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Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - Best Of Fest 'Wrap Up'

October 22nd, 2013 10:30am EDT
VIFF 2013
Well film fans, with a total of eight articles, a whopping twenty-four reviews and even an exclusive celebrity interview our Canadian correspondent Michael Coleman has certainly done his duty for all things "Vancouver International Film Fest 2013."  But all good and bad things must eventually come to a close, so we’ll pass things along to Michael for one last peak back at this year’s notables.  Here’s the Best (and worst!) of VIFF 2013!


"Big Bad Wolves" – A cult classic in the making, this is fan cinema at its finest.


"Young and Beautiful" – Gratuitous and exp...

VIFF 2013 Interview: 'Willow Creek' Helmer Bobcat Goldthwait On Making Movies

October 21st, 2013 10:22am EDT
VIFF 2013
If anyone is a true inspiration in terms of taking a single career in many different directions with equal success it’s performer Bobcat Goldthwait.  Starting out in the comedy world as a writer and stand-up, then moving to film performer and then finally becoming one powerhouse filmmaker, Goldthwait has made heads turn through every part of his notable career.  After directing such brilliant films as "World’s Greatest Dad" and "God Bless America," his latest picture is yet another jump into unknown territory – a horror film.  In the vein of suspense thrillers and found footage flicks, "Wil...

Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - 'Final Weekend Reviews'

October 15th, 2013 12:15pm EDT
VIFF 2013
It’s been a long film festival haul for our Canadian correspondent Michael Coleman and his cool coverage of the "Vancouver International Film Festival 2013."  (see  Here’s the last of his encapsulated reviews to round out the festivities.  After this we’ll provide a Best of the Fest for all those simply seeking the good stuff – for now here’s Michael’s skinny.  


"Young & Beautiful" - A steaming pile of garbage unworthy of a theatrical or even DVD release, I am truly surprised that VIFF programmers saw fit to include this selection in lieu of promising...

VIFF 2013 Review: 'Salmon Confidential' Eye Opening Five-Star Work

October 10th, 2013 10:22am EDT
VIFF 2013
From "Vancouver International Film Festival" via Michael Coleman comes a look at what he feels is a must see doc experience titled "Salmon Confidential."


"Salmon Confidential" - Bottom line - you will never eat farmed fish for the rest of your life after viewing this.  A must see, especially for British Columbians known for world-renowned Sockeye, "Salmon Confidential" is a corker of a doc.  It’s staggering and eye-opening to see how the business of B.C.’s natural resources and food has been tainted by government and how puppet scientists have given up their o...

Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - 'Michael Takes On Dragons & Tigers!'

October 9th, 2013 10:20am EDT
VIFF 2013
Just when you though it was okay to head on home, the film fest lights in the theatre dim once again.  Yup, it’s time for more coverage of the still ongoing "Vancouver International Film Festival 2013" (go to for more info!) via our Canadian counterpart (and my pop!) Michael “movies in the blood” Coleman.  Up today some flicks in the famed Dragons & Tigers category plus a crowd favorite that even won over the old man.  Grab some corn and take a soda sip – here’s Michael’s skinny!


"Soul" (Shihun) - What I love about films in this category is the way they...

Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - 'More Michael Reviews'

October 3rd, 2013 12:30pm EDT
VIFF 2013
And the hits and misses just keep on getting reviewed!  Dear old dad is back with more reviews ala the "Vancouver International Film Festival 2013" (visit for more details) and as you readers can tell honesty is not a problem for the seasoned film vet.  So here to give you the movie skinny is Northern correspondent Michael Coleman with more film reviews from VIFF 2013.



"3X3D" - With three shorts, by three legendary directors all in 3D, you would think is a lock for visual artistry gone good.  Suffice to say there are some things you encoun...

Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - 'Altered States Reviews'

October 1st, 2013 11:15am EDT
VIFF 2013
Today’s reviews solely in the section of Altered States via the "Vancouver International Film Festival 2013" (go to for more info) are what my dad digs.  (Dude has issues!)  Right up his old age alley, these are films that range from slick to sick and celebrate all bloody oddities in between.  So without delay here is VIFF 2013 correspondent Michael Coleman taking a walk on the wild side with more salacious reviews to entertain and inform.



"XL" - A disappointing entry from Iceland, "XL" follows an alcoholic politician as he sinks deeper int...

Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - 'Weekend Film Reviews'

September 30th, 2013 11:10am EDT
VIFF 2013
Looks like the old man has been busy judging by the vast number of reviews that have been coming down the pike.  So fresh from a cinema filled weekend at the "Vancouver International Film Festival" (for more info go to here’s my dad Michael Coleman with the good and bad on everything from violence to paperclips – enjoy!



"Dormant Beauty" - A political examination of how divided Italians are about the issue of euthanasia, "Dormant Beauty" is a grueling experience.  From the jumbled and unrelated multi-threaded story lines to the bleak dark cinematograph...

Vancouver International Film Festival 2013 - 'What To See'

September 26th, 2013 12:20pm EDT
VIFF 2013
It’s time for another film fest and this time we’re expanding our movie reach north.  Working as a Canadian correspondent for (and my trusty father who recently hit LA Film Fest with me!) Michael Coleman is all ready to brave the upcoming "Vancouver International Film Festival" (go to for more info!) being held from Sept. 26 to Oct. 11, 2013.  So I’ll let him take the coverage away as Michael checks out..."WHAT TO SEE!"


The "Vancouver International Film Festival" may not have the name or the red carpet glitz of a Toronto, Cannes or Sundance, but it is one of...