Word Is Prince Charles' Wife Wants A Divorce And You Won't Believe How Much Money

1/12/2016 3:38am EST
Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Demands Divorce From 'Loser' Pr
We begin the week with a twisted rumor about the British Royal Family. Brace yourself: Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly demanded a divorce from Prince Charles. "Insiders" say the Duchess of Cornwall, in a boozed fit, dumped the Prince of Wales for -- brace yourself again -- losing the crown to Will & Kate.

The National Enquirer wrote that Camilla split from her "hapless husband" and taunted him to no end. "You're a loser! You lost us the Crown! Camilla allegedly screamed in rage.

Wait, it gets better. Spies said the Duchess also made an outlandish demand as part of the divorce: she want...

Josh Duggar Wants Criminal Charges Dropped... Find Out Why

1/9/2016 5:34pm EST
Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh Duggar recently wrapped up a stint in rehab after getting treatment for his sex addiction. According to Star Magazine, the former reality star -- who admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna, on multiple occasions -- says that the woman who has filed charges against him has no basis for her claims. Why? Well, Josh claims that he hasn't even met Danica Dillon.

The 27-year-old has filed a $500,000 battery lawsuit claiming that Josh "beat her" while they had sex. She has also made multiple claims that she has been Josh's mistress for quite some time.

"[Duggar] and his counsel have alread...

The Truth About Those 'Queen Kate' Coming Soon Rumors

1/7/2016 1:34pm EST
Princess Kate To Be 'Queen' Of England Soon In 'Billion Dollar'
Will Princess Kate soon be called "Queen Kate" of the British monarchy?

According to an OK! Magazine post, its sources claim Queen Elizabeth II is abdicating and passing over her son, Charles, Prince of Wales, for her grandson, Prince William. And that's not the half. Sources say Buckingham Palace is planning a billion dollar coronation for Will and Kate in the spring with a guest list that includes Oprah, Beyonce and Jay Z, Elton John, and other A-listers.

In a previous Starpulse report last month, speculation grew that Queen Elizabeth II had likely made her choice in succession. Rumor...

Amal Clooney's Hourly Rates Have Skyrocketed Since Marrying George

12/26/2015 12:30pm EST
It Pays To Be George Clooney's Wife: Amal Reportedly Raises Hour
Without a doubt, it pays to be married to George Clooney. Just ask Amal Clooney (formerly Alamuddin). According to a Sun report, the internationally celebrated human rights lawyer is in high demand. As such, Amal charges a hefty hourly rate for consultation services.

George Clooney's wife is raking in the dough, for sure. Ever since Amal, 37, emerged as the silver fox's steady romance, her rates have risen. Today, if you want to chat with Mrs. Clooney about a legal matter at Doughty Street Chambers in London, it will set you back £500 an hour or $742.00 an hour.

Among her clients is the...

Is Khloe Putting The 'Kardashian Curse' On James Harden's Rockets

12/19/2015 9:02am EST
Khloe K. References Genital Parts To Thrash Haters About Houston
Khloe Kardashian pulled out the heavy guns this week and blasted haters who offered their two cents about her baller boyfriend's lackluster performance this season with the Houston Rockets. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star went full-dude and referenced her lady parts to deny she has any involvement.

Khloe Kardashian conducted a Thursday live chat session on her website. She uses the platform to talk about a laundry list of topics her listeners are feeling at the moment. On this particular day, things went awry before you can say, bootylicious.

According to Us Weekly, the talk tu...

Rumors About Brad Pitt Getting A Nose Job Is Making Us Cry

12/18/2015 9:04am EST
Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Rumors: Let's Explore What's 'Really'
Say it ain't so! Brad Pitt plastic surgery? According to an out-of-leftfield report, Angelina Jolie's husband is considering getting a nose job. But thank goodness, an exclusive report from another source debunked Brad's [alleged] cosmetic surgery plans. Let's get down to it, shall we?

According to a new National Enquirer post, Brad Pitt has decided to undergo plastic surgery to correct a part of his body (stop it, stop it; don't go there) he's had issues with since he was yay-high. Reportedly, his wife and pals have tried to sway him from the idea, but he's giving them the "la, la, la; I...

Goodwill Warns Workers To Leave Their 'Kanye West Face' At Home

12/10/2015 10:37am EST
Kanye West
Goodwill Industries came under fire by associates after the agency warned them to check their Kanye West facial expressions at the door, this according to a TMZ report.

Sources said executives at Goodwill's Illinois Division had the audacity to craft a "Good Beat" newsletter that instructed workers on proper emotions and reactions in the workplace environment. Several repeating faces of Kanye West were illustrated. Emotions, ranging from "Happy" to "Excited," were captioned underneath each image.

The teaching moment here is simple: If you're happy, empathetic, or eager to please, to sug...

Mark Zuckerberg Giving Away Millions To Random Users? Hmm?

12/9/2015 7:03pm EST
Facebook Hoax In Effect: Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Giving Aw
A Facebook hoax has many people thinking they are getting the Christmas gift of their lives. Sorry, social media users, Santa "Mark Zuckerberg" Claus is not giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users.

According to an MLive report, another Facebook copy-paste hoax is alive and well; it was only a matter of time. In a nut's shell, some joker wrote a long message that lead naive users into thinking they may receive a windfall from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. The post says the couple is sharing their riches with users of the site that Zuck built.

Fact: The Facebook CEO and his wife...

Did The Duchess Of Cambridge Really Call Kimye?

12/8/2015 8:31am EST
Kim Kardashian
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called Kim Kardashian to congratulate her on the birth of her second child, if a new report is to be believed.

A source "exclusively" told HollywoodLife.com that "everyone’s been calling Kim and Kanye’s phone, congratulating them on their second child. It’s truly been overwhelming, all the love they’ve been getting from their close friends and family."

Apparently, that also includes Prince William and Kate Middleton?

"It takes a lot for Kanye to be shocked or even impressed, but he was just that when Prince William and Kate phoned he and Kim, congratula...

Former Friend Drops A Bombshell On Yoko Ono: Is This Her 'Dark Side?'

11/29/2015 11:36am EST
Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono has a dark side, according to a former friend and radio disc jockey. Reportedly, Andy Peebles, a respected longtime BBC Radio One DJ and host, who was the last to interview John Lennon before he died, claims the Beatles' widow exploited his death for fame. Moreover, he describes Yoko's relationship with John as a sham marriage.

According to a Daily Mail report, in a rare interview with John after his 10-year hiatus from granting a media audience, it became clear to him that Yoko Ono had ulterior motives for marrying Lennon.

The Andy Peebles Soul Train host has been silent about...