their current lineup features John Wetton, (bass, vocals), Carl Palme...

A Conversation With Carl Palmer

4/3/2014 12:14pm EDT
Carl Palmer
Legendary drummer, Carl Palmer of ASIA and formerly of Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP); has a new CD entitled, 'Carl, Do Ya Wanna Play?' as well as the 120-minute 'Decade' DVD. Carl will be one of the featured performers aboard The Monsters of Rock and The Moody Blues Cruise: Return to the Isle of Wight April 2-7. I had the opportunity to speak with him before he left for Miami about his career, the cruises, and his projects.

“This anthology is a re-release with some updates on it taken from the 'Working Live' selection and the 'Decade' DVD is about 13 years old now; it was a complete summar...

DVD Review: Various Artists - 'The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert'

3/23/2014 10:48pm EDT
DVD Review: Various Artists - 'The Freddie Mercury Tribute Conce
The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert is a tour de force; a clinic in the sheer healing power of music. It’s also a testament to just how much Freddie Mercury meant to Queen, music and the entire world really. So it should be no big surprise that the music world that Mercury’s worked every day to enrich showed up in spades to join the surviving members of the band - Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor - and thousands of screaming fans to hold a tribute concert to their deceased front man.

Among those to show up and take the stage were Seal (“Who Wants to Live Forever”), Robert Plant (“C...

DVD Review: Peter Gabriel - 'Peter Gabriel Live In Athens 1987'

3/23/2014 10:45pm EDT
DVD Review: Peter Gabriel - 'Peter Gabriel Live In Athens 1987'
It should without saying how incredibly talented Peter Gabriel is as a performer. Honestly, c’mon. You shouldn’t need much reassurance of that fact, but if you do, Live In Athens 1987 is more than enough of said reassurance.

This concert release finds Gabriel at the literal top of his game and it seems the man only gets better the larger the crowd in front of him gets. Here thousands upon thousands of adoring fans laud Gabriel during a brilliant performance filmed in Athens, Greece during the apex of his “So” tour in 1987. As you’d imagine, all of the staples are here, from “Shock the Monk...

DVD Review: Pink Floyd - 'The Making Of The Dark Side Of The Moon'

3/23/2014 10:42pm EDT
DVD Review: Pink Floyd - 'The Making Of The Dark Side Of The Moo
Pink Floyd’s absolutely seminal and necessary The Dark Side of the Moon is one of the best records ever released and remained on the Billboard 200 for a staggering 741 consecutive weeks. There’s not much to top that, unless you’re able to peel back to curtain, go behind the scenes and hear from all four members of the band - Roger Waters, Richard Wright, David Gilmour and Nick Mason – regarding the making of each and every song on the record.

Well, The Making of Dark Side of the Moon gives fans that opportunity.

Released to coincide with the album’s 30th anniversary, The Making of Dark Si...

Rock Legend-Drummer Carl Palmer Releases New Anthology CD and DVD

3/16/2014 9:21pm EDT
Rock Legend-Drummer Carl Palmer Releases New Anthology CD and DV
Carl Palmer is among the world’s most renowned drummers. He’s known for his work with Emerson, Lake & Palmer, ASIA, and now he has his solo 2-CD anthology entitled, “Carl, Do Ya Wanna Play?” and DVD, DECADE:10TH Anniversary Carl Palmer, released on March 11th and is now available on his website as well on the Music Video Distributors MVD Entertainment Group’s website. It also features an acclaimed art film by British director Andrew Cross which presents Palmer’s drum solo as a form of physical art.

The DVD chronicles Carl’s 2011 solo tour show and commemorates the 10th Anniversary of hi...

ASIA Returns With Their New Album, ‘Gravitas’

2/14/2014 9:05am EST
Asia - Gravitas
The legendary British 80s band, ASIA is scheduled to release a new album, ‘Gravitas’ on Frontiers Records on March 21st in Europe and March 25th in North America. The album will be available in two configurations; a standard CD and a deluxe edition that will feature two bonus tracks, a promotional film, and footage of classic live ASIA tracks such as “Heat of the Moment,” recorded with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra in Bulgaria. The album also introduces the band’s newest member, guitarist Sam Coulson who replaced original member, Steve Howe who retired in 2013. The band burst onto the ...

DVD Review: Bee Gees - "One Night Only" (Eagle Vision)

11/6/2013 2:12am EST
Bee Gees
The Bee Gees sold over 110 million albums worldwide and scored 19 #1 hits during a highly successful career that has spanned five decades and One Night Only, a re-release of the 1997 DVD release of the same name, chronicles their contact success with a 30+ song setlist featuring just about every song you’d ever want to hear the Bee Gees play live.

Such an expansive setlist should cater to both the hardcores and the casual Bee Gee listeners, one that spans 33 songs and nearly three hours in length. All of the heavy-hitting staples are here – “Islands In the Stream,” “Night Fever,” “More Tha...